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Travelog for: Wink

Miami, Florida, USA - 25th September 2012

By: winksnana

Wink is currently home in her usual place in my room. Waiting for the activation code and dreaming of her travels.  :cyclops:


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Miami, Florida, USA - 1st October 2012

By: winksnana

Wink was hanging out with her friends from home for one of the last times before she sets off on her journey. She's waiting for some fellow voyagers to arrive and visit Miami's sights before before she sets off. :cyclops:


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Miami, Florida, USA - 13th October 2012

By: winksnana

Before I set off to see the world, I need to be a tourist in my hometown. I now have two friends with whom to share my adventures in Miami! So it begins.


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Wynwood, Florida, USA - 16th October 2012

By: winksnana

We had a lot of fun this Saturday at Wynwood's Art Walk! It's a monthly event in Miami where the art galleries open to the public and it turns into a big party.  There were street performers, musicians, food trucks, and SO MANY GOOD LOOKING PEOPLE! We rode on an old hippie Volkswagen bus and even a police guy let me take a picture with him. YO AMO 305  B)


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Krome Ave, Miami, FL, USA - 22nd October 2012

By: winksnana

This Sunday we went to Krome Ave, the last paved road before the Everglades. It is a farmland area just 5 minutes away from my host's suburban comforts. It has a great view, which make a great drive on sunny days. It also has a great small organic shop where my host likes to try new fruits. We also visited a nearby goat farm which was pretty smelly. My host's grandaunt posed with me.  :D


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Miami Beach, Florida, USA - 28th October 2012

By: winksnana

This weekend we went to Miami Beach: the center of the world as far as Miami is concerned. I enjoyed people watching and basking in the sun. I even had a little chat with the lifeguard about swimming but I didn't dare go into the water because the waves were still mighty strong from Sandy. I loved the palm trees and the constant sun! We walked along the front of South Beach to see the iconic Art Deco hotels like The Cavalier and The Carlyle. I did get thirsty from so much walking in the heat so I had my pick of exotic fruits. On our way back we spotted a black Lamborghini and my host said it was Miami Beach without luxury cars. I had a lot of fun!  B)

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Nuremberg , Germany - 14th December 2012

By: EuroMaus

Hi Mommy, i arrived safely in Nuremberg / Germany.
It was very dark in the envelope. I am happy to be here. :)
Oh and yes there were already 2 TV┤s waiting for me. :) TezTez from Austria and Ape Apina from Finland.
I took a short look outside and saw still a little snow on roofs. My Host Mum told that i had luck, because in two or three days it will be gone.
Bye bye you will hear soon more from me :)

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L÷bnitz, Host Mums Parents Home, Germany - 24th December 2012

By: EuroMaus

Hi Mummy, did you have a nice Christmas ? We had :)
Eearly today wer decorated the Christmas tree. Here is one picture with and without decortation. :) Can you see me sitting in the tree?
For Dinner we had fish , potatos and some sauce with Herbal. It was really tasty.
On the next picture you can see the bunch of presents and the sweets :) Yummy....I eat a lot of sweets. :)

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L÷bnitz / Host Mums Parents House, Germany - 26th December 2012

By: EuroMaus

On 2nd Christmas Day we played with the toys of Host Mum┤s son.
He got all that for christmas. It was fun. :)

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L÷bnitz, Germany - 29th December 2012

By: EuroMaus

On Saturday we took a walk around the villiage in which host Mum┤s parents are staying. Its really small..but we found some animals like monkey and goats there. Sadly we  had not much time to see the other part of the villiage.

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Nuremberg, Germany - 6th January 2013

By: EuroMaus

Today was a great day. We took a walk to Kaiserburg ( Imperial Castle ). Its a very nice castle.
The best is that its in the middle of the city , so you have a very nice view over the old town and the whole city.
and we went through a dark gateway..uhhh how scary...
on the way back down we saw that miniuatur iron nuremberg..its actually for blind...don┤t know how it should work...
While going to the bus stop we made pictures with the St. Sebald (St. Sebaldus' Church)
and the old town hall

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Munich, Sea Life, Germany - 13th January 2013

By: EuroMaus

Today we have done a trip to Munich, we went to see Sea Life.
It was not allowed to take pictures with flash inside, but good we managed to take at least 2 nice pictures. There were many more fishes to see and it was really nice. We saw even sharks.
On the way back we saw the BMW museum from far...and yes...there was also a lot of snow....wow...
and here is the olympic tower from the olympic center....
and last but not least...we made a short trip in the city of Munich..and saw that old building in the back...it might be the judge buildung...hmm.Munich is really nice...i have to come back...

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Nuremberg, Germany - 19th January 2013

By: EuroMaus

Today a new TV arrived here...Its "Quah" a cute monkey from China.
Oh and as you can see a little boy is on the pictures..That┤s host Mum┤s Son "Mahesh". We have a lot of fun with him. :)
"Quah" arrived exactly at lunch time. So we had Lunch with him togther. We had salad, chicken and indian dish called "Rajma". Yummy".
After Lunch we went out in the snow. It was so much snowing the last couple of days...
We sad also in a tree at "Duzendteich". The Lake is frozen now, but in summer there are many sailboats on it..host mum told its really beautiful...
Near the Duzenteich is the Documentation Centre Party Rally Grounds) 
http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8371/8394590227_c799879aa9_z.jpg Here is something about the history of nuremberg....
In 1933, the National Socialists decided that Nuremberg was to be the "City of the Party Rallies". They created a link between the Nazi movement and Nuremberg's glorious past as Free City of the Empire and venue for the imperial diets in the middle ages. This is why they staged the annual NSDAP party rallies here ever year in September, up until 1938. Designed by Albert Speer, in the city's southern districts, the "Party Rally Grounds" were erected as a huge parade ground on an area of 24.5 hectares. Zeppelin Field and Zeppelin Grandstand, the unfinished Congress Hall and a large excavation intended for the planned German Stadium are what remains in the city, as the monstrous stone legacy left behind by this regime of terror.
Back home we went with the tram....

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Nuremberg, Host Home, Germany - 23rd January 2013

By: EuroMaus

Today two new TV┤s arrived here. Its Vassily the cute tennis ball and the mouse UrselHH.
As a welcome for them we got to eat some kind of donut with vanille cream inside....hmmm..it was so tasty...its made here in Germany for carnival...
soon i have to leave here....i am so sad..it was so nice here..and i found many new friends..

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