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Travelog for: Anna Pineapple

At home, Germany - 16th May 2013

By: Grumpygirl

May I introduce myself?

My name is Anna Pineapple and I'm very new to TV. My mom and me decided that I sat long enough on her couch. It's time to travel all around the world.

My hobbies are cooking, reading, doing funny things and talk to the cat. See some pictures beyond.

Who want's to be my first host?  :D

2013-05-16 19.58.26.jpg
2013-05-16 19.58.52.jpg
2013-05-16 20.03.37.jpg

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Home, Germany - 16th May 2013

By: Grumpygirl

Just a small update before I go to bed. This is was I made today. Write lots of postcards. Mom said, this was much fun :).

2013-05-16 22.11.29.jpg

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At work with mommy, Germany - 17th May 2013

By: Grumpygirl

Good Morning!
How are you today? I'm fine. Mommy and me had a big adventure this morning, while she was going to work. The train stopped and did not drive to the destination we should go. So, Mom went out and sprinted to another one. But what happened? It was a one to the wrong direction. Mom got a bit nervous. But now, we are arrived safely in the office.

Mom's boss has birthday today. He brought some cake *nomnom*.  But first we need a coffee.

Pictures: 1) Me on my way to work
              2) Enjoying some cake
              3) Coffee!!!

While I was very busy on the PC, we got an email. Guess what? I'll do my first trip very soon ;).

2013-05-17 08.02.51.jpg
2013-05-17 09.26.39.jpg
2013-05-17 09.35.20.jpg
2013-05-17 12.50.48.jpg
2013-05-17 12.51.07.jpg

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@ home, Germany - 19th May 2013

By: Grumpygirl


before I start my journey, Mom & me cleaned up the flat. We saw a mysterious bug, and hope that it was no vermin... :(

I got some pictures for you. And I Mom said, that I start travelling on Tuesday. I'm so excited.

Picture 1&2: Doing some housework
Picture 3: Leaving the office for weekend...

2013-05-18 14.12.19.jpg
2013-05-19 17.40.25.jpg
2013-05-17 17.58.20.jpg

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Frankfurt, post office, Germany - 21st May 2013

By: Grumpygirl

Today, I started my first journey. It's a bit dark in the envelope, but I guess it is just for one or two days. Mom, told me that I will travel to beautiful Nortrhine-Westphalia. Unfortunately, she forgot to take the postcard, she wanted to send also with me and the envelope at home...

She also reminded me to be nice to the other travellers and my host mom.

Hopefully, we'll se us again in a few days.



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Remscheid, Germany - 22nd May 2013

By: olgamaus

Hello Mummy,
I arrived at my first host's home today. My host Katja and the ToyVoyagers nosyblue and Sean gave me a warm welcome.


Unfortunately the weather is realy bad here, it's cold and drizzling. Ughhhh!

I hope it will be better soon :)

Anna Pineapple

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Remscheid, Germany - 23rd May 2013

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,
we are still having rainy weather, so we spent our lunch break at Katja's work place. She brought bulgur with feta cheese and pepper pulp with her, her colleague brought bread roll with fish.


Anna Pineapple

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Remscheid, Germany - 24th May 2013

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,

in the afternoon we took a walk to the nearby municipal park. We walked through a quater with lovely old houses.


There is a large playground under these large trees, I'm not sure if you can see it.


Before we reached the municipal park we came along a small park, just opposite of the police headquarter.


In the municipal park we visited a pond first. Ducks and turtles are living here. The ducks are having babies - look at these cute ducklings!


Here is a zoomed photo.



These ducks were taking a walk outside the pond area :D


The municipal park is mostly a landscape park with a l arge tree population.



The rhododendron is blooming!


Katja took a group photo.


Later I found this dandelion growing through a bench.


From here you have a good overview to the outskirts of both Remscheid and the neighbour city Wuppertal.


This is the observatory, you can find it in the entrance area of the municipal park.



On our way home we walked through the small park I've shown you before.


