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Travelog for: Matcha

Strunkis Garden, Remscheid, Germany - 23rd March 2013

By: Strunki

Hi Mum,

here in Remscheid is is still very cold, the temperatures are hardly about 0 C°. And so we had ice on the pond in the garden and we decided to skate on the ice a little bit.

In the afternoon the ice became thinner (too thin for heavy HelmutBluepant) :cyclops: and so we continued on the thicker ice of the rainwater-tank :)

We had a lot of fun while Soeren pulled our sleigh. :rolleyes:

And before we werde too cold, we went back to the house and enjoyed our hot chocolate with marshmellows :p

See You soon, Love and Kisses
Yours Matcha :D

Foto2108 M L H Schlitten kl. Teich.jpg
Foto2110 S zieht M L H kl. Teich.jpg
Foto2111 M L H kl. Teich.jpg
Foto2113 S zieht M L H Regentonne.jpg
Foto2114 S zieht seitl. L H M Regentonne.jpg
Foto2116 M wird gezogen.jpg
Foto2118 M im Schlitten Regent.jpg
Foto2119 M + S.jpg
Foto2131 all.jpg
Foto2133 M all.jpg
Foto2136 Kakao alle.jpg
Foto2137 M Kakao.jpg
Foto2149 alle K M.jpg

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Remscheid, Germany - 24th March 2013

By: Strunki

Hello Mum,

today we made a little round-trip through Remscheid.

Here You can see the historic houses in the Clarenbachstr. near the tool-museum.

The next huge building is the town-hall and on the right hand, almost in the middle of the market-place, a high stone-statue of a Lion, our typical heraldic animal of the Bergisches Land.

Foto2227 M Clarenbachhaus.jpg
Foto2228 M.jpg
Foto2229 M.jpg
Foto2230 M.jpg
Foto2234 M Rathaus.jpg
Foto2235 M Rathaus.jpg
Foto2239 M.jpg

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Müngsten Bridge, Solingen, Germany - 24th March 2013

By: Strunki

The next stop we took at the famous Bridge of Müngsten.

It is the oldest ironbridge in Germany and almost 100 years old.
It connects the towns Remscheid and Solingen by railway and crosses the valley of the Wupper. Before the bridge was built, people had to go a far way by train. The bridge is still in use, can you see the train above me?

Under the bridge we visited the "Brückenpark" and went a footway along the Wupper.

Foto2197 M Wupper.jpg
Foto2199 M.jpg
Foto2200 M.jpg
Foto2202 M.jpg
Foto2205 M.jpg
Foto2207 M.jpg
Foto2209 M.jpg
Foto2210 M.jpg
Foto2212 M.jpg
Foto2217 M Bahn auf Brücke.jpg
Foto2219 M.jpg
Foto2221 M.jpg
Foto2222 M.jpg
Foto2225 M.jpg

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Schloss Burg, Solingen-Burg, Germany - 24th March 2013

By: Strunki

The third station today was Schloss Burg in Solingen-Burg.

There we visited the old Mediveal Castle of the counts of Berg that was rebuilt in the late 19th. century. The statue you see shows Count Engelbert of Berg. By this noble family the region is named Bergisches Land, not because they have some small mountains and hills here :D

And there we got a typical souvenir: The Burger Bretzel, a sweet small backed Pretzel that is also part of the "Bergisch Coffee Table" as the "Dröppelminna" a huge oldfashioned pot for coffee.

Foto2152 M SB.jpg
Foto2156 M IH.jpg
Foto2160 M.jpg
Foto2161 M.jpg
Foto2162 M.jpg
Foto2167 M.jpg
Foto2168 M.jpg
Foto2170 M.jpg
Foto2172 M.jpg
Foto2174 M.jpg
Foto2177 M.jpg
Foto2179 M L H.jpg
Foto2178 alle.jpg
Foto2180 S M L.jpg
Foto2181 M.jpg
Foto2182 M.jpg
Foto2184 M.jpg
Foto2186 M Bretzel m. DM.jpg
Foto2190 M Bretzel hochkant.jpg
Foto2191 M.jpg
Foto2195 M.jpg

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Remscheid, Strunkis Home, Germany - 24th March 2013

By: Strunki

In the late afternoon we went back.

