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go with a train in USA/Kanada

see the ocean and also some ships

meet some scouts

go to Disneyland or Themepark out of Europe

go to 5 zoo outside of Europe and 5 zoo in Europe

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Travelog for: Mr.Yellow

Vienna, Austria - 12th August 2012

By: Grinsekatze


My name is Mr.Yellow. My mum has made me by herself.
So I`m now a yellow Elephant.

As my grandpa, I also like trains, ships and cars.
If it`s possible I would like to see some vehicles.

I like nature and the zoo.
I also like cats and dogs.
When I could see the beach and the ocean I would be very happy.

I also like Disneyland and other Themeparks.
I also like Star Trek, Enterprise and Star Wars!

My mum is a scout and so if you are a scout or you know some- please make a photo with me and a scout!

Hope I haven`t forgotten something to tell!

Today we have made a walk trough Vienna.
We were on Schwarzenbergplatz at the big fountain.

Then we were at the Stadtpark. It was so nice.

Melek, Pingu and I had much fun.


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Vienna - Hospital, Austria - 13th August 2012

By: Grinsekatze

Yesterday Melek has eaten something that was not good for him.
So we had to go to the hospital.

While the doctor has checked Melek I was a little bit naughty and have played in the room.  :thinking:

The nurse comes and has grumbled with me.

Now I`m brave again. And Melek is well again - so we could go home!
I`m very happy about this.
Hospital is boring for a little elephant like me.  :rolleyes:


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Schmiding Upper Austria, Austria - 15th August 2012

By: Grinsekatze


Today I was with Melek and Pingu in a great zoo in Schmiding in Upper Austria. It was so great!
I`ve seen  giraffe, antelope, zebra, rhino, red panda, gorilla, fishes, crocodile, and many more animals.

Look at the pictures. I was so brave. I was not afraid to get a picture with the crocodile, but it was nice as Pingu and Melek were with me.  :)

The big fishes wanted to eat Pingu and me -  fortunately was a big glas pane between of us!  :o

If also seen a "Mönchsgeier" so great!!!

Like to go there again. But it`s a little far away from our home.  :(


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Vienna, Austria - 16th August 2012

By: Grinsekatze

Today I was with Melek, Pingu and 3 nice girls on the playground.
We were on some swings. It was great.


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Vienna - at home, Austria - 17th August 2012

By: Grinsekatze

Today was my stag party. All my friends said Goodbye to me.
Melek, Pingu, the three little Girls and the red sheep had made a nice party for me.

I´m a little bit sad that my friends are now far away. But I`m so excited to see another country and to meet new people and perhaps I find new friends.
And I`m so excited to see new buildings, natures and some more.

Now I`m on the way to Lakambini in Toronto.



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Somewhere over the ocean, Don`t know - 18th August 2012

By: Grinsekatze

Hi Mum!

I`m now on the way to Lakambini
I think I`m now in the airplane. It`s so dark here inside the envelope.
I´m so happy that you have given me  supplies that I`m not hungry.

Hope to be with  Lakambini  soon. Can`t wait.  :thinking:


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Toronto, Canada - 22nd August 2012

By: Lakambini


Hello Mum!  I just wanted to tell you that I have arrived in Canada safe and sound this afternoon!  :D

The trip was faster than I thought!  I was welcomed by RootBear.  He said he has been waiting for me.


Lakambini, the godmother of RootBear is quite appreciative of all the presents I brought with me on your behalf.


Godmother Lakambini is actually a postcard collector (she is a Postcrosser) so you can just imagine how excited she was when she saw the postcards I brought with me.  RootBear had showed me around and this is the wall where Godmother Lakambini display her postcards.  ;)


She change these postcards once a month to make sure that all her postcards get displayed.

I found out that Godmother Lakambini is a Dance and Fitness Instructor.  She said that tomorrow, me and RootBear will go to the gym with her!  :p 

Godfather Lakan, the husband of Godmother Lakambini plays ice hockey and he has to buy some new equipment so off we went to a sports store!


