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Learn how to play a bagpipe in Scotland and visit a Loch!

Eat some insects at a marked in China!

Ride a rollercoaster in an american leisure park!

See a kangaroo or a koala bear in Australia!

Visit a game or training of the soccer team "FC Bayern München"!

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Travelog for: McFluffy

Home - Eckernförde, Germany - 6th July 2012

By: Pebbles and BammBamm

Hello World! It’s me – oh you’re one of those who don’t know me?! Let’s change that :D

Ok, where do I start… First of all you have to know my name – it’s  Hedgebert McPricklesworth, but friends call me McFluffy! My parents gave me that very traditional name as I opened my eyes for the first time. That was two years ago so I’m a hedgehog boy in his best years!

When people hear my name, most of them think that I live in a hedge, prickle and come from Scotland. But I’m different! I do not live in a hedge, it’s much to cold, I prefer it a bit more luxurious – so I have my own room in the house of my adoptive parents Pebbles and BammBamm! The second mistake is: I am do not prickle, I am very fluffy and very proud of my shiny fur :-) And last but not least I come from Germany, not Scotland. By the way my father is Scottish and my mother is Swedish…

When I was a little boy my father always told me fascinating stories about my ancestors who’d live near the famous Loch Ness in Scotland. Wow, they seen to be very amazing hedgehogs and I always new – when I grow up I’m going to travel around the world and get to know my roots.

Six Month ago I decided that it’s time to leave my parents and start my voyage. Everyone was very sad but also very proud of me. I had to promise that we’ll keep in touch and that I’ll send some pictures and reports about all my adventures. The last give from my family was a shiny, red and so delicious looking strawberry. I should keep it for hard times but meanwhile it’s souvenir and lucky charm for my and I’ll never eat it!

As I walked on and on and on it was so exhausting and I fell in a deep sleep… When I opened my eyes I saw a young woman. She carried my in through a beautiful garden into a big house and gave me some water to drink and some insects to eat. I was in paradise! I told Pebbles and her husband BammBamm about my voyage and that walking is to exhausting for my short legs. They told me about a very luxurious way of travelling – I just have to become a ToyVoyager. That sounds so cool! I can see the world without walking on for miles. Pebbles and BammBamm promised to help me and today they gave my travel ID.
Hello world - Hedgebert McPicklesworth is coming :D

I’m sooo happy! But now I need YOUR help too. Would you please be my host and show me the part of the world where YOU are living? I want to get to know everything – small cities, big cities, beaches, gardens, lakes, rivers, animals and so on and so on…
I’m looking forward to visiting you very soon :D

For know I have to say bye bye because it’s time for lunch now… Next time I’m going to tell you a bit more about the missions in my live so stay tuned ;-)

Hedgebert aka Fluffy

This is where my brother and I grew up

Me infront of my adoptive parents house

We have a wonderful view from our garden

I really love beautiful flowers!

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Home - Eckernförde, Germany - 7th July 2012

By: Pebbles and BammBamm

Hello my friend, it’s me again – McFluffy :D

I hope you’re all doing fine since I wrote you the first time! I’m doing very fine and as I promised I’m going to tell you a bit more about me and my missions today.

My biggest wish is to get to know my roots and travel to Scotland. Maybe you can also show me the famous Loch Ness where my ancestors once lived?!
As every hedgehog with Scottish roots I love music very much. Unfortunately my singing voice sounds a bit squeaky but I don’t mind and keep on singing. My father once told me about a famous traditional musical instrument. Oh no, I forgot the name of it, wait…
Ah I think bagpipe is the world I’m looking for! So I’d love to play a bagpipe. Can you teach me how to do it? If you can help me please be my host and wrote a PM to Pebbles and BammBamm :-)
--> My first Mission: Learn how to play a bagpipe in Scotland and visit a Loch!

One of my biggest hobbies is eating! Oh yeah, you didn’t thought that because of my slight figure, ha?! My favourite foods are strawberries, snails and insects. Some days ago I was watching TV with Pebbles and BammBamm and I saw a big marked full of delicious insects. Yammy that looked so tasty I wanna try them all, can’t decide which one first ;-)
The marked was somewhere in Asia, I guess it was China. So if you want to be my host in China and visit one of those markets with my please write a PM to Pebbles and BammBamm!
--> My second Mission: Eat some insects at a marked in China!

