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Travelog for: little T.B.

Bowling Alley, England - 12th February 2014

By: sneakysnail

Hello Mum,

Today hostmum took us 10 pin bowling! Before we could begin bowling hostmum had to put on some silly shoes that made her look funny. Apparently it is to protect the floors but I think that the people who run the bowling alley just like to laugh at people in funny shoes! Once bowling begun, we realised just how heavy the balls were. I couldn't push mine down the lane and had to call over my friends for help. Three of us put together could just about move the ball. Once it got onto the shiny floor it kind of took itself so that was helpful.

We played three games of bowling and then we went to the arcade. I pushed NiliHH around on the air hockey table with Nathalie. She was laughing so loudly as she spun around!

I had lots of fun today.
Yours Little T.B.


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Sneakysnails House, England - 13th February 2014

By: sneakysnail

Hello Mum.

Gigi Giraffe, a new toy, has arrived with us today! She hopped out of her envelope and we all piled on top of her to give her a huge hug. We made a huge bundle of toys and it was great fun! I think she was a little shocked though!

Once she had stopped laughing, she unpacked her envelope and there were some sweets inside. She handed one out to everybody, the perfect number for one each! I got the orange one which I thoroughly enjoyed whilst listening to Gigi tell us about her travels.

Bye for Now,
Little T.B.


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London, England - 19th February 2014

By: sneakysnail

Hello mummy!

We went to London today on the train! We had a trail to follow where you had to find clues and solve a pretend murder.

First we walked down the hill to the train station and hopped aboard the first train. It only took us half the way there and so we had to get off and jump onto a different train. The trains were very busy and there wasn't space to do photos. Once we were there I had a look around and saw this pretty water display. Some ducks were paddling amongst the fountains!

Then we started the trail and came to a big colourful bridge. Underneath the bridge you can see a view of London, including the big, pointy building called The Shard. As we continued along the path, I found a big wheel artwork which was fun to climb on. Next we walked along a path and there was another nice view. This time it was the O2. It is used for music events and shows and has many yellow spikes on the outside. Soon I saw something interesting in the street. A huge red flower! As I approached it I noticed that it was not real. I climbed on it and used it as a slide! The trail finished nearby and we solved the murder!

We then found another train station and hopped onto another train. Then we hopped off the train and onto another train. Then we hopped off of that train and out of a station near The tower of London. We didn't go inside but looking from the outside I could see how impressive it is. Next we walked over to Tower Bridge so NiliHH could complete her life mission. Lots of people were on the bridge and it was very busy. Hostmum popped me into her bag, for safety, and then I was magically back at hostmums house!

Turns out I'd fallen asleep in the bag, there was no magic at all.  :(
It was an exciting day but very tiring.

Little T.B.


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Sneakysnails house, England - 21st February 2014

By: sneakysnail

Hello mum.

Two of my new friends left for new adventures today. Mrs Fleece and NiliHH are leaving to see some new places. I said goodbye to them and helped them to get comfortable in their envelopes. Then hostmum sealed them up and went to put shoes on so she could take them to the post office.

It is sad to see them go, but I know they will have great fun so I wasn't sad for long. One day I might meet them again, who knows?

Bye for now,
Little T.B.


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Sneakysnails house, England - 24th February 2014

By: sneakysnail

Hi Mum.

The WotWots left us today :(

I said goodbye and wished them good luck with all of their future adventures, I know they will have a great time. Then hostmum took them off to the post office and sent them on. And then there were three...  Only me, Gigi and Nathalie left here now.

On a happier note, Spring is coming here in England! There are lots of pretty things around and I will show you photos soon.

But, goodbye for now!
Little T.B.


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In the garden, England - 28th February 2014

By: sneakysnail


Today we went outside in the nice weather to look for signs of Spring! First we started in hostmums garden where we found some tiny buds on an acer tree. It will gave beautiful leaves when they come out. Next we saw a big tree with white blossom on it. It is a plum tree and when the blossom floats down it looks like snow! Near the blossom tree is hostmums pond and next to it I noticed a frog and a lizard. I went over to say hello, but they were only garden ornaments! Still, I liked them. As we walked back through the garden I saw a yellow flower and sniffed it. No particular smell but still nice!

Then hostmum took us to her friends house. Her friend is a keen gardener and has loads of pretty flowers all over her garden. First we saw daffodils, they are a key symbol that spring is here! Hostmum always looks for the first daffodils of the year. She also looks for crocus flowers, and that's what I found next! These ones were nearly finished flowering but still had a little life left in them. Then we went to see a cluster of violets creeping across the ground. And then some pretty pansies. Hostmum loves pansies and so do I now! Just as we were heading back inside, I noticed a small pink flower in a wall basket. We went to have a look but hostmum did not know what it was called.