This is me outside the Sports Store!


RootBear and I decided to pose in front of a hockey net!    :cyclops:


By the way, Mum, I just wanted to tell you that tomorrow, I have a busy schedule.  My early arrival will allow me to join them to....guess whaaaaaat????  :p :p :p  We are going for an overnight camping at The Toronto Zoo!  Can you believe that?  ;)  I am so thrilled.

Not only that, Godmother Lakambini has a Dance Conference in Dallas, U.S.A. and she said that she will take RootBear and me!  I am actually going to United States.  If I stay long enough, Godmother Lakambini is also going to Chicago U.S.A. on the 1st week of October.  RootBear and me can come too! Oh wow - I cannot believe my luck!  ;) :rolleyes:

I hope I can sleep tonight!  With so much excitement, I am not sure I can go to bed!  :D

Anyway, I will keep updating my travelog so watch out for it.  In the meantime, hugs from Canada and good night!

Mr. Yellow

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Toronto, Canada - 23rd August 2012

By: Lakambini


Hello Mum!  I had such a fun filled, busy day today and do not know when to start my story!  :cyclops:

First of all, as agreed, Godmother Lakambini, RootBear and I went to the gym in the morning to exercise!  We use the subway (underground train) to get to the gym.


After that, Godmother Lakambini showed me around downtown Toronto!  This is their Tram or sometimes, they call "Street Car"


This is the store where Canadians can buy the Olympic apparel.  Godmother was planning to get me a shirt but nothing really fits me!  :(


We went straight to the gym.  Photos are really not allowed at the gym so I cannot show you how much tricep and bicep pushups RootBear and I have done together  :) 

However, the treat is - after the exercise -- we were able to enjoy the steam room and this is me in absolute relaxation!


After exercising, we had to meet one of Godmother's friend for brunch so excitedly, there is a special menu for kids and toyvoyagers like me and RootBear!  It was difficult to choose what to order but eventually, we settled for Crepes!  :)


Just like any big city, Toronto is busy but a clean place.  Behind me is an arch which was transported here from an old church.  This old church was built in 1923 and was ultimately demolished.  The Heritage Department of the City of Toronto decided to preserve this arch so it was transported in its current location.


In the afternoon is the big day!  :D :D :D  We are all going to for an overnight camping at the Toronto Zoo! 


First, we rode on a Zoo-Mobile that took us to the camp site!


This is our camping site! 

I saw loads of animals!  :o





I saw many, many animals, Mum, and I am really having a great time.  In the evening, we sat around a bonfire and we roasted marshmallow on the fire.  Too bad the picture I took was not bright enough!  :o

I cannot believe that time flew so quickly.  We woke up in the morning, had breakfast and before I knew it, it is time to go home.

Here is our zoo-mobile pickup! 

I hope, Mum, you are doing well and enjoying my travelog.  I just wanted you to know that my host, Godmother Lakambini and my now-travel buddy, RootBear, are flying to Dallas, U.S.A. on Wednesday. 

Till next time and hugs from Canada!

Mr. Yellow

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Toronto, Canada - 16th September 2012

By: Lakambini


Hello Mum!  I have been so busy running around you would not believe the adventures I have been.  We just came back from Dallas, Texas but it is so challenging to update my travelog there. 

I am now back in Toronto and today, Godmother Lakambini, myself and RootBear decided to enjoy the Fall weather.  We went out for a brunch in this popular place in Toronto called "The Distillery".  Very trendy.

The Distillery District is a national Historic Site with an incredibly rich history. The site was once The Gooderham and Worts Distillery, and represents the largest and best preserved collection of Victorian Industrial Architecture in North America.


The Distillery is now the home for many Canadian Artisans.  It is a wonderful place to showcase their creation!  :p


There were places for kids too and look!  I wanna play but there are just so many things to see!  :D


This is the St. Lawrence Market which is a few blocks away from The Distillery.  The weather today is wonderful so we all decided to go around for a walk after visiting Gooderham Distillery!


St. Lawrence Market is primarily known for its Saturday Farmers' Market, a tradition begun on this site in 1803 and continuing today, as the producers bring their seasonal produce to market in the city.

This is the Canadian Bank of Commerce - given that the upper levels of this pillared, three-story structure contained offices unused by the Canadian Bank of Commerce, the building was used for many years as the Council Chambers of the former Township of York, the inception of this use given as 1907.


This is the St. Lawrence Town Hall.  St. Lawrence Hall is a meeting hall in Toronto, Canada next to the St. Lawrence Market. It was built, alongside the new city hall, in 1850 after an 1849 fire destroyed much of the market.


I am fine here, Mum and having a glorious time.  Godmother Lakambini is visiting America again some time next month.  RootBear and I are quite excited because we are, once again, tagging along! 

Take care and hugs for now,

Mr. Yellow

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Toronto, Canada - 4th October 2012

By: Lakambini

Hello Mum!  I have been fantastically busy lately that it is a challenge to update my travelog!  :cyclops:  I think I do a lot more of adventuring that my ability to sit down and spread news to you  :stare:

Yesterday, Host Lakambini took me to see a circus show!  We went to see one of the Cirque d' Soleil show called "Amaluna".  Fantastic!


The weather was great and we are certainly enjoying a nice Fall! 

Behind me is CN Tower, do you see that nice, lean structure?


It is one of the tourist attraction here in Toronto.  One of these days, I will get you a better picture.

However, I wanted to tell you that Host Lakambini are taking RootBear and me to Chicago tomorrow.  This is gonna be an exciting day.  ;) 

Although I am not sure if I will have a good WIFI connection to update my travelog while in Chicago but I promise to take a lot of photos of me and RootBear for you to see later.

Gotta go and do some packing!  Oh yes, RootBear and I are learning how to play the piano so we need to practise before going to bed!  Good night!


With All My Love,

Mr. Yellow

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Chicago, United States - 5th October 2012

By: Lakambini


Hello Mom! I just wanted to say hello and tell you about our trip to Chicago!  Godmother Host Lakambini, Rootbear and I had a fantastic time.


We visited Ford Museum.  It was great!  :D


Chicago is known for its architectures!  This one is an amazing stadium!


The three of us boarded a cruise and we had the best view of Chicago's architectures!



Look at these buildings, Mom!    :cyclops: :o :o


We visited Chicago's Art Museum!  They have a great collection of Art.  I particularly like Degas! 



We also visited a theatre!  This one is particularly cool!


Hope you enjoy my photos, Mom!  I am well and having a fantastic time!

Take care and hugs from Canada!

Mr. Yellow

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Miami, Florida, United States - 26th November 2012

By: Lakambini


Hello Mom!  Today, Host Lakambini, Rootbear and I had gone out for a little shopping for some goodies to give to my next host in United States. 

Although I would have wanted to join them in Mexico next month but Host Lakambini recognizes that United States is also a nice place to visit.


I had a great time in Canada but it is also getting cold here now so looking forward to visiting the warm City of Miami, Florid

I have to travel now and speak to you soon when I get to Miami!

Lots of love,

Mr. Yellow

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Miami, FL, USA - 9th December 2012

By: winksnana

Just arrived to my new host! I really enjoyed the tour of my new artsy home. I can't wait to see what Miami has in store for me B)

CAM01136 (1).jpg

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Miami, FL, USA - 27th December 2012

By: winksnana

WE WENT TO SANTA'S ENCHANTED FOREST! It's a Christmas themed Fair that comes during the holiday season. I had a lot of fun with my friends. The lights were so magical and the rides were cool.


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Miami, FL, USA - 28th January 2013

By: winksnana

Today we went to the Vizcaya mansion! It is was designed in the Italian Renaissance style. They didn't allow photos of the plentiful rooms, their gorgeous ceilings, or the illuminated courtyard but we had lots of photo opportunities in the garden. It was a wonderful sunny day in very charming gardens. I can even imagine little stories in certain settings.  :o


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