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Travelog for: Prajna

Kajaani, Finland - 17th March 2014

By: Tatterdemalion

Hi Mommy! Today I tasted something pretty weird but rather yummy :D


These pies are called rönttöset. They have a rye crust and a sweetened mashed potatoes & lingonberry filling. They taste exceptionally nice heated up and with a touch of butter on the sides.


Today we also had to say goodbye for our friend Rachel who continued her travels to Japan. Have a safe journey, darling!


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Traveling again, through Finland - 18th March 2014

By: Tatterdemalion

Taking a train ride to south with Fred Leprechaun and Bossa-Nova
We're heading to Helsinki!


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Helsinki, Finland - 21st March 2014

By: Tatterdemalion

We saw a funny street artist playing music with bottles!
Here is a short video about it:

Bottle music!

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Helsinki, Finland - 21st March 2014

By: Tatterdemalion

March 21 and 22.

On our first morning in Helsinki we took off to see an exhibition about Charles Chaplin! It was very cool - lots of photographs, posters, newspaper articles and video clips from and about his life, films and career. but unfortunately we couldn't take pictures of it. Well, never mind that! In the lobby there was a huge cardboard Chaplin (actually, the famous character of his, the Tramp) and I got to pose with it :D



On both days we took walks (and tram rides) around the city. Here's what we saw!

Traffic... (It was quite light, though.. :P But let's not underestimate the liveliness of this place! 500,000 inhabitants may be a small amount in the world's scale but this is actually the biggest city in Finland.)


Cozy parks...

Soccer fields and runner legends...

The high tower of the Olympic Stadium

Bay of the sea with some duckies and swans

A cool exterior of a Mexican restaurant :D


Lovely sunshine by the market place, looking down to the passenger harbour at the other side of the bay:


The main Cathedral was quite a magnificent building!

And finally, that bottle man (again) :)

<3 Prajna

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Kajaani, Finland - 8th April 2014

By: Tatterdemalion

Hi Mom! It's been a while again but we're all in good health :)
Today we got up early to catch the sunrise. It was lovely.



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