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Find someone who can sew, stitch, knit... a item of clothing for me (sweater, vest, pants...)

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Meet at least 10 other TVís in 10 different places and play a fun game with them. 1/10

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Travelog for: little T.B.

Sneakysnails House, England - 23rd April 2014

By: sneakysnail

Hello mum!

Today was a sad day. We had to say goodbye to Nathalie, she is going home. Before she left we posed for a commemorative photo. Three great friends!

We all had a big hug before she hopped into her envelope and we waved goodbye. As hostmum took her to the post office, I had a tear in my eye, Nathalie was such a good friend here. Hopefully I will meet her again someday.

Little T.B.


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A Friends House, England - 2nd May 2014

By: sneakysnail

Hello there mum!

Today we baked some cakes at hostmum's friend's house. We firstly looked at the recipe for three-colour sponge and got out all of the ingredients. And then the fun began!

I mixed together sugar and butter in a big bowl and then weighed out the flour. I was very careful with the flour so as I did not fall in and bet all covered in dust like a ghost! Once the mixture was done, we separated it into three bowls so we could add the flavours to make them different colours. I added cocoa to mine which made it brown and chocolatey. The other two had vanilla and raspberry in them. We put the mixes into three tins and hostmum popped them into the oven.

We set about making some more cakes. This time they were fairy cakes with cherries and coconut. I browsed the recipe and let Freya do the mixing as I mixed the other cake. Meanwhile I was putting the little cake cases into trays. Somehow, (I have absolutely no clue how it got there), one of the cases made it onto my head and made a very good hat for me! I think it suited me rather well but hostmum made me take it off so I could put mixture into it. I suppose a cake is better than a paper hat.

These cakes went into the oven and soon after, the first cakes were done cooking. We tipped them out and stuck the layers together with jam. My paws got a little sticky but hostmum helped me wash them. I finished the cake off with a dash of icing sugar and by the time I was done, the other cakes were ready!

Look at the lovely cakes we made! All that baking had created a lot of washing up. We let hostmum and her friend do that part.  ;)

Little. T.B.


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Playmobil Zoo, England - 12th May 2014

By: sneakysnail

Hi mummy.

Hostmum had a small guest visiting her today and she went to get out some of her old toys. She set them all up in her spare room and then I went to take a look. There were so many! I did not expect a whole room to be filled up with toys! It was fabulous.

Before the small guest arrived, Freya and I took a visit to the Playmobil zoo. I went to visit the lions but found they were attacking some visitors!  :o I was shocked and jumped in to save the day. (I'm such a brave hero) I rescued all of the people and they thanked me.

From a distance I could see an awesome looking island. I went to walk over to it but a man in a boat stopped me. Apparently there was a really deep river there and I had to take the boat across. It just looked like carpet to me but I climbed into his boat anyway and went across to the island. On the island were some mean crocodiles who tried to eat me! I fearlessly battled them but they never gave up. I had to climb a tall tree to escape.

But then I was stuck up the tree.

I had to call Freya over to get me down. It is so lucky that she has wings. When she had got me down safely and away from the mean crocodiles, she asked me to help with a presentation. She had decided to put on a show to all of the Playmobil people about our travelling and adventures. I thought it was a great idea and we went to the talks area. Lots of people came to watch and it was great to see everyone was so interested in us. We got a big applause at the end.

Then it was time for us to make a quick exit from the zoo. The small guest had arrived!

I loved my visit to the zoo, and I feel great about saving some peoples lives.  B)

Bye for now.
Little Teddy Bear


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Valentines Park, England - 23rd May 2014

By: sneakysnail

Hi mummy!

I'm so sorry I haven't updated in a while, hostmum has been very busy with studying for exams and things. It's nearly over and, when it is, there'll be lots more time for updating! 

Today we visited a park with lots of squirrels. They are tame and hostmum brought some peanuts for them to eat. Freya and I waited on the grass with some nuts until the squirrels came. Then one came along... and another... and another... and then they all came at once! All three! We were surrounded but luckily they wanted the nuts and not us!

The peanut supply got used up very quickly with so many hungry squirrels around and we took a stroll in the park. I saw a patch of beautiful flower bushes in the distance. I loved how all the flowers were different colours but they complemented one another so well.

Nearby was the lake and there were lots of ducks swimming about on it with their babies. There was also a pretty goose grazing on the grass and we went to meet him. He was so very beautiful and with great colours on his feathers.

As we were leaving the park we passed the nature conservation area which has a stag beetle log pile. I read the information on the sign and took a look at the log pile. I wonder if any beetles are living there? I hope so, they are very endangered.

Bye for now, more soon.
Little T.B. :p


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In the garden, England - 1st June 2014

By: sneakysnail

Hello mum!

Today I went outside with Freya to look at some of the things hostmum is growing in her garden.

I came to this fig tree and sat amongst the leaves. It is not growing any figs at the moment though. Hostmum is not sure if it will grow any at all this year.

Next I came across a blackberry bush with no thorns. It is odd because all of the ones in the forest have thorns. Hostmum told me that it is a special cultivated breed and that it is preparing to grow fruits soon with these pretty white flowers.

Here I climbed a tree to get a closer look at some sloe berries growing up high. These turn dark blue and hostmum picks them before they fall into her pond. She makes things out of them like jam...or gin. ;)

Upon a blackcurrant bush there were lots of green berries waiting to be ripe. They taste wonderful and hostmum gives them to a friend who turns them into delicious jam. It is good on toast apparently but hostmum wont let me try any. She says I might get sticky.

Next to the blackcurrants are a few raspberries. They are flowering and there will soon be raspberries to pick and put into ice cream or cakes.

On the ground there is a little strawberry patch with plenty of almost ripe strawberries. Freya tried to wear one on her head and I laughed lots. In fact, I laughed so much that I fell over backwards into the patch of strawberries. This made Freya laugh.

I came to a rhubarb plant, easily recognisable by its pink stems. It is very nice when boiled and I went down to look at the stems. When hostmum showed me the photo, I thought it looked like the plant was eating me! Do you see it too mum?

In an old wheelbarrow are some big potatoes growing well. The plant is very big and hostmum is hoping that the potatoes will be too. She won't have to wait long to find out, they are almost ready to dig up.

High up in the neighbours plum tree which overhangs into hostmums garden are many green plums. They will soon turn red and ripen. The bird like to eat these... but so do the wasps.

Hostmum is growing lots of tasty things in her garden and I hope she will share some with me when they are ripe!

Little.T.B. :p


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Woodford, England - 7th July 2014

By: sneakysnail

Hi mummy!
Today something very exciting happened! The Tour de France is going on at the moment and today the route passed the end of hostmums road! Of course we couldn't miss an opportunity to watch such an amazing thing and so we went out to watch, alongside lots of other people.

We waited a long time for anything to happen and hostmum kept checking on the television to see when the bicycles were getting near.

Firstly some cars came past with advertisements and promotional items. They played loud music and got the audience shouting and cheering.

Then a few of the bikes came along...then all the rest came at once! There were lots of bikes but they were gone in an instant. I was very excited and cheered loudly for the cyclists.

Once the bikes had gone past, we went back inside to watch it on the telly. Not far down the road, one of the bikes crashed into someone who was watching! Oh dear! Luckily both the person and the cyclist were alright and soon the cyclist was back on his way.

Little Teddy Bear.  :D


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Somewhere, The World - 7th January 2015

By: sneakysnail

Hi Mum!

I'm on my way home. I've been away for so long and I'm very excited to see you!

I said goodbye to hostmums TV Dottycroc and hopped into my envelope. Although I have had some amazing times with Sneakysnail and we are great friends, I have been a little homesick recently.

See you soon,
Little T.B.  :p


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Office , Germany - 17th September 2016

By: Susie's

Hi friends,

it's me little T. B.

Haven't been around for a while.
So I thought it's time for an update.

Today mom had to go to work and I came with her.
Of course I was a good boy and "helped"  mom by operating the computer,  answering calls,  doing paperwork and pushing some buttons .  :) B) :rolleyes:

After all that hard work it was time for some snacks and to play a little.


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Traveling , Germany - 23rd September 2016

By: Susie's

Hello dear friends,

last Friday mom took me and my toyvoyager siblings on a vacation.
We took a train than another train and a bus and finally reach our destination in the late afternoon .
After we arrived at explored the small village we re-write are staying at.


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Imberg, Germany - 25th September 2016

By: Susie's

On day 3 in the Alps I was the one that got to go with mum.
This time she went up the mountain Imberg by a mountain-cabin-cable railway. And this time she made the wise decision to take that railway also back down again.  B)


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Famous sight, Germany - 28th September 2016

By: Susie's

I was there too (with mom and my tv siblings) at that very famous sight.

The Neuschwanstein Castle.

It was quite exhausting to get up to that castle. But itís totally worth it.
Because the Neuschwanstein castle is very beautiful and you have breathtaking view. 


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