And what a surprise: We had an almost traditional Bergisch Coffee Table, a  Bergische afternoon coffee spread (Kaffeetafel)

So Kaffeetafel is not just an ordinary coffee and cake, but also includes waffles, spread thickly with creamed sweet rice and sprinkled with cinnamon, raisin bread or black bread with butter, sugar beet syrup and Bergisch soft cheese, black bread with smoked jam, cheese, pretzel and zwieback to dip in the coffee. :p And even a Dröppelminna we had for our Coffee.

Unfortenatuly we did not have the sweet raisin bread, but it was sooo much to eat fur us plushies, only Helmut was able to eat the most :cyclops:

Foto2243 Alle BK.jpg
Foto2244 M BK.jpg
Foto2245 M Waffel.jpg
Foto2246 M Waffel.jpg
Foto2253 Alle S DM.jpg
Foto2251 Alle BK.jpg
Foto2254 M SB.jpg
Foto2258 alle Helmut schafft noch mehr.jpg
Foto2261 M Helmut schafft noch mehr.jpg

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Zoom, Gelsenkirchen, Germany - 29th March 2013

By: Strunki

Hello Mum,

today here in Germany is a silent celebration day before Easter, the so called "Good Friday", in German "Karfreitag" when Jesus was crucified.

Altough it is still very cold here, we went to the "Zoom World of Experience" in Gelsenkirchen and I enjoyed watching so much animals in near-by natural habitats.

They have three Areas there, an Asia, Africa and Alaska. Because it was so cold, we saw the most animals outside in the Alaska-Area.

So let´s start our roundtrip and look, what animals I was able to discover:

In Asia I saw the blue crowned pigeon [Goura cristata],
flying foxes [family Pteropodidae],
green wood partridge [Rollulus rouloul],
orang-utan [Pongo pygmaeus] and
grey hanoman-langurs  [Semnopithecus sp.]

In the african area we had the chance to make a trip by boat, although unfortnately the most animals, only the suricats [Suricata suricatta] were not outside, we saw some other inside the african warm-house:
(African) gray parrot [Psittacus erithacus],
common chimpanzee [Pan troglodytes],
hippopotamus [Hippopotamus amphibius]
and some cichlids from the Lake Malawi in a aquarium

And finally in Alaska we saw the most animals outside:
lynx [genus Lynx],
snow owl [Bubo scandiacus],
raccoons [Procyon lotor],
wolfes [canis],
caribou [Rangifer tarandus],
brown bear [Ursus arctos],
Sealions [Otariinae],
polar bears [Ursus maritimus]
and a snow goose [Anser caerulescens]
and last but not least: We found the moose or elks [Alces], so Soeren was able to fulfill one of his life missions and we were very happy for him:)

Foto2 E M Elefant.jpg
Foto3 E M Schild.jpg
Foto4 E M Schild.jpg
Foto5 E M S Alle Schild.jpg
Foto6 E M Häuser.jpg
Foto7 E M Hauptweg.jpg
Foto8 AS-AF-AL-Schild M.jpg
Foto2 AS M Eingang.jpg
Foto3 AS M Eingang.jpg
Foto4 AS M Tropenhalle.jpg
Foto2344 AS M Krontaube.jpg
Foto2345 AS M Flughunde.jpg
Foto2346 AS M Kaffee.jpg
Foto2349 AS M+S Kaffee.jpg
Foto2355 AS M bunte Hühnchen.jpg
Foto2360 AS M Orang.jpg
Foto2362 AS M Hanoman.jpg
Foto2 AF M Eingang.jpg
Foto231 AF Alle Boot.jpg
Foto232 AF Alle Boot.jpg
Foto233 AF Alle Boot.jpg
Foto234 AF Alle Boot.jpg
Foto235 AF Alle Boot.jpg
Foto236 AF Alle Boot.jpg
Foto237 AF Alle Boot.jpg
Foto2368 AF M Graupapageien.jpg
Foto2370 AF M Schimpanse.jpg
Foto2375 AF M Hippo.jpg
Foto2376 AF M Hippo.jpg
Foto2378 AF M Hippo.jpg
Foto2380 AF M Hippo.jpg
Foto2383 AF Alle Hippo.jpg
Foto2384 AF M Fisch.jpg
Foto2385 AF M Fische.jpg
Foto2388 AF M Erdmännchen.jpg
Foto2389 AF M Erdmännchen.jpg
Foto2277 AL M Eingang.jpg
Foto2282 AL M Luchs.jpg
Foto2284 AL M Luchs.jpg
Foto2285 AL M Luchs.jpg
Foto2290 AL M Schneeulen.jpg
Foto2294 AL M Waschbären.jpg
Foto2295 AL M Waschbären.jpg
Foto2318 AL M Wölfe.jpg
Foto2319 AL M Karibu.jpg
Foto2324 AL M Braunbären.jpg
Foto2325 AL M Braunbären.jpg
Foto2330 AL M Braunbären.jpg
Foto2331 AL M Walknochen.jpg
Foto2334 AL M Hochkant Inuit.jpg
Foto2337 AL M Seelöwen.jpg
Foto2339 AL M Eisbären.jpg
Foto2416 AL M Schneegans.jpg
Foto2302 AL M Elch.jpg
Foto2309 AL M Elch.jpg
Foto2313 AL M Alle Elch.jpg

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Remscheid, Strunkis Home, Germany - 30th March 2013

By: Strunki

Hello Mum,

today we did something special for Easter Celebrating:

We ornated some little Twigs with coloured eggs made of wood and paper.

and we coloured some boiled chicken eggs for the Easter breakfeast tomorrow:)

Look, how nice all the colourful things are:)

Foto2439 Alle Osterstrauch.jpg
Foto2442 M Osterschmuck hochkant.jpg
Foto2444 Alle Osterstrauch.jpg
Foto2445 M Osterstrauch.jpg
Foto2449 Alle Eier färben.jpg
Foto2451 M färbt hochkant.jpg
Foto2454 Alle färben.jpg
Foto2457 M färbt.jpg
Foto2459 alle gefärbt.jpg
Foto2462 M Punkte.jpg
Foto2465 M Färbt.jpg
Foto2466 M Punkte.jpg

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Remscheid, Strunkis Home, Germany - 31st March 2013

By: Strunki

Happy Easter to all of you and especially for You, Mum :D

Charlotte played Easterbunny togehter with HelmutBluepant and invited Soeren and me to Strunkis Warmhouse where they had hidden some easter suprises for us.

I found a violet bag full with chocolate eggs and a huge paper-egg with a golden chocolate-bunny in it. We had so much fun to look for the chocolate and had a opulent easter-breakfast alltogehter.  :p

And we hope, that spring will still come...

Foto2475 M C lädt zur Ostereiersuche.jpg
Foto2476 Alle C lädt zur Ostereiersuche.jpg
Foto2478 M findet Körbchen.jpg
Foto2479 M guckt hinein.jpg
Foto2480 M wühlt.jpg
Foto2481 M findet grosses Ei.jpg
Foto2488 M öffnet grosses Ei.jpg
Foto2489 Alle mit Osterbeute.jpg
Foto2490 M mit H.jpg
Foto2492 Alle Frohe Ostern.jpg
Foto2493 Alle wünschen Dir Frohe Ostern.jpg
Foto2494 Matcha wünscht Dir Frohe Ostern.jpg

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Japanese Garden, Leverkusen, Germany - 1st April 2013

By: Strunki

Hello Mum:)

The weather today was very nice, the sun did shine and it was not as cold as the days ago.

