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Travelog for: Harry hamster

Villmar near Limburg an der Lahn, Germany - 2nd August 2013

By: Eistee

Hello my name is Harry and I am a hamster. I'm new here and I'm excited to travel  :rolleyes:

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at home, Germany - 2nd August 2013

By: Eistee

I really need a host... I'm at home in Villmar. A little village but I want to travel :) So please contact me if you would be my Host! Thank you  :rolleyes:

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at home, Germany - 3rd August 2013

By: Eistee

I'm really happy, I've found a host. My first host is in Russia and the second in Miami. My trip to Russia will start when our postoffice isn't closed anymore- so on monday :) Today I had a little accident because our dog wanted to play with me but he is bigger than me so my Mom had to help me. It was luck  :o

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at home - but ready to travel, Germany - 4th August 2013

By: Eistee

So... My mom is really busy today so I only enjoy the sun today  B). I'm so excited because my trip to Russia begins tomorrow. My mom is looking for a suitable envelope but she promised my journey will be comfortable  :rolleyes:

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At home until tomorrow, Germany - 4th August 2013

By: Eistee

So, now it's serious. My trip starts tomorrow and I'm very happy but I hope I won't miss home so much...  :thinking: My moms little brother tinkered a little suitcase for me. Now: Moscow I'm coming!  :rolleyes:

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Envelope, Between Germany and Russia - 15th August 2013

By: Eistee

Hello, I'm still in an envelope but I hope I will be at my host soon... I was sent on Tuesday last week so it is time to arrive!  :rolleyes: I'm exciting  :)

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Moscow, Russia - 19th August 2013

By: Lastivka

Hello, hello! I reached Moscow at last!

I feel fine. And I met a pretty Nymeria from Spain here!  :D


I think we'll spend a good time together.


Love you, mom!

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Moscow, Russia - 21st August 2013

By: Lastivka

Hi, Mom! Today we made a small evening walk  :)






See you later!

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Moscow, Russia - 24th August 2013

By: Lastivka

Heavy rain all day... :( We had big plans for this Saturday, but had to stay at home...


So we had a good lunch with PIROG (russian pie)...

... and decided to play the piano!


Hmm... My paws are small for the instrument...

I'm better at pc games! ;)

Japanese Touhou-shooters are ... bright!

I hope that tomorrow the weather will be good and we finally go for a walk!.. See you!

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Theatre Square, Moscow, Russia - 25th August 2013

By: Lastivka

Hello, mom! :D
Yesterday we had a pretty big journey. We visited Theatre Square (Russian: Театральная площадь, Teatralnaya ploshchad), The Bolshoi Theatre (Great Theatre) and Red Square (Russian: Красная площадь, Krasnaya Ploshchad)!

First we went down into the metro. Look what a great station!


And here we are at the Theater Square!

This is the famