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Travelog for: Juulia

Budapest, Hungary - 19th August 2012

By: Niina Tuulia

My very first destination was going to be France where my owner is working in Disneyland...

...but somehow I ended up in BUDAPEST!





Waiting for the sunrise.

On my way to Gellért Hill I made some new friends: Henry the Hippo and a bit too pushy duck...


...and met a guy with really long legs. (They’re so long they couldn’t fit in the photo.)


Lake Balaton (I might be coming back next year for the 10,000-people-swimming-across-the-lake-in-a-day
-event taking place here every July.)



See you, Hungary!

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Atzbach, Germany - 14th September 2012

By: ...Kathy...

Hey mom
I arrived my Kathy in Atzbach =)
she says thank you vor the sweet stoff.
I meet Ana the horse that is the home TV and that is looking for the TVs that are living kathy
so long
Juulia  :D


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Gießen, Germany - 24th September 2012

By: ...Kathy...

Hey =)

today Kathy was with us in school ( we were with katy in school) .
She had some computer subjects

In that school  there is a silly rule that alle students have to go out in the break, Kathy and some of her Friend dont feel like gouing 3 floors down, just to go in 15 minutes again up. So she and her friends staied at the rest room. So that they dont have to go the 3 floors down.

After school we drove home by bus .

so long
bye bye


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Atzbach, Germany - 30th September 2012

By: ...Kathy...

Hey =D ,

today outside was really bad weather so we saied inside.
Kathy shown us how to solve a rubiks cube.

First you do the cross on the top layer, that you do the corners, than the middle row (the pink one) and the a cross on the other top layer and at the end the corners.

She also shown us some cool tricks =)

Bye bye


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Gießen/ Kinzenbach, Germany - 14th October 2012

By: ...Kathy...

Good morning =) (at germany its morning)
On friday Kathy had school (the last day bevor the fall vakations)
In one lesson the teacher wasn´t ther so we had fun and talked to some of Kathys friends in class.

Yesterday we were by Kathys grandma to lunch,
we all helped her to make it.
we had Kartoffelpuffer, it is a mash rub potatoes, that we goene fry in the pan. In germany you can eat that on funfair, and kathy like it to make it with her grandma.

so long
bye bye


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Leipzig, Germany - 28th October 2012

By: Niina Tuulia

Stopped over in Leipzig to enjoy the snowfall that struck Eastern Germany this weekend before continuing my long joyrney to my next destination. Too bad all the snow was gone before I got a proof :/







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Beijing, China - 19th November 2012

By: qball

I arrived in Beijing this morning. It's so exciting.

My host got me when she was on her way to work. We took subway to avoid the traffic jam. There were so many people in the train.

My host likes the chocolate. She said she never seen chocolate in this shape. It's square, like a biscuit.

I ate some brezel a moment ago which seems made in Germany! It's inconceivability. My host tells me there are special areas in supermarket where you can buy food from other countries. It's the first time she bought the snack brezel. She said the taste was not the same as she thought.

Maybe I should try some Chinese food. Is it delicious? Pleae waiting for my update.


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Beijing, China - 21st November 2012

By: qball

We went out for supper today. The restaurant is near embassy area. There are many clothing markets which focus on international business. Most wholesale merchant come from Russian. Maybe you can see the  Russian letters in one of the photos.

We ate Chinese food today. I looked the menu for a long time. It is said the pear soup is very special here. Yeah, soup but not juice. They boil pear in water with tremella and  hold it in a teapot. We also ordered some other food. It's so delicious that I forgot to take photos with it! It's a pity!

After suppper, we went to a shopping mall. There is a large LED outside it which looks like a bridge. You should look up to watch it. Here I also found another bear, a big one!


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Beijing, China - 27th November 2012

By: qball

It is very cold today. Wind is blowing hard. So we choosed hot pot in supper! We boiled glasnudeln, mushroom, luncheon meat, bovine stonmach and other vegetable and meat in the pot. Is it looks hot? There were so many chilli in the pot and color of the water became red. Although it was spicy, I think I like hot pot!

We also ate some cake. The owl cake is popular in Halloween. Because it's a western festival, there is not much celebration in China. But cake shops make some special cakes during that time. For its interesting look, this kind of cakes will be sold  for a longer time. So we buy one today.

Another good news: I ate blueberris after we finished supper! It is said that the blueberry is produced in Chile. Very sweet!

It seems I ate so many food today. Maybe I need to do some exercise...


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Beijing, China - 30th November 2012

By: qball

Hi! It is so cold today. We play games on IPAD for a moment. Then we decided to have a walk.

We first saw a shopping mall. Then we got to a park. In the park, there is part of the city wall which was built in 1400's. It's a pity, most of the wall is not existent.

The flowers looks very beautifull in the cold winter although it's a artificial one.

2 (1).jpg
4 (1).jpg

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Beijing, China - 2nd December 2012

By: qball

We went around in the most famous commercial area in China which called Wangfujing Street.  Cars cann't go through this street. Only people walk there. Sometimes there are interesting exhibition or activity here.


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Beijing, China - 9th December 2012

By: qball

We went to Tian An Men square today. It is a famous place in Beijing, which is located in the heart of the city. The red building is Tian An Men towergate, the place where President Mao declare the founding of the New China in 1949.

There is also a mordern architecture not far from the square. It's National thearte. I took photo here with my new friend Panda.


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Beijing, China - 14th December 2012

By: qball

It's snow today! We got up early and went to the Forbidden City. It's a good place to take photo.

We first see Tian An Men towergate again. Because it's the front entrance to the Forbidden City. Then a whole white world appear. It's peaceful and beautiful. Not so much people. In such condition, you can easily image that emperor walked in such yard in the old days. It must be stately.


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Beijing, China - 16th December 2012

By: qball

We went to see an old building today.  Initially, it was used as Army's office block in the end of the Qing dynasty around 1900's. Then it became goverment building for a period of time. After much historical change, it belong to an university. But it more like an archives but not institute in my opinion. Not much people know here and limited people come here. Anyway, it's very magnificent and well protected.


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Chongqing, China - 22nd December 2012

By: qball

Hi! After 2 hours flight, I'm in Chongqing now. A big city located in southwest of China.
The monument in the photo is a landmark of Chongqing. It's business district now. 


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