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Travelog for: Faylee

Home, Germany - 27th March 2013

By: SnowWhite483

Hello =)

My name is Faylee and this is my first update! I really am excited  :D
Today is my first day as a TV but I have already had a great time!
Right now I am with my mommy Alina but I'd like to explore the whole world during my lifetime! Good thing that turtles live really long!
First thing we did in the moring was building a fire at our fireplace because it's still really cold here in Germany. 

I helped mommy but afterwards I had to jump off the fireplace really fast before it got too hot there.  :o
Mommy and I are big Postcrossing fans and today we wrote some postcards. They are all going to a different country, just the way I want to travel the world! 

After that I was very tired, so I decided to take a nap with my buddy Eddie. He is a nice cat and almost 10 years old. Unfortunately, he never traveled to a foreign country. He likes his home in Germany!

DSCF3266 2.jpg
DSCF3263 2.jpg
DSCF3264 2.jpg
DSCF3265 2.jpg

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