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Travelog for: JORIS

Kiel, Germany - 27th June 2013

By: ipuenktchen

yes, and so she did, took a last pic with the Playmo-GIANT, me and RedRudiTehran sitting on - and she was so happy about her pics and went away........

later in the evening at the Postcrossing-meetup, when she understood the TV-bag was empty, she got soooooooooooooooooooooooo saaaaaaaaaaad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! really heartbroken.................

she even went to ask at the office of the gallery, at lost & found.. and so on, but NOTHING!!

dear, dear lili was so kind not to be upset and hopefully she told ipue, perhaps they like to live again in their own world now!!!?!?!?


And pls let a message for us here in TV-site - THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

And now I wish ♥dear JORIS♥ all my best for his further life!!!!!

♥TAKE CARE♥!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IMG_3408 (Medium)cr.JPG

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Autobahn near Oberhausen / Aachen, Germany - 19th July 2013

By: ipuenktchen

HORRAAAAAAYY - this is ***LORIS the 2nd*** calling!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a dream while temporary living in ***Raststätte "Rhynern"*** beside the german autobahn!!!!!!!!!!! my dream was to get invited & given home in a new exciting life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and suddenly there was an elder woman very detailed looking at each of us stuffed animals... and it tooks time untill she decided to get ****MEEEEEEE***!!!!!!!!!!! how great - I got freed from this shop finally!!!!!!

thank you, dear ipuenktchen!! :-)))))))

she took a pic at this raststaette and at the next one, too: ***Raststaette Aachener Land-Nord*** and finally I could believe it - I got chosen for a new life, juchuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!

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HANNOVER, Germany - 31st July 2013

By: ipuenktchen

back home at her holiday-home ipue absolutely didn't brought me out - because she worried to loose JORIS the 2nd too!!????????!?!?!

in the meantime ipue told me this & that and I understood the tragedy happened for her when she lost the beloved JORIS from switzerland - later called JORIS the First.... and ipue had the one and only idea how to cheer up dear lili_6789.. and how happy she was when she found meeeeee, beeing sure lili will love me a LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so we have still a few days before the end of her holidays!!!
this eve their friends decided to go out for the annually MASCHSEEFEST!! and while waiting for another friend she tooks a photo of me with this beautiful sculpture beside the lake!!!!

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LETTER b. hannover, Germany - 3rd August 2013

By: ipuenktchen

on our last day in europe they had a small town-festival at Letter and they proposed to go there!!! I didn't thought before it will be that interesting, but I learned great things!!

first we had a kind of broderie and I cannot imagine somebody will learn this!!!?!?! but there were some women who where able do do this so called *KLOEPPELN*!!!!!

the next stop was at a hurdy-gurdy, played by a woman!!!! and we were allowed to try it! but first we had a pic beside the ape!!!!! there are mostly apes sitting ON, aren't they?!??!


and another great thing to learn were the mushrooms from innereurope!!

and the same eve we'll go to bed very early because the next day we'll have from Hamburg our flight to Iran - can you imagine how excited I am??!?

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Hamburg, Germany - 4th August 2013

By: ipuenktchen

I'm so excited and cannot really built a sentence... oh my god....

we left Letter after a last yummy breakfast, our friends brought us with all our luggage to Hannover Main Railway Station and
we entered the ICE-train for Hamburg!! it was a hard thing with all our luggage in HH to go to another platform, but we reached it -
however..... then we entered the local train for the airport!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

while sitting in the local train yashila_81 and lili_6789 gave us a call!!!! ey gosh - what a timing!!! to tell us they still arrived in tehran,
ready to come to the airport, 40 kms outside teh, to pick us up!!!! we were REALLY THRILLED and so happy!!!!!!!!!!!

and here we are:


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TABRIZ, Iran - 27th September 2013

By: lili_6789

since 4th august I'm living in tabriz, given home by lovely lili_6789 and dear Yashila_81!!!!! I was a bit scared when ipuenktchen brought me 5.000 km away into another culture.. as well as here are lots of sheeps allover where!!!!!!!!??!?! how could she be shure I'll be accepted by my new parents!!!?!?! but now after nearly 2 months I can say I'm a really HAPPY sheep!!!!!!!!

and it was soooooooo kind of dear Yashila_81 to make a dream got true as I saw in my dreams since I heard about, to see dear little JORIS the first, who is gone in the wild - alone and hopefully curageous!!! and remembering him Yashila made a collage and I have this pic always in front of me at my place - and here you may see it, too:
****JORIS the First & JORIS the 2nd****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, dear Yashila_81!!!!!!!
so dear little JORIS the First will never be forgotten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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TEHRAN, Iran - 2nd October 2013

By: lili_6789

yesterday in the late eve we left for tehran by bus - it was sooo exciting!!! my host-parents and also ipue and her hubby and last, but not least dear little ZIZZI_Zebra had been with us!!!!! We reached the capital in the morning at 8 AM!

in the morning everybody has smth to do, but we went to the residence of the ambassador of DE-embassy for taking part at the celebration of the *tag der dt einheit!!* in the afternoon!!


what a crowd, what a huge park!!!!!!!!!! space for everything & everybody!!!! the defilee was endless..... and fun begans!!!


at last when a german clowns group had its performance I was so thrilled that I had forgotten to take any pic.... :-((((
but I MUST show them to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


the same eve we entered at midnight the bus to tab and had been back home again at 8 AM for breakfast!!!! it was a great trip!!!!!!! 


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TABRIZ, Iran - 6th October 2013

By: ipuenktchen

hello, everybody!!!
today ipuenktchen came to our home and was so busy to scan her postcards.. nevertheless she found time for a photo-shooting :-))))
here I am together with my buddies at yasha's, and ZIZZI-Zebra was with us!!!!


and here I helped them scanning...


when finished we had time to have a glance at the postcrossing-forum! 


they stood with us even the night and in the morning we had a nice breakfast before their leaving!! pls come back very soon!!!!!!

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TABRIZ, Iran - 25th October 2013

By: ipuenktchen

hello, everybody!!!!
greaaaaaaaaaaaaaat - we are going on holidays.... okayyyyyy.. not really that holidays but a RESEARCH-trip for his master thesis to several cities yashila_81 has to do and lili_6789 and me are coming with him!!!

and this morning we left, going to ipue's  to have a nice breakfast together and to say goodbye!!!!!! we were so excited that nobody was thinking for a pic - I'm deeply sorry... :-((((

so pls stay tuned to hear about our adventures inside IR!!!!!!!!

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MASHHAD, Iran - 26th October 2013

By: lili_6789

hey, everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
after a long trip, soooo long, we arrived in the morning in *the holy city MASHHAD*!!!
yesterday morning from tabriz first we went by bus to tehran, and in the eve we continued our trip
by train straight to mashhad!!!! boah, how far from tabriz is mashhad situated!!!!


first we saw in the city an aquarium!! believe it, in the street........
but it looked like a radio!!?!? really strange...


as we were here for a business trip for yashila_81's master thesis we started to do our duties to get in touch with
different language institutes.

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MASHHAD, Iran - 27th October 2013

By: lili_6789

today was the great moment we went for the pilgrimage site - the holy district. in the part with golden minarets
and dome is the tomb of Emam Reza! here you can see me at the entry!


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ESFAHAN, Iran - 29th October 2013

By: lili_6789

during the whole night we had been on the train from mashhad to esfahan crossing the desert, but what a pity,
we couldn't see anything, because it was still dark....


today we had some sightseeing in Esfahan (after visiting some language-institutes!!) and here you see me
at the ancient khaju-bridge! unfortunately the river zayanderud has no more water.., they told me! such a pity!


later in a park lili made this sign behind me while yasha was taking a pic... I don't know the meaning...
do you know it?????????



but the flowers were really magnificent - pls have a look!!!!! I was so thrilled!!
btw it was raining in esfahan and we got pretty wet....




and last but not least we went to have another *firni* - the whole family has the habitude when they are in
esfahan as often as possible to go to eat *firni*, a yummi dessert, and so I did......

:o what a large bowl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!??!


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SHIRAZ, Iran - 30th October 2013

By: lili_6789

hey, everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
do you know the famous poet hafez????????
when we arrived from esfahan by bus to shiraz in the very early morning we went to his tomb. it's a mystic place!
often you can meet there ppl recitating his poems. even some ppl believe to the poems like others to horoskopes!?

here you can see me in front of the hafez mausoleum!


in the afternoon by train we went back to esfahan after visiting some language-institutes.

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ESFAHAN, Iran - 1st November 2013

By: lili_6789

hey, everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
when we had done the things we had to do for the master thesis there was again time for some sightseeing
and we went to a nice little garden with an old mosque *Menare Jonban*, the dancing minarets..
I like the place there a lot!


and from there not far in the neighbourhood the ancient fire temple on a hill from the Zoroastrian times!!


puh... it was long time for the kids they didn't any mountaineering and got a bit tired,
but the view had been magnificient!!!!!!!!!!!! the impressing zagros mountains backside!!


and in the eve I helped yashila_81 to write his travellog!!!  :D


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ESFAHAN, Iran - 2nd November 2013

By: lili_6789

hey, everybodyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!

today will be our last holiday....  :rolleyes: :(

so we had our last visites of language institutes and a last sightseeing as well!
we went to see the famous main mosque which was registered recently as a world heritage site!!!!!



and in the eve we entered our bus to reach tabriz in the next morning!!
boahhhhhh, thank you, dear lili_6789, thank you, dear yashila_81, for taking me with you for such a great trip!

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