Back inside, we met some new toys! They belong to hostmums friend and do not travel like us. The one in the t-shirt is Mike and the other meerkat is George. The chimp is simply called Chimp! They enjoyed listening to us tell them about our travels until we had to go home.

Spring has sprung here in England!
Little. T.B.


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Sneakysnails house, England - 9th March 2014

By: sneakysnail

Hi mummy,

Hostmum has been busy redecorating her bedroom and so, not much has happened here. Yesterday her new curtains arrived and today we helped her put them up!

First we unpacked them from the box and I took a look at the pattern. The packaging was fun to hide in, I could pretend to be a ghost. Then I went over to look at the tools and equipment hostmum had got out. It all looked okay and so we began!

Next we had to prepare the curtains. I held a string whilst hostmum pulled the fabric to make pleats. After that we measured the pole and popped the rings onto it. My job was to slide them down the pole out of the way.

Soon, everything was done and it was time to hang them on the wall. We all hopped up onto the steps and tried to reach, but even put together we were not tall enough. Hostmum managed to hang the curtains and we helped her to line them up perfectly. Once they were done, they looked great!

Your (very helpful) Little. T.B.


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The Wilderness, England - 17th March 2014

By: sneakysnail

Hi mum,

These last couple of days I've had great fun. Yesterday hostmum set us off on an adventure in her garden. She gave us a tent, some food supplies, matches and a campfire and two blankets. She said that is all we would need for a night in the wild and that she would collect us in the morning. So, we went camping!!

After we found a good spot, we put up the rather complicated tent. It took us a while to put it up and once it was finally done, we hopped in and tested it for comfort.

Next it was time for food. I was ravenously hungry and tucked into the yummy treats hostmum had laid out. The plate was great for camping too! As we were eating, a large lion approached us! That is what happens when you camp in the wilderness. It soon settled down to sleep in the sun and we were able to eat, play and chat without fear of being eaten. Everyone put me in charge of keeping the food safe from predators and I kept lookout. I watched out for interesting creatures from the wild but no zebras or bears ever came by. During my time as food guard, I got hungry and ate quite a bit. The others were annoyed because I'd eaten most of our food.

As night came we settled by the camp fir and told stories. Some were spooky stories but others were nice. Of course, I was not scared at all. Brave explorers who face lions do not get frightened by silly stories. It got later and we all got tired and went to bed.

When morning came, I woke up first and did a quick check for lions. None around but the fire had gone out. I was going to light another but it wasn't really cold enough. The sky was a beautiful blue without a cloud in sight and sunshine was beating down on us all.

Time flies when you're having adventures and soon hostmum came to collect us. Sadly our camping trip was over but I told hostmum how much I'd enjoyed it. She said I could maybe go camping again, perhaps on my own. I wasn't too keen on going alone. No, of course I'm not scared, it's just... ... every explorer needs a companion, right? he he...

Bye for now,
your brave explorer Litlle.T.B.  B)


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South Woodford Library, England - 21st March 2014

By: sneakysnail

Hello mum,

Today we went to the local library so we could learn some things. There was a funny book stand shaped like a big green dinosaur and I searched on it for a book to read. There was a book about a bear and I thought he looked a little bit like me!

In the library they had about a million seats! I saw a tiny one for little kids and a big round one which is odd. It was very comfortable for us but hostmum struggled to squeeze inside it! Looking around I saw a lake mural, made of paper, stuck on the wall. We took a closer look at it.

Then we went back to reading and we saw an exciting book about animals. Hostmum read it with us and she loved the page with snails on!

Before we left the library we had a brief look at the section on countries. Lots of books were about places I've been!

Bye for now,
Little. T.B.


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Sneakysnail's house, England - 27th March 2014

By: sneakysnail

Hi mum,

The weather here in England is very strange. One moment it is lovely and sunny, and the next it's all cold and frosty again! Hostmum says we might get another cold spell. Though, she also says that the weather forecasting people probably don't know what's going to happen, they're just guessing. When she said that, it made me laugh.

Anyway, weird weather or not, we had to say goodbye to Gigi today. She is going to Germany on adventures. I said goodbye and gave her a hug and then we helped her get comfy in her package.

Just Nathalie and me now.
Little T.B.


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Sneakysnail's house, England - 30th March 2014

By: sneakysnail

Hello Mum,

Today is mothers day and it makes me a little sad that I am not with my mummy. I still wish you the best Mothers Day ever! Although, I know it could never be the best mothers day without me!...  :rolleyes:

I made you an e-card type thingy with hostmum. She took my photo and let me decorate it on the computer. I hope you like it!

Nathalie and me also worked hard making a card for hostmum. I gathered pink and purple card (very mothers day-ish) and cut some flowers out. Then I stuck them to the card and wrote the greeting.

