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to find a playmo-backpack for them, perhaps from a fleamarket!

to see lady liberty NY from as nearby as possible!

to walk on the great wall in china!

to meet another playmo-traveltoys and have a pic in their blog!

to climb on a high mountain!

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Travelog for: Possy_Crossy

Tabriz - Hamburg - Hannover, IRAN - GERMANY - 24th November 2017

By: ipuenktchen

hi, everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

today ipuenktchen brought us straight to europe!!!! and when we left the plane in HHairport, we went again straight to HH mainrailwaystation to meet ipue's sis and her hubby!!!!! and together we got the metro to the portuguese neighborhood  beside the harbour where the 4 scandinavian churches for the sailors are situated, which had their xmas-market just today!!! wow.. what a different lifestyle we met again during this day.. omg......

we reached only two of them, the swedish xmas-market and of course the finnish x-mas-market.. a gloeggi was obliged.. hehe... and of course ipue got thrilled to buy her favorite finnish chocolate FAZER SALMIAKKI!!!! and as ipue's hubby was extremly tired from the whole trip up from midnight  last day, we immediately took the train to hannover, and exactly 23 hours later we entered our bed....... omg..............

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Hannover - UELZEN - Hamburg - KIEL, Germany - 1st December 2017

By: ipuenktchen

pls stay tuned....

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Hannover - Hamburg, Germany - 21st December 2017

By: ipuenktchen

hellooooooooooooooo everybodyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

As our way from Tab to Hannover was soooo hard for us.., although ipue's sis and her hubby Had Been with us, ipue decided the same day that on Our way Back Home we'll have an Break in HH and have a Hotel to stay the night in HH!!!!! And my dear sis Same day proposed to Come with us again for Help!!!! Ipue was very thankfull and hopefull!!!!!

and so we met ipye's sis at hannover mainrailwaystation and went together by train via UELZEN to HAMBURG!!!! we cannot say it was easy but it was possible to do with the great help of ipue's sis!!! omg...  so we reached the hotel around noon  and immediately she went back home hannover!!!! thxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!!!!!

in the afternoon we had a walk (from one bench to another...) at HH x-mas-market in spitalerstr. and finally entered a cafe in a nice atmospher..... back in hotel slept very early.... only had some broetchen left from our last breakfast in hannover...

pls stay tuned for some pics later. thxxxx

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Hamburg - Tabriz, Germany - IRAN - 22nd December 2017

By: ipuenktchen

helloooooooooooo agaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we woke up at 5... time enough... at 7 we left our room forward to HHairport!!!!!!!!! we got a great help from the hotel's stuff, who took both our large suitcases to the train to the airport!!!! the hotel was quite in front of the railway station!! thx god, everything works for its best!!!!!!!!!!!!

very good in time we entered the airport and qeshm air counter!!!!! ipue got a wheelchair with all her pain during the last weeks.....

:( :cyclops:

we got happy sitting in the plane and with the only desire to sleep...
arrived at tabriz airport at 7 PM........... the van of the travel agency was waiting for us and straiiiiiiiiiiiiiight we went to the bday-party of son2... shabe yalda.... and opening ceremony of the elevator in his home!!!!!!!!!!! omg..

:D :D :p :p ;) ;)

at midnight we got more than happy to sleep again in our own beds...

good night everybodyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and pls stay tuned for the pics.....

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