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to take part in a yoga lesson

to watch a football match (Schalke 04)

to cook a Scandinavian dish

to meet a real elk

to ride a motor bike

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Travelog for: Soeren

Strunkis Garden, Remscheid, Germany - 23rd March 2013

By: Strunki

Hello Mum,

today it was still cold, frosty enough to skate on the ice of the garden pond.

And can You imagine, mum, this crazy people had ice-skaters for me :cyclops:

I discovered my newest talent: Being an ice-artist  :D
Even on the rain-tank we had some fun when I pulled the sleigh with Charlotte, Matcha and HelmutBluepant

We had a lot of fun together and in the afternoon we enjoyed our hot chocolate with marshmellows :p

See You soon, give You lots of hugs, kisses and oooohhhhmm :D
Yours Soeren

Foto2110 S zieht M L H kl. Teich.jpg
Foto2115 S zieht alle Regent..jpg
Foto2117 S zieht M Regent.jpg
Foto2120 L + S.jpg
Foto2125 H grinst S an.jpg
Foto2127 S zieht alle.jpg
Foto2128 S allein Regent.jpg
Foto2135 S all.jpg
Foto2136 Kakao alle.jpg
Foto2139 S Kakao.jpg
Foto2141 S guckt Marshmallow.jpg
Foto2150 alle K S.jpg

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Remscheid, Germany - 24th March 2013

By: Strunki

Hi Mum,

today we made a short trip trough Remscheid.

Here You can see the historic houses in the Clarenbachstr. near the tool-museum.

The next huge building is the town-hall and on the right hand, almost in the middle of the market-place, a high stone-statue of a Lion, our typical heraldic animal of the Bergisches Land.

Foto2231 S Clarenbachhaus.jpg
Foto2232 S.jpg
Foto2233 S.jpg
Foto2236 S Rathaus.jpg
Foto2238 S.jpg

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Müngsten Bridge, Solingen, Germany - 24th March 2013

By: Strunki

The next stop we took at the famous Bridge of Müngsten.

It is the oldest ironbridge in Germany and almost 100 years old.
It connects the towns Remscheid and Solingen by railway and crosses the valley of the Wupper. Before the bridge was built, people had to go a far way by train. The bridge is still in use, can you see the train above me?

Under the bridge we visited the "Brückenpark" and went a footway along the Wupper.

Foto2198 S Wupper.jpg
Foto2201 S.jpg
Foto2203 S.jpg
Foto2206 S.jpg
Foto2208 S.jpg
Foto2211 S.jpg
Foto2213 S.jpg
Foto2214 S.jpg
Foto2218 S Bahn auf Brücke.jpg
Foto2220 S.jpg
Foto2223 S.jpg
Foto2224 S.jpg
Foto2226 S.jpg

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Schloss Burg, Solingen-Burg, Germany - 24th March 2013

By: Strunki

The third station today was Schloss Burg in Solingen-Burg.

There we visited the old Mediveal Castle of the counts of Berg that was rebuilt in the late 19th. century. The statue you see shows Count Engelbert of Berg. By this noble family the region is named Bergisches Land, not because they have some small mountains and hills here :D

And there we got a typical souvenir: The Burger Bretzel, a sweet small backed Pretzel that is also part of the "Bergisch Coffee Table" as the "Dröppelminna" a huge oldfashioned pot for coffee.

Foto2153 S SB.jpg
Foto2157 S IH.jpg
Foto2163 S.jpg
Foto2164 S.jpg
Foto2165 S.jpg
Foto2166 S.jpg
Foto2169 S.jpg
Foto2171 S.jpg
Foto2173 S.jpg
Foto2175 S.jpg
Foto2176 S.jpg
Foto2178 alle.jpg
Foto2180 S M L.jpg
Foto2183 S.jpg
Foto2185 S.jpg
Foto2187 S Bretzel m. DM.jpg
Foto2188 S im Bretzel.jpg
Foto2189 S hochkant Bretzel.jpg
Foto2193 S.jpg
Foto2196 S.jpg

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Remscheid, Strunkis Home, Germany - 24th March 2013

By: Strunki

In the late afternoon we went back.