When we gave it to hostmum she was very surprised and put it straight up on the shelf. Unfortunately we couldn't take a photo because she was too fast!

Glad she liked it! Hope you enjoyed mothers day.
Love Little T.B.


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Sneakysnails House, England - 10th April 2014

By: sneakysnail

Hi mum.

Sorry I haven't updated in a while, I didn't realise how long it had been!

Today hostmum had lots of jobs to do around the house and so I  helped her get them all done. First, I had to prepare some cleaning things and soapy water for her. This job was too messy for Nathalie and me so we went off and did some vacuuming. I was in charge of the nozzle and had to gather up the bits from on the rug. When we'd finished hostmum congratulated us on how tidy it looked, she said we did it better than her! I wasn't too enthusiastic when she said we could do it all the time for her!

Cleaning the table was next and I rubbed the polish into the wood. It smelt really nice and when I was done, the table was all shiny and slippery. (good fun to slide around on!) After I was done playing on the nice shiny table I popped outside to find hostmum doing some gardening. In her vegetable patch she gets lots of tiny weeds that grow every day. I offered to help her pull them up and she found me a fork. Look at how many naughty weeds I pulled!

Hostmum was impressed with our cleaning and she promises there will be a nice treat for us in the next week or so! I'm looking forward to it.

Little T.B. :D


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Sneakysnail's house, England - 11th April 2014

By: sneakysnail

Hello mum,

Yesterday we welcomed a new friend to Sneakysnails house. It is Freya, the adorable dragonfly! She hopped out of her envelope and I introduced myself. Then I helped her to unpack her things. We all spent the rest of the day talking and telling jokes to each other.



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Highams Lake, England - 17th April 2014

By: sneakysnail

Hi there.

Today we went for a walk in the forest near hostmums house. It is looking extra green at the moment because of the new spring leaves. In the forest I saw a couple of patches of flowers. There were some lovely bluebells and we went to sit amongst them. Hostmum tells us that they are becoming rarer here and we are lucky to see some today. There were also some white flowers. They seemed very similar to the bluebells and hostmum called them white-bells. She's not sure of their real name though.

A nice surprise was hidden in the forest. A swing! Someone has made it from rope and a bendy log. It hangs from a large tree and we went to play on it. Hostmum had a go too! Once we were done playing, we walked on. I spotted a tree with a nook in its trunk and went to investigate. It made a nice sitting place.

Then we moved on until we reached Highams lake. There is a nice path around the lake but we didn't take that route today. In front of the lake was a rounded tree with long branches. I hopped into it and soon the others followed me. From this high branch, we saw a sign and went to peek at it.

On the sign was a lot of writing and history. I read about the Scots Pine tree. I looked around me and I think I saw a couple in the forest.

On the way back, we came to a blockage in our path. A giant tree branch had fallen and blocked the way. At first I thought it was a whole tree it was so big! We climbed onto it so you'd have a guide to how big it was. Can you see me on the branch?

Later on I found the bottom half of a snapped tree. It seems lots of trees fell during the wind and storms earlier this year.

Soon I came to a spikey holly bush and climbed onto it very carefully. I did not want a prickle in my bottom and so I was very still and asked hostmum for a hand down.

As we neared home we came to two little houses in the middle of the forest. They were very nice and hostmum wishes she lived there.

We soon started to get tired and had to rest on a mossy log. There were a couple of hills and then we were home again. What a nice, refreshing walk that was.

Yours Little. T. B.


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Sneakysnails house, England - 20th April 2014

By: sneakysnail

Hi mum.

Do you remember the other day I helped hostmum clean and she promised us a treat? Well today we got our treat! It is Easter sunday and so hostmum set up an easter egg hunt around her house. There were eight small eggs and one giant one to find and I began by searching the sofa. Soon enough, hidden behind a blanket, I found my first egg! A blue one with a cola sweet inside!

Then I continued searching and moved to the coffee table. There are many candles and holders on this table (plus one scary one) and amongst them an egg was hiding! Inside was another cola sweet which I gladly ate before continuing my search. I ended up in the kitchen. Looking around I saw something shiny inside a mug and climbed up the cup rack to get a closer look. After some clever investigating (and careful jumping) I got myself another egg. Inside this one was an egg shaped sweet. I stopped briefly to laugh at that. Over my laughing I could here Nathalie shouting for us to go to her. I went immediately in case she needed a brave hero to rescue her.

She did not need rescuing for she had found the giant egg hidden in a plant pot! We got it out, opened it up and enjoyed our treats from inside. After all that egg hunting I was tired and took a nap. I dreamt about being a brave prince... :rolleyes:

Little T.B.


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