In Leverkusen, that´s at the Rhine between Cologne and Düsseldorf, we vistited the japanese Garden inbetween the Bayer-Area, because there the temperatures a few higher than in Bergisch Land and so the vegetation is a little bit more developed.

The japanese Garden there was founded by one of the owners from BAYER in the early 20th Century, who loved the japanese garden architecture and the bonsai very much. And he opened the garden for the public.

We saw very lovely early spring flowers, lots of violet and yellow crocus, liverleafs, tulip, iris, bluestars and some more. And even some kois we saw.

The atmosphere there reminded me at home and so i enjoyed my stay here in Germany very much and i made new friends here, but i will look forward to come back as soon as possible to you, Mum :D

Foto2494 M Schild jap. Garten.jpg
Foto2498 M Brücke.jpg
Foto2499 M kl. Pagode.jpg
Foto2500 M Garten.jpg
Foto2503 M Teich.jpg
Foto2504 M Brücke.jpg
Foto2509 Alle Krokusse hochkant.jpg
Foto2510 M+S Krokusse.jpg
Foto2511 M blaue Krokusse.jpg
Foto2512 M blaue Krokusse.jpg
Foto2517 M Teehaus.jpg
Foto2520 M Holzschnitt.jpg
Foto2524 M am Teich.jpg
Foto2526 M Kamelien.jpg
Foto2528 M Koi.jpg
Foto2529 M Koi.jpg
Foto2530 M Koi.jpg
Foto2532 M Koi dunkel.jpg
Foto2536 M vor Park.jpg
Foto2540 M vor Park.jpg
Foto2546 M Leberblümchen.jpg
Foto2548 M Narzissen.jpg
Foto2551 M Blausternchen.jpg
Foto2555 M Tulpe.jpg
Foto2557 M Iris.jpg
Foto2559 Alle Krokusse m. Teehaus.jpg
Foto2560 Alle Krokusse.jpg
Foto2561 S M H Krokusse.jpg
Foto2562 C S M Krokusse.jpg
Foto2564 Alle Krokusse gelb.jpg
Foto2563 Alle Krokusse gelb m. Teehaus.jpg

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Schloss Benrath, Düsseldorf, Germany - 1st April 2013

By: Strunki

Our second visit today was Schloss Benrath in the south of Düsseldorf.

This lovely palais de plaisire was built in the 18th century and a lot of people love the park and its surrounding that is near to the rhine.

We went from the rhine though the park to the palais.

And we had a lot of fun playing on the stone-lions :D

Foto2570 Alle Rhein.jpg
Foto2565 M Rhein.jpg
Foto2593 M Allee.jpg
Foto2595 M Schlossallee.jpg
Foto2571 M Benrath.jpg
Foto2572 M Langteich.jpg
Foto2577 M Schloss+Teich.jpg
Foto2581 M Schwan.jpg
Foto2585 M Benrath.jpg
Foto2587 S H M Löwe.jpg
Foto2588 S M Löwe.jpg
Foto2590 M Löwe.jpg
Foto2592 Alle Löwe.jpg

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Remscheid, Strunkis Home, Germany - 3rd April 2013

By: Strunki

Hello Mum,

today we gave a farewell to Soeren, the funny elk who pulled our sleigh so nice.

We had our Yoga-lesson with some little balloons when the news came in, that he has an invitation to Denmark. :cyclops:

And so we had a last mousse au chocolate together and waved him good bye. :p

And as Soeren left I felt that it would good to come home back to You and so I told Strunki that although I had a great time here in Remscheid, I have the wish to see You soon as possible and so after this weekend I will go on my journey coming home :D

Foto2607 M Yoga.jpg
Foto2608 M Yoga.jpg
Foto2613 M Soeren Nachricht.jpg
Foto2615 S informiert alle.jpg
Foto2616 S eine letzte Schoki zusammen.jpg
Foto2620 S M Verabschiedung.jpg
Foto2621 S M Knuddeln.jpg
Foto2622 S M Zoom-Karte.jpg
Foto2623 S M Schoki.jpg
Foto2631 S auf gehts.jpg

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Remscheid, Strunkis Kitchen, Germany - 6th April 2013

By: Strunki

Hello Mum,

today we had so much work to do in the kitchen :p

First we baked a Applecake Bergisch Style with Raisins and a little bit cinnamon. Strunkis husband loves the cake and because it is his birthdax tomorrow, ist is the present for him from uns plushies :cyclops:

Foto2632 alle Kuchen.jpg
Foto2634 alle gucken in den Topf.jpg
Foto2635 M mit Ei aufm Thermi.jpg
Foto2636 M L H am Thermi.jpg
Foto2637 M L schält Äpfel.jpg
Foto2638 M H schneiden Backpapier.jpg
Foto2639 M überwacht H Form L Thermi.jpg
Foto2640 M wiegt Mehl.jpg
Foto2642 H löffelt Mehl M L gucken zu.jpg
Foto2643 M rührt Rosinen drunter.jpg
Foto2644 M streicht Boden.jpg
Foto2645 alle legen Äpfel rein.jpg
Foto2646 alle Zimt.jpg
Foto2647 M streicht Deckel glatt.jpg
Foto2648 M alle Ofen.jpg
Foto2669 alle Kuchen.jpg

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Remscheid, Strunkis Kitchen, Germany - 6th April 2013

By: Strunki

As a second aim we made two salads together, I did a tomatosalad Italian style with mozzarella and fresh basilicum. Helmut helped me and Charlotte did a fresh cucumbersalad with Yoghurt-dressing.

Foto2650 alle.jpg
Foto2652 M trocknet Tomaten.jpg
Foto2656 M Tomaten sauber.jpg
Foto2657 M schneidet Tomaten.jpg
Foto2659 alle.jpg
Foto2660 M rührt H schneidet Mozzarella.jpg
Foto2662 M rührt.jpg
Foto2663 L rührt M auch.jpg
Foto2664 alle.jpg
Foto2665 M rührt H schneidet.jpg
Foto2666 L rührt M auch.jpg

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Remscheid, Strunkis Kitchen, Germany - 6th April 2013

By: Strunki

After so much work we recreated and played a popular game "Men don´t worry".


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Tanzbrunnen, Cologne, Germany - 7th April 2013

By: Strunki

Hi Mummy,

Today we had beautiful sunshine with 13°C and we drove to Cologne to the Rhine-Park, especially to the "Tanzbrunnen" (Dance-Fountain) a half open-air area next to the Rhine-Park.

Though the Rhine-Park drove a small mini-railway

There was a plant-market and we enjoyed the sun, the market-stands and the colourful life in cologne.

And I was so happy to see the famous Dome. We had a beautiful view of the Skyline of Cologne from there :D

Foto2675 M Tanzbrunnenschild.jpg
Foto2676 M erster Domblick.jpg
Foto2677 M am Brunnen.jpg
Foto2678 M Palme.jpg
Foto2679 M Bahn.jpg
Foto2682 M Bahn.jpg
Foto2683 M Messeturm Tanzbrunnen Dom.jpg
Foto2684 M Brücke Dom.jpg
Foto2685 M Dom Fernsehtum.jpg
Foto2691 M Dom Fernsehturm Gereon.jpg
Foto2692 M Brücke Dom.jpg
Foto2694 M Hund.jpg
Foto2697 M Blumenstand.jpg
Foto2698 M Pies.jpg
Foto2699 M Pies.jpg
Foto2700 M Pies.jpg
Foto2703 M Pies.jpg
Foto2704 M Bonsai.jpg
Foto2705 M bunte Gartenvögel.jpg
Foto2706 M Igel mit Schlange.jpg
Foto2708 M Seilbahn.jpg

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