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Travelog for: Elliot

at Home, Germany - 1st November 2012

By: La-Lu

That┤s me: Elliot.:D
I live with my family in a little village near Rothenburg ob der Tauber a very historical place in Germany.
On this picture you see a lot of snow, but it┤s just October.
I like snow, because it┤s as white as me. 
I want to see a lot of different countrys so I can tell my mom as much as possible because she want to make a worldtrip, too.
I hope mom will take me on her trip also.
But now I want to go alone....... ;)


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at my friend home, Germany - 2nd November 2012

By: La-Lu

Yesterday I was by my mom┤s best friend Lina, because she had
birthday. There I meet my new friend the frog. He go on a worldtrip, too. :D


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in front of IKEA, Germany - 3rd November 2012

By: La-Lu

Yesterday I was with my mom in IKEA.
I like it there because it`s so big and erverything shines!!!! :D
But the best was the Hot Dog!!!!!
On the picture I standed in front of IKEA in the evening (after I ate my Hot Dog ;)).


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at Home, Germany - 6th November 2012

By: La-Lu

Oh, me and my mom are sooooo ill. :(
We only lying on the sofa and drinking hot tea. When I┤m well, I want start the worldtrip. I hope I can go as soon as possible.
But now I drinking some cup of tea.....


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In Rothenburg, Germany - 9th November 2012

By: La-Lu

Hey guys!!!
At this pictures I`m in Rothenburg.I stand in front of old buildings.
Rothenburg is a nice town.It`s very hisrorical and the most of the houses were build in the middle ages.


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at Home, Germany - 11th November 2012

By: La-Lu

Bye bye!!!!
Tomorrow I will go to my first trip to spain!!
I`m very excited!!
I say goodbye mom, see you soon...

winke winke.jpg

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Granada, Spain - 18th November 2012

By: JunCTionS

Hi Mommy,

I've arrived safely to Spain. I was received by two toy voyagers: Sir James and Graham.


My new host parents say thanks for the postcard, the coaster and the candies :)!


I started helping my hosts with the Christmas decorations, specially the Christmas Tree.


We helped to assemble the tree, it was a bit tricky since you have to look for a number and color in order to know where every branch goes.


We also played with the tree's lights and decoration.




And this is the final result: we loved it!!!


Love, Elliot.

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Granada, Spain - 19th November 2012

By: JunCTionS

Hi Mommy,

Today we took a little walk in the north part of the city, here are some pics. Today's weather was really nice, and the trees were really pretty since they are changing colors. 


As you can see the city has a lot of pomegranates everywhere! (Granada is the name of the fruit in Spanish and also the name of the city).


We also visited the city's bullring. 


And here are some pics from the bus on the way home:

Hope you enjoy the pics!
Love, Elliot.

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Granada, Spain - 21st November 2012

By: JunCTionS

Hello mommy,
Tonight we went out for a walk in the city. On the way we stopped at an outdoor gym and had some fun with the machines:

In the south of the city there's a cool roundabout with a helicopter!

and as I've told you before, there's a lot of pomegranates all over the city, here's one on a new lightpost:
Here I am in another park playing like a little kid:

Something that is very iconic in Spain is the store chain called "El Corte InglÚs", and they put up a nice light and music show outside of their downtown store for Christmas.

Here we all are in front of the Fuente de las Batallas:

Around it there was a nice handicrafts market:

And this is the city's main post office:

and a nice hotel in front of it:

There is a very centric square called the Bib-Rambla, this is its main fountain:

And this is the Granada Cathedral:

Here I am on top of a donkey's head in front of the Cathedral's bell tower:

And that wasn't the only animal I rode tonight, here I am grabbing a bull by its horn!:

It was a lot of fun to go out at night!

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Granada, Spain - 2nd December 2012

By: JunCTionS

Hi mommy,

Today we went out for some tea. Granada has a lot of Arab influence, and in the Arabic neighborhood there are a lot of places were you can go and have a tea and smoke with a hookah. 

