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Travelog for: Plush Pip

Home, Germany - 9th June 2013

By: *M*


I'm Plush Pip and I'm born today.  I'm a really big dwarf hamster and love running arround everything, I love digging and I love to collect food.

And I want to see the World :rolleyes:


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Home, Germany - 30th June 2013

By: *M*

tomorrow will start his trip to australia  :D

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Home, Germany - 1st July 2013

By: *M*

Today I start my trip to Australia :)

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Nowra, NSW, Australia - 19th July 2013

By: sararingham

G'day Mum! I arrived in Australia about a week ago, but Sara's been really busy with cleaning house and de-cluttering that we haven't had much to do. Definitely haven't really gone out much... but that will change very soon I'm sure of it!

When I arrived, Daniel, Sara's husband opened up my box and looked at me calling me a badger mole, as a bit of a joke of course. Sara had to tell him no, he's a little hamster. They don't have hamsters in Australia! Crazy right? Anyway, I just wanted to let you know I've arrived safely and I'll post again soon with some real photos and updates. I hope you're doing okay, mum!

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Pebbly Beach, NSW, Australia - 17th August 2013

By: sararingham

We took a trip to Pebbly Beach... which is about 90 minutes drive down the coast from where we live. It's a beach which regularly has some kangaroos, which are quite friendly and happy to get a nice scratch behind the ear. We parked and started to walk down to the beach and saw a little wallaby sitting nearby some bush - he wasn't too friendly though and was frightened, so we were only able to get one photo before he bounced off... none the less, we continued down to the beach to see what else we could find...

Jackpot! We found a momma kangaroo who was slightly startled by us, but allowed us a few photos... but didn't want us to get too close. Nearby there was another, smaller kangaroo. After a few more photos we noticed a little joey sticking his head out of his mommas pouch - so we figured that it must have been last years joey which has recently been kicked out to make room for the new baby... especially with how she reacted to him in this video...

Just as that video was taken we noticed there was another kangaroo, behind the bush. We walked up to him, giving him some space, and he actually came up to us from there. He was really interested in getting a scratch behind the ears and quite enjoyed us giving him a friendly pat while he had his dinner. He even came down to smell us, but thankfully we didn't smell like his food, so he didn't go in for a bite. He was incredibly friendly!

Unfortunately because of the sun going down, quite quickly, we couldn't stay very long. This was so cool though, so I hope to come back again in the future... maybe even see more kangaroos! Write again soon mum, I promise!

kangaroo hamster.JPG
kangaroo w joey.JPG
kangaroo close up.JPG

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Goulburn, NSW, Australia - 19th August 2013

By: sararingham

Today we took another drive and visited Goulburn... it's a bit of a halfway stop for people in the country to drive to Canberra, which is the capital of Australia... and located about an hour to 90 minutes from Goulburn... and about 2-3 hours West of where I'm staying in Nowra.

We didn't stay long in Goulburn though - just got a few photos and had to continue on as we had quite the drive ahead of us... however, Goulburn has one very interesting thing. The Big Merino, which is just a big sheep... if you were to visit it, they have a gift shop on the inside of it and to the side of it... as well as some steps, where you can walk up to the head and look out the eyes. The eyes even glow a green colour at night... which is kinda weird looking - but doesn't make for good photos when visiting at night.

So here's one of Australia's \"big\" things... there's quite a few more - but this is the one that we drive past more frequently than the others! I'll update again soon!


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Hyams Beach, NSW, Australia - 3rd September 2013

By: sararingham

Today we decided was a good day to visit the beach... and even more of a good day as it's not tourist season yet, so the beaches aren't (as) full of people as they can be in the Summer months... we visited the world's whitest sand beach... Hyams Beach!

What is hard to take a picture of is how fine the sand actually is... it's so fine that when you walk in it, it squeaks under your feet and is nice and cool throughout much of the year... until you hit the Summer months then it's hot like any other sand is... it's surrounded by gorgeous blue water, and the bay which houses 90 resident dolphins... so you can see dolphins from the beach sometimes when you're sitting and relaxing in the beautiful atmosphere...

We stayed only for about 2 hours before having to head back - but man, it's a good place to really just lay down and not think about anything at all! When we got home to Nowra... Sara looked out in her bird feeder and spotted a very colourful bird - a king parrot. They're gorgeous aren't they? Write again soon!


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Seven Mile Beach, Australia - 22nd September 2013

By: sararingham

We woke up super early this morning... as Sara had a family member, who at the moment is lucky enough to be studying in Sydney (from Boston) came down to Gerroa for a surf school... which is about 30 minutes North of Nowra... so we decided to meet up with her to go get some breakfast. No real photos for us during that event... but afterwards, we visited for the first time in so many years - Seven Mile Beach.

It's a very gorgeous beach, and all but deserted for the amount of space and sand the beach covers... we were able to sit and relax in the sun for a little bit before realising we needed to head back. Fun fact - this is actually the first beach Sara visited after coming to Australia... so it was definitely nice to be back! However, not visited as often as it is more of a surf beach, which means the water is a lot colder than it is in places like Jervis Bay, where it does tend to be much warmer...

Write again soon Mum!


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