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Travelog for: JellyBelly

Offenbach, Germany - 26th July 2012

By: Fin07Fay09


my name is JellyBelly, I`m 2 years old and live with my big family in the flat of my godmother and her 2 kids...

My mother told me a few weeks ago that I will have the chance to see the world one day. And so I decided to ask my godmother to help me with this... so here I am  B)

On the second picture below you see my my mother Faye, my sister PinkyStripe an me... aren't we a nice family? The third picture shows my cousins Lale und Lu. They can do really nice music and bring me to sleep very well...


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Offenbach, Germany - 27th July 2012

By: Fin07Fay09

Back here again after a really really hot day....

I put my umbrello on earth and lay down half the day... could be more often ....

Later the day, my godmother brings her kids and me some little cookies ... found some other rabbits and rescue them!
I can`t imagine someone eats rabbits... but there where also lions, dogs, cats, owls, elefants in it, so I think this is just fun for kids. And shall I tell you something... I eat a Lion all by myself  ;)


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Frankfurt, Germany - 28th July 2012

By: Fin07Fay09

What a day....

first I had a very long sleep.. waked up some minutes before 11 a.m.!
No time for breakfast, cause today I did a little excursion...

Want to know where? .... A Pony farm...
It was so nice, but even the pony was so tall, you couldn't imagine how tall the horse was.... soooooooooooooooooo big!

To go there and back, we use the S-Bahn and of course I had a ticket!

Now I'm very tired and will go to bed... wish you all a good night!



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Offenbach, Germany - 28th July 2012

By: Fin07Fay09

::: help

There was a really heavy thunderstorm right above me.... Thunder and a lot of flashes ...
I was thrilled and got under my Blanket.

And because of the darkness there is no picture... sorry...

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Hausen, Germany - 29th July 2012

By: Fin07Fay09

Today our family was really Sporty...

We went to a running event and the Kids of my Godmother participate in the Bambini run..... they where really fast.

Unfortunatly there was no running group for me, maybe they should think over for the next year,... would be great to meet other TV's and have fun with them...

As a reward we all went to a ice-cream shop in the afternoon.... I had a cookies-ice. It was so yammy!

After this we go to a playground and I tried to climb up an jungle gym. After half I needed to break up. Rabbits are not made for climbing and I think I suffered a bit from vertigo...

But it was very funny at all and we had an exciting day.


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Offenbach, Germany - 31st July 2012

By: Fin07Fay09

Today was a lazzy day....

I stayed at home all day long and waiting for my family coming home from work and Kindergarden.

In the evening an overnight guest was coming. It was Emet, who worked 2 month in Turkiye and fly back to her home in Seattle (see the mark on the pictr). Her flight strted the next morning, so we invited her through "Couchsurfing.org" to sleep the night in our home.

For dinner she does a really good tasting risotto and I liked it very much. For dessert we all had a little cake.. little for humans but big for me.


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Offenbach, Germany - 1st August 2012

By: Fin07Fay09

HI, I'm back from work...

OK not really, but I joined my godmother to hers...

Most of time I looked out of the window and watch the peoples passing by. I saw that some of them were from different countries and cultures and I can't wait to start my own journey, to come to know it all better.

While I was waiting I got some cookies and can paint on the Whitebord... left there a flower for my godmother to remember this nice day.


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Offenbach, Germany - 3rd August 2012

By: Fin07Fay09

Today was so awesome....

My godmother went to work early morning, just as everyday --- but she returns very early back. Not with her kids, with another human girl... This girl was also a couchsurfer again (from North Carolina, USA)

After they arrived, they  decide to go climbing on high ropes, and I could join them... Even if I have a bit high-sickness, I'd like to join them and it was great....

We had go climb reallyy different and difficult things, and I was happy to take the bus back to hame and not have to walk... slept very well this night!


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Frankfurt, Germany - 4th August 2012

By: Fin07Fay09

[img]null[/img]Because of the other couchsurfer, I had the chance to do my first "sightseeing" tour --- in Frankfurt of course...