I had a big coffee with whipped cream and Graham had a mango tea.



Kisses, Elliot.

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Granada, Spain - 7th December 2012

By: JunCTionS

Hello mommy!
Today we went out for a walk around Granada again, the river was a bit dry and full of mud, but the trees were very pretty and colorful
This fountain is called the Fuente de las Granadas, and it has some very big pomegranates in the middle
This is called the Paseo de la Bomba, sometimes they have parades and official acts here. Right now there is some art installation with some wiggly tubes

Later we went by the town hall

And do you remember the helicopter I saw the other night? here it is again, from this angle you can also see the science museum's observation deck and planetarium dome.

We visited a very pretty park named after the famous poet Federico Garcia Lorca who lived in a house which is now in the park.
The weather was not very nice, but there were still some roses and not all of the ground was wet.
There were many types of trees and flowers
And after dark some of the fountains had changing lights, it was very pretty to watch
Nearby was another branch of the big Spanish stores "El Corte InglÚs" with their holiday decorations.

Look you can even see a speeding police car passing behind me. Granada is very alive after dark.

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Miami, USA - 19th December 2012

By: JunCTionS

Hi mommy,
As my hosts told you, we decided to do a little bit of holiday travelling.
Here I am at the Barajas airport in Madrid, as you can see it's very pretty and colorful.
Our trip was very long, but the sight was very nice.
After many hours of only seeing clouds and water we finally saw some land!
And we landed in the very warm and sunny Miami, USA!
We enjoyed a very nice and refreshing coconut in the famous Miami Beach,
I think I'm really going to enjoy this break from the dark winter weather of Europe.

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Miami, USA - 25th December 2012

By: JunCTionS

Hello mommy,
We went to a supermarket to get some food for the holiday celebrations

As you can see there were many holiday decorations on sale:

In Florida there are many water ways with pretty birds in them:

It also has a lot of swamps
problem is, there are many animals there, here we are wrestling a big alligator with another small one on it's head!http://i.imgur.com/EwAKQ.jpg
hehe, just kidding, we played around a lot today.

And the weather was very nice... look at me, at a pool in December!



It was very nice and relaxing!

Don't think we forgot about the holidays! look at all the pretty decorations!


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Miami, USA - 6th January 2013

By: JunCTionS

Hello mommy,
Happy New Year!
To celebrate, my hosts took me to a restaurant and guess what I had?
A big steak!  :D
My hosts were very happy to help me fulfill one of my life missions, and boy was it a BIG steak... but I ate it all, and even tried some ribs.

Today we also travelled again!
Here we are on our way to downtown Miami!

Look at how many skyscrappers!


Hmmm... which way to go?

so in downtown Miami they have a train that is free to ride, it's called the Metro Mover, and here is it's station at "Calle Ocho" a very famous
latino street.

Look at all the tall buildings, and since the airport is very close to the downtown, you see many planes all day, look there's one on this picture!

There are too many tall buildings downtown, and they are very different and pretty everyone of them

At this intersection we saw a trolley car, which is really just a free tourist bus. Sadly today we could not go on it.

While walking around we saw this big human torso at the entrance of a gym, look, Sir James says he's also as strong as the statue... he's so

Oh well, today we also left Miami... here I am at the airport... woah, wait, Mexico City?

hehe, just kidding... here we are at the Barajas airport in Madrid where they still had some holiday decorations. It was a very long flight but I slept most of the way.

And back to the flamenco of Spain, Andalucia, and specially Granada!

Ellio :D

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Sierra Nevada, Spain - 21st January 2013

By: JunCTionS

Hello mommy,

Today we went to the Sierra Nevada mountain which is really close to Granada, only half an hour away. There was a lot of snow and it was really cold.

Here's a picture of me at 3000 m, you can see the clouds below us and you can also see a huge radio telescope! This trip was awesome.

Sorry I haven't been posting so much lately, I'll try to do it more!

Love, Elliot.


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