And what a surprise: We had an almost traditional Bergisch Coffee Table, a  Bergische afternoon coffee spread (Kaffeetafel)

So Kaffeetafel is not just an ordinary coffee and cake, but also includes waffles, spread thickly with creamed sweet rice and sprinkled with cinnamon, raisin bread or black bread with butter, sugar beet syrup and Bergisch soft cheese, black bread with smoked jam, cheese, pretzel and zwieback to dip in the coffee. :p And even a Dröppelminna we had for our Coffee. And I spend Helmut some new coffee out of the Dröppelminna :cyclops:

Unfortenatuly we did not have the sweet raisin bread, but it was sooo much to eat fur us plushies, only Helmut was able to eat the most :cyclops:

Foto2243 Alle BK.jpg
Foto2247 S Waffel.jpg
Foto2248 S Waffel.jpg
Foto2251 Alle BK.jpg
Foto2252 S DM.jpg
Foto2253 Alle S DM.jpg
Foto2255 S SB.jpg
Foto2258 alle Helmut schafft noch mehr.jpg
Foto2262 S Helmut schafft noch mehr.jpg

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Zoom, Gelsenkirchen, Germany - 29th March 2013

By: Strunki


I am soooo upset that I can tell You a small pre-easter-surprise:

I have fulfilled another life mission: I met a real elk :D  :cyclops:  :p

Today, altough it is still very cold here, we went to the "Zoom Erlebniswelt (World of Experience)" in Gelsenkirchen and I enjoyed watching so much animals in near-by natural habitats very much.

They have three Areas there, an Asia, Africa and Alaska. Because it was so cold, we saw the most animals outside in the Alaska-Area.

So let´s start our roundtrip and look, what animals I was able to discover:

In Asia I saw the green wood partridge [Rollulus rouloul] and
orang-utans [Pongo pygmaeus]. And there we had a cup of coffee to warm up the freezy Matcha, HelmutBluepant and, of course, who was moaning the whole time about the terrible weather?...Yes, our "Princess of plushies", Charlotte :rolleyes:

In the african area we had the chance to make a trip by boat, although unfortnately the most animals, only the suricats [Suricata suricatta] were not outside, we saw some other interesting animals inside the african warm-house:
(African) gray parrot [Psittacus erithacus],
common chimpanzee [Pan troglodytes],
hippopotamus [Hippopotamus amphibius]
and some cichlids from the Lake Malawi in a aquarium

And finally in Alaska we saw the most animals outside:
lynx [genus Lynx],
snow owl [Bubo scandiacus],
raccoons [Procyon lotor],
a wild living european redbreasted robin [Erithacus rubecula]
caribous [Rangifer tarandus],
brown bears [Ursus arctos],
Sealions [Otariinae],
polar bears [Ursus maritimus],
and last but not least: We found the moose [Alces] for me to complete another of my life mission :p

Foto2 E S Elefant.jpg
Foto3 E S Elefant.jpg
Foto4 E S Schild.jpg
Foto5 E S Schild.jpg
Foto6 E M S Alle Schild.jpg
Foto7 E S Häuser.jpg
Foto8 E S Hauptweg.jpg
Foto9 AS-AF-AL-Schild S.jpg
Foto24 AS S Eingang.jpg
Foto25 AS S Eingang.jpg
Foto26 AS S Tropenhalle.jpg
Foto27 AS S bunte Hühnchen.jpg
Foto30 AS S Orang.jpg
Foto28 AS S Kaffee.jpg
Foto29 AS S+M Kaffee.jpg
Foto22 AF S Eingang.jpg
Foto23 AF Alle Boot.jpg
Foto24 AF Alle Boot.jpg
Foto25 AF Alle Boot.jpg
Foto26 AF Alle Boot.jpg
Foto27 AF Alle Boot.jpg
Foto28 AF Alle Boot.jpg
Foto29 AF Alle Boot.jpg
Foto30 AF S Erdmann.jpg
Foto31 AF S Erdmann.jpg
Foto2369 AF S Graupapageien.jpg
Foto2371 AF S Schimpanse.jpg
Foto2372 AF S Schimpanse.jpg
Foto2377 AF S Hippo.jpg
Foto2383 AF Alle Hippo.jpg
Foto2387 AF S Fisch.jpg
Foto2278 AL S Eingang.jpg
Foto2283 AL S Luchs.jpg
Foto2286 AL S Luchs.jpg
Foto2287 AL S Luchs.jpg
Foto2291 AL S Schneeulen.jpg
Foto2295 AL S Waschbären.jpg
Foto2296 AL S Waschbär.jpg
Foto2301 AL S Rotkehlchen.jpg
Foto2317 AL S Rotkehlchen.jpg
Foto2320 AL S Karibu.jpg
Foto2321 AL S Karibu.jpg
Foto2326 AL S Braunbären.jpg
Foto2327 AL S Braunbären.jpg
Foto2332 AL S Walknochen.jpg
Foto2333 AL S hochkant Inuit.jpg
Foto2338 AL S Seelöwen.jpg
Foto2340 AL S Eisbären.jpg
Foto22 AL S Elchschild kleiner.jpg
Foto24 AL S Elch über Geweih.jpg
Foto2298 AL S Elch.jpg
Foto2299 AL S Elch.jpg
Foto2300 AL S Elch.jpg
Foto2305 AL S Elch.jpg
Foto2306 AL S Elch.jpg
Foto2307 AL S Elch.jpg
Foto2308 AL S Elch.jpg
Foto2314 AL S Elch.jpg
Foto2315 AL S Elch.jpg
Foto2316 AL S Elch.jpg
Foto2342 AL S Elche liegend.jpg
Foto2343 AL S Alle Elch.jpg