Sometimes I feel a bit sad because of my size. I’m just 20cm high and whenever I want so see a bit more, somebody has to lift me up in the air :( I heard America is a very big country and everything is extra large even the rollercoaster in the leisure parks…
Last night I had a crazy dream! I was riding one of those big rollercoaster and I could see everything and nobody had to lift me up! It was just amazing. I saw the whole country I guess, but I’m not sure how big America really is…
If you can bring me to one of those big rollercoaster and want to take a ride with me that would me amazing! Please send a PM to Pebbles and BammBamm :D
--> My third Mission: Ride a rollercoaster in one of America’s leisure parks!

Last week it was raining a lot so I couldn’t go outside very much. Anyway I had much fun because I rummaged the bookshelf of Pebbles and BammBamm and found some really interesting books about foreign countries and wild animals. One was especially fascinating me. It’s called “Discover Australia”. I really would like to visit this fantastic country and see one of characteristic animals who live there, maybe a koala bear or a kangaroo :-)
So if you can show me Australia, please become my host and write a PM to Pebbles and BammBamm :D
--> My fourth Mission: See a kangaroo or a koala bear in Australia!

My adoptive father BammBamm is a really big fan of the soccer team “FC Bayern München”. Of course he showed me how to play the game and explained all the rules. Now I’m a big soccer fan too! We watched many soccer games at the television but I never saw them playing live! Even BammBamm wasn’t able to see them playing in Munich. It would be great if I send him some pictures and report about my experiences :-)
So here is my last big wish for my voyage!
--> My fifth Mission: Visit a game or training of the soccer team "FC Bayern München" in Munich!

Me and Siggy playing Soccer

Daisies in our garden

I loooove strawberries :D

:o a giant mushroom!

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Home - Eckernförde, Germany - 8th July 2012

By: Pebbles and BammBamm

What a beautiful Sunday morning!
The sun was shining and so we could start the day with a good breakfast outside at our terrace. The sun was warm and shiny, the coffee smelled tasty and the eggs on my rolls were made by my lovely friends and tasted so good :-)




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Home - Eckernförde, Germany - 8th July 2012

By: Pebbles and BammBamm

In the afternoon we went to the beach of Eckernförde and took a walk at the promenade. It was full of people. Many of them took a sunbath or a swim in the Baltic Sea and everyone was having a good time


It was so hot and after some wailing Pebbles and BammBamm bought me some ice cream. Yammy that was tasty :D I took stracciatella! I had to hurry up because the ice was melting very fast…

I also saw the harbour of Eckernförde…



… and a beautiful mermaid! Isn’t she lovely??

It was a really nice day! Unfortunately the weekend is over now but let’s see what the new week will bring! I wish everyone a good start into the new week :-)

Love, Your

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Home - Eckernförde, Germany - 9th July 2012

By: Pebbles and BammBamm

Hello world – McFluffy reporting!

Today Pebbles and BammBamm showed me how to make a good pizza. It was quite easy so let me tell you how it works :-)
First you need 400g flour, 200ml warm water, dry yeast, 2EL olive oil, 1TL sugar and 1TL. Salt.
Next you have to knead everything so you’ll get a good dough. After this you have to let the dough prove for about forty-fives minutes.

Forty-five minutes later you should have a dough which looks like this:


The next step was rolling the dough. Don’t forget to put some flour under the dough and the dough roll :-)


Now you put it into a griddle…


… and spread some tomato paste on it, which I previously mixed with some spices like oregano, basil, salt, and pepper…


Now you can put the topping onto your pizza! Choose whatever you like :-) We created three different parts because Pebbles is a vegetarian. I chose mushrooms, onions, maize, zucchini, paprika and ham.
Last but not least don’t forget the cheese :D Yammy!


Common I’m sooo hungry, hurry up!!


I can’t wait any longer…


Bon appetite everybody :D



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Kiel, Germany - 11th July 2012

By: Pebbles and BammBamm

Hello world!

Today was a very funny day! Pebbles, BammBamm and I visited Pebbles little sister Assuca and her boyfriend in Kiel.

Kiel is about 20 minutes away from here and the next bigger city. About 239.526 people live here and it is the provincial capital of the German federal state Schleswig-Holstein.

Assucas flat has a beautiful view over the city and I really enjoyed it.
Next to my head you can see the tower from the town hall. Also you can see the Nikolai church and a part of HDW.


The weather was not very good and it was raining most of the time. Suddenly we saw a beautiful rainbow. Can you see it?


After a while we became very hungry and decided to make some burger. Yammy that was very tasty and making them was a lot of fun :)




After dinner we did some funny things and enjoyed our time!
I played with Terry, the chinchilla…


…played some guitar…



…and blown some bubbles :D






We finished the evening with a great card game called Wizard and of course I won the game :D


At least I fell in love with a big strawberry  :cyclops:


What a funny day! Have a good night everybody
Yours McFluffy

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Home - Eckernförde, Germany - 13th July 2012

By: Pebbles and BammBamm

Hello everybody, McFluffy here!

Oh I’m so happy today :) I finally got a new friend, but let me tell you from the start…

Like every morning I took a walk in the garden to see if anything new happened. Suddenly I heard a strange sound. What was it and where did it come from? I was a bit confused…

After a while I figured out that the sound came from inside our letterbox


There was a big envelope in it and something tried to come out. I was very nervous and carried the key for the box, opened it and Pebbles and BammBamm helped me to carry the mysterious envelope into the house.



I could swear there was something living inside and, no I’m not crazy, it smelled like a strawberry :o Maybe a big living strawberry?!

Suddenly the envelope opened and a little mouse came out. The mouse said he’s name is Micky and he travelled all the way from Bavaria. He told me the whole story and I was fascinated! I want to travel too!!


Micky already new a lot about me! His mother told him about me and my live and my preference for strawberries. He brought me some great presents and I was very stirred. So lovely!


I think we will have a lot of fun together :)



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Home - Eckernförde, Germany - 16th August 2012

By: Pebbles and BammBamm

Hello my friends!

Today I started the biggest adventure in my life. I start my world trip and my fist stop will be Erfurt. I’m so exited and can’t wait to get to know everything around there.

First I had to say goodbye to my beloved brother Siggy and my new best friend Micky. That was really sad, but I’m sure we will meet again one day…

My little brother gave me some flowers and whished me a good journey


Where is Erfurt located… Hmm,


Aah, I found it, look here!


A last group picture


After all I climbed into the envelope. Hope to see you again very soon!
Evenesca, I’m coming and really looking forward meeting you :D


Next time I will tell you about my adventures during my journey and my new hosts in Erfurt.

Lots of love,
Yours McFluffy

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Erfurt, Germany - 23rd August 2012

By: Evenesca

Hi Mummy

Today, I finally arrived at Evenesca

I did not get fit in the mailbox because they have to take me at the Post Shop

I have many new friends

Miley the blue dragon told me that Minnie, the dragon and she Toy Voyager are also
Unfortunately they have no badge.

I first had a cup of coffee

Today I had my first trip on the tram, we almost missed.

It was really exciting

We met with Evenesca's sister and went to eat, I've got just the salad plastered.

Evenesca has a cat, Floeckchen, it makes me a bit nervous but she said Evenesca protected me with their lives.

I go to sleep now, but
next to Minnie and Miley

Love you and miss you

Your McFluffy


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Hohenfelden, Germany - 26th August 2012

By: Evenesca

Hi Mummy

Today I made a trip in a small town
Well, it was an honest village
it said Hohenfelden

It was funny
We left and behind me sat a little girl

Her name was Laura
With her I was on the playground

Juhhuu slip was very funny

I'm going to sleep then

Love you



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Erfurt, Germany - 28th August 2012

By: Evenesca

Hi Mummy

Today we ate a sweet pigtail was really tasty

Then minnie has shown me the biod of paris and Evenesca I tell you that I'm quite fond of

then minnie silly when she came up with the idea was we could make dch party We then drank what

Unfortunately, Minnie and I whereupon slightly drunk Miley and Mimi could not watch the drama I think I've kissed Minnie is also sweet


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Erfurt, Germany - 3rd September 2012

By: Evenesca

Hi Mummy

Today I was at the station and I've seen the mythical creatures exhibition
Did it just get too late

which I thought was funny but the unicorn horn that has been missing
So actually a horn 0.  :D :D :D

Love You and Miss You

Your McFluffy

MC Fluffy 1.1.JPG
MC Fluffy 1.JPG
MC Fluffy 2.JPG
MC Fluffy 3.JPG

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Erfurt, Germany - 15th September 2012

By: Evenesca

Hi Mummy!!!

Excuse me, I have not written for so long

Evenesca had much to do

Tomorrow I want to see Minnie with something before I travel

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Kressepark, Erfurt, Germany - 16th September 2012

By: Evenesca

Hi Mum

Now we was in the Kressepark and in the Louisenpark

Was very Funny


Love you and Miss you



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Erfurt, Germany - 16th September 2012

By: Evenesca

hi mummy
Today we make breakfast

drink coffee and eat a roll with nutella

Was delicous

love mcfluffy


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