First we went to the city and walking along the "ZEIL" a shopping street... very interesting was to see a hugh building with a hole right through itself.... cool

After this we go to the main, and visited the "Römer" an hugh place with city hall and churches... In the middle of this place stands the fountain of justicia...Because of the "Mainfest" it was decorated very nice.
Nice decorations were also on the bridges ... everywhere padlocks which shall be a symbol for everlasting love...couples can bring their own lock, fix it and throw the keys in the river... so love will be kept forever... this is so sweet, but when you see all the bridge full of it, then it's also strange....

Later we did a boat-trip with explanations in german and english...
On the pictures you can see
- the Mainplaza (with Appartmensts, Hotel, Restaurant, wellnessclub inside)
- the new Building of the Europ. Central-Bank (not ready---)


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Offenbach, Germany - 5th August 2012

By: Fin07Fay09

When we came home from our trip to frankfurt there was an envelope in the postbox .. adressed right to me.
Because it was really late and the inside of the envelope makes noises , like snoring, i was afraid to open it...

I opened it this morning, and what should I say... it was Queenie from Mainz.... She brings us a calendar with really beautiful pictures and because she is a rabbit like me we didn't have communication problems...

I'm happy to have now a friend by my side and hope there will come more somedays..


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Offenbach, Germany - 7th August 2012

By: Fin07Fay09

Today there was a new envelope adressed to me in the postbox...

Queenie and I were really excited to open it... first we just see something grey inside. Suddenly this "thing" does a skip and we recognized it was Hippy... and behind her we saw also Bobi

... how funny, they traveled together from another host... :cyclops:

After we introduce ourself, we eat the gum which were insode the envelope and enjoy the nice evening.


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Offenbach, Germany - 9th August 2012

By: Fin07Fay09

Today afternoon we went outside in the garden.

My godmothers children loan us their sandtoys, so we could build a small sandcastle....

First we put all the sand in the mold and then we hammered it out, but Hippy, she was jumping on it  :rolleyes:

Queenie and I turned the mold very fast around and Hippy and Bobi, looked under the mold if everything go the right way...

After lifting we saw a really nice castle. Bobi wants to jump on the balustrade, but unfortunatly he slides down... but nothing happened, just the castle gets an old touch by this.  ;)

Later we all laying down in the grass and enjoy the sun...


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Frankfurt, Germany - 11th August 2012

By: Fin07Fay09

Yesterday my godmother told me about a surprise visit... but didn't tell more details...

We all were really excited and waked up very early. After breakfast we walked (ok, we had the luck to sit on the top of the buggy) to the S-Bahn Station and waited. We thought over what it could be and were so bemused, that we didn't recognized we were still there... in the ZOO of Frankfurt....

We saw a lot of animals and here are some special pictures I want to show you...
- the apes, which had a lot of little baby-apes hanging on their belly (I think his works different with rabbits, or?)
- flamingos, which had their first babys since 13 years in Frankfurt
- an animal named "Double-wattled Cassowary", that looks really strange
- and the giraffes... also with a baby. Just 1 Month old but sooooo tall...

We had so much luck with the nice weather and enjoyed also all the other animals, like hippopotamus, okapis, meerkats, african wild dogs, tigers and lions...


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Offenbach, Germany - 11th August 2012

By: Fin07Fay09

After we went home from Zoo, we saw our post-box full with 2 big envelopes. We were really excited and wondering what could be inside.

First we opened the envelope with special stamps on it, because it comes from Czech Republic. And inside--- there was Michel. Originally he comes from Hamburg, but he is already a really expert at Travelling and has done one around the world tour till now.  We hugged him all together and then he shows us the postcard he brings… very nice pictures on it.

Some seconds later we heard a noise out of the second envelope.  We opened it all together and, which surprise, its Robbi … a Toyvoyager-newbie.

This day we go to bed very early. It was a really long day and also our new friends need to relax after their journey. I’m proud of so much new friends and soon I will try my first trip out of home.


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