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Remscheid, Strunkis Home, Germany - 30th March 2013

By: Strunki

Hello Mum,

today we did something special for Easter:

We ornated some little Twigs with coloured eggs made of wood and paper.

and we coloured some boiled chicken eggs for the Easter breakfeast tomorrow:)

Foto2439 Alle Osterstrauch.jpg
Foto2441 S Osterschmuck hochkant.jpg
Foto2444 Alle Osterstrauch.jpg
Foto2446 S Osterstrauch.jpg
Foto2449 Alle Eier färben.jpg
Foto2452 S färbt hochkant.jpg
Foto2454 Alle färben.jpg
Foto2456 S färbt.jpg
Foto2459 alle gefärbt.jpg
Foto2463 S Punkte.jpg
Foto2467 S Färbt.jpg
Foto2468 S Punkte.jpg

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Remscheid, Strunkis Home, Germany - 31st March 2013

By: Strunki

Happy Easter to all of you and especially for You, Mum :D

Charlotte played Easterbunny togehter with HelmutBluepant and invited Matcha and me to Strunkis Warmhouse where they had hided some easter suprises for us.

I found a green bag full with chocolate eggs and a huge paper-egg with a golden chocolate-bunny in it.

We had so much fun to look for the chocolate and had a opulent easter-breakfast alltogehter.  :p

And we hope, that spring will still come...

Foto2476. S C lädt zur Ostereiersuche.jpg
Foto2483 S findet Körbchen.jpg
Foto2484 S guckt hinein.jpg
Foto2485 S findet grosses Ei.jpg
Foto2487 S öffnet grosses Ei.jpg
Foto2491 S mit C.jpg
Foto2493 Alle mit Osterbeute.jpg
Foto2493 Alle wünschen Dir Frohe Ostern.jpg
Foto2494 Alle Frohe Ostern.jpg
Foto2495 Soeren wünscht Dir Frohe Ostern.jpg

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Japanese Garden, Leverkusen, Germany - 1st April 2013

By: Strunki

Hello Mum:)

The weather today was very nice, the sun did shine and it was not as cold as the days ago.

In Leverkusen, that´s at the Rhine between Cologne and Düsseldorf, we vistited the japanese Garden inbetween the Bayer-Area, because there the temperatures a few higher than in Bergisch Land and so the vegetation is a little bit more developed.

The japanese Garden there was founded by one of the owners from BAYER in the early 20th Century, who loved the japanese garden architecture and the bonsai very much. And he opened the garden for the public.

We saw very lovely early spring flowers, lots of violet and yellow crocus, liverleafs, tulip, iris, bluestars and some more. And even some kois we saw. :D

Foto2495 S Schild jap. Garten.jpg
Foto2497 S Brücke.jpg
Foto2501 S Garten.jpg
Foto2502 S Brücke.jpg
Foto2509 Alle Krokusse hochkant.jpg
Foto2510 M+S Krokusse.jpg
Foto2513 S blaue Krokusse.jpg
Foto2514 S blaue Krokusse.jpg
Foto2518 S Teehaus.jpg
Foto2521 S Holzschnitt.jpg
Foto2525 S am Teich.jpg
Foto2527 S Kamelien.jpg
Foto2531 S Koi.jpg
Foto2533 S Koi dunkel.jpg
Foto2537 S vor Park.jpg
Foto2541 S vor Park.jpg
Foto2547 S Leberblümchen.jpg
Foto2549 S Narzissen.jpg
Foto2552 S Blausternchen.jpg
Foto2556 S Tulpe.jpg
Foto2558 S Iris.jpg
Foto2559 Alle Krokusse m. Teehaus.jpg
Foto2560 Alle Krokusse.jpg
Foto2561 S M H Krokusse.jpg
Foto2562 C S M Krokusse.jpg
Foto2564 Alle Krokusse gelb.jpg
Foto2563 Alle Krokusse gelb m. Teehaus.jpg

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Schloss Benrath, Düsseldorf, Germany - 1st April 2013

By: Strunki

Our second visit today was Schloss Benrath in the south of Düsseldorf.

This lovely palais de plaisire was built in the 18th century and a lot of people love the park and its surrounding that is near to the rhine.

We went from the rhine though the park to the palais.

And we had a lot of fun playing on the stone-lions :D

Foto2566 S Rhein.jpg
Foto2570 Alle Rhein.jpg
Foto2594 S Allee.jpg
Foto2596 S Schlossallee.jpg
Foto2574 S Benrath.jpg
Foto2575 S Langteich.jpg
Foto2578 S Schloss+Teich.jpg
Foto2582 S Schwan.jpg
Foto2586 S Benrath.jpg
Foto2587 S H M Löwe.jpg
Foto2588 S M Löwe.jpg
Foto2589 S Löwe.jpg
Foto2591 Alle Löwe.jpg
Foto2592 Alle Löwe.jpg

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Remscheid, Strunkis Home, Germany - 3rd April 2013

By: Strunki

Hi Mum:)

good news: I have an offer to visit Denmark, yipiiee :p

I got the news after our power-yoga hour with our newest balloons, not so easy to balance them between the legs and holding the yoga-lesson :cyclops:

I told my friends that i have to leave and although i am very happy to discover new shores, the good bye was not as easy for us all as it seemed to be :thinking:

But we had a last tasty glass of mousse au chocolate together and they gave me a nice farewell-party and a few souvenirs and, of course, chocolates for my journey to Denmark :p

From Matcha i got a map from the Zoom in Gelsenkirchen to remeber, when we both completed one of our life missions each.

HelmutBluepant gave me some gum-bears he likes so much, them to share with me was his greatest, he said :cyclops:

Aaaand Charlotte, the sweetest plushie-princess :D
she gave me nice small bars of chocolates, my favourites for my journey and the rest for the nice new hosts :D And we both gave us a deeeeeep view into the eyes of each other, what a pity that she is engaged with Helmut, uuuhhh, she is my hidden fave, hihi

So I will go on now from the house with this lovely-crazy crowd of plushies and i will miss and kiss You, perhaps we see us again sometimes?

Bye bye Germany, i am sooo excited and look forward to Denmark :D
Denmark, i am coming :cyclops:

Foto2604 S Yoga.jpg
Foto2611 S Yoga.jpg
Foto2612 S Nachricht.jpg
Foto2615 S informiert alle.jpg
Foto2616 S eine letzte Schoki zusammen.jpg
Foto2617 S legger.jpg
Foto2618 S packt.jpg
Foto2619 S packt.jpg
Foto2620 S M Verabschiedung.jpg
Foto2621 S M Knuddeln.jpg
Foto2622 S M Zoom-Karte.jpg
Foto2623 S M Schoki.jpg
Foto2624 S H Gums.jpg
Foto2625 S H Knuddeln.jpg
Foto2626 S C Schoki.jpg
Foto2627 S dankt C.jpg
Foto2628 S C ein tiefer Blick.jpg
Foto2630 S C Knuddeln.jpg
Foto2631 S auf gehts.jpg

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Somewhere betw. Germany and Denmark, Denmark already? - 5th April 2013

By: Strunki

Dear Soeren:)

You are now on Your journey to Denmark and we all here think of You and wish You the Very Best :D

Look what I found between all the nice pictures we got from You: Some last ones where You are sitting between Your new made friends and have lot of fun.

Thank You very much for visiting us and, perhaps sometimes, we will meet again?

With all our love for You
Yours Charlotte, HelmutBluepant and Strunki  :cyclops:

Foto1591 alle am PC.jpg

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Jejsing, Denmark - 11th April 2013

By: Julie Hansen

I am finaly here, has spend few days on the post office....but now i am fine....


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Tønder, Denmark - 19th May 2013

By: Julie Hansen

here is small town Tønder, we were on bike tur


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Tonder, Danmark - 19th May 2013

By: mcdaniels

...just adding longitude and latitude of Tonder...

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