Bye for now
Anna Pineapple

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Remscheid, work place, Germany - 27th May 2013

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,
Katja's colleague is celebrating her birthday today. Look what she brought with her to treat the colleagues!


Anna Pineapple

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Remscheid-Luettringhausen, Germany - 30th May 2013

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,
we took a walk in the rural surroundings of the district Luettringhausen today. The weather was not great, but at least it was not raining.


We had to cross the motorway A1, it was terribly loud here.


What a lovely landscape with the yellow rape field.



There are some small hamlets, with both dwellings and farms.



This water tower is even visible from the city centre of Remscheid, where I am living at the moment.


Anna Pineapple

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Remscheid, Germany - 2nd June 2013

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,
having fantastic weather we decided to take a walk in one of the suburbs of Remscheid, a housing area called Rath.


Rath is also close to a valley, with nearby forests.




These houses are decorated with green shutters, looking a bit like me :)


To get home we had to walk uphill for about half an hour - very exhausting!


Anna Pineapple

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Remscheid, Germany - 5th June 2013

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,
we managed to persuade Katja's son to go on a walk with us in the late afternoon. We went to a nearby forest where we found galloway cattle on a meadow.


Almost every forest here in Remscheid is a nature protection area.


Here is another meadow with more galloway cattle, but they were hiding somewhere on the vast meadow.


Minutes later we found them :)


We reached the district Kremenholl with its typical 1960's/1970's years building.



After crossing the railway track we had to buy some things for dinner.


Anna Pineapple

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Remscheid, Germany - 7th June 2013

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,
almost every Friday our host is meeting friends. Three or four ladies, all knitting maniacs. They usually enjoy a beer or sparkling wine than, but today we had mojitos.



Anna Pineapple

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Solingen-Unterburg, Germany - 9th June 2013

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,
Katja took me us on a walk along river Wupper today. River Wupper is rising in the Oberbergisches Land and later mouthing into river Rhine. It is marking the border beween Remscheid and the neighbour city Solingen, crossed by Germany's highest railway bridge. Katja promised that we would visit this bridge too.

River Wupper is also dammed to more than 15 dams.

We started our trip in Solingen-Unterburg close to this weir.


We followed the river for some time, always walking in a pitoresque forest.


This ear trumpet is intensifying the sound of the water which is pouring down the rocks.


There were more rocks along the path ...


... until we crossed the river.


On the opposite river bank we had to walk uphill. Katja showed us a famous medieval castle in the background, Schloss Burg. And yes, she promised that we would visit this castle too this summer.


Finally we walked through the inner city of Unterburg (hahaha - only a few shops, restaurants and cafès :) ).


This is "Kiepenkerl", a statue showing a worker carrying a pannier on his back, filled with pretzels. Katja explained that in ancient times due to the topographical situation it was only possible to carry goods from one place to another with such panniers.


This is a creek, Eschbach, mouthing into river Wupper here in Unterburg.


This was an interesting trip.

Anna Pineapple

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Wuppertal, Scharpenacken, Germany - 14th June 2013

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,
today we met Katja's friend Kerstin and took a walk with her and her dog.

We went to Wuppertal, to Scharpenacken, a former army training area. This area was used for military purposes until 2004 A.D as a shooting range. Today there is a local recreation area with vast open areas, but also woodland.


On these signs you can find information about this interesting area. It will be renatured in the coming years.



I found the perfect place to rest for a while :)


We made a side trip to a nearby country park, Vorwerk-Park. This park was built in early 20th century by the founder of a business company as a private park on his own estate, as a garden for his villa. Even a stone pit was comprised into the park, planted with rhododendrons. You can find some natural pools here, fed by a creek which is flowing in the valley.

The villa itself and the oldest part of the park were already built in 1895. In 2001 the park was sanified and opened for the public.






Steep stairs were leading to the upper parts of the park.


Here you can see me high above the pond.



Rhododendron is blooming everywhere.


All these pink bushes are rhododendron.


Here you can see the pond I showed you before.



Back on the former army area ...


A lot of people come here with their dogs to let them run and play.



It seemed that all the dogs were playing somewhere else today :)

Anna Pineapple

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