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Visit all parts of Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland)

See Ayers Rock in Australia

See Mount Rushmore in the USA

See a real bear (in a zoo or something like that)

Make a sailing turn (but don't fall into the water!)

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Travelog for: Bendik

Pforzheim, Germany - 15th August 2013

By: BendiksOwner

Hi!  :D


I am Bendik the bear, and I'd like to visit exciting places and meet new friends all over the world. My mommy and I are located in Pforzheim, Germany. It's a really beautiful city and if you want to visit it, you are very welcome to stay at my mom's. I don't want her to be lonely when I am away!

I can't wait to start my journey soon, but tomorrow we will show you a little of Pforzheim. See you then!

Love, Bendik

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Pforzheim, Germany - 23rd August 2013

By: BendiksOwner

Hello there,

just wanted to say that mommy and me are still alive and well, mommy is just heavily busy at work at the moment.

BUT there are some news! I might have my first two destinations: Russia and Ukraine! More news soon.

Love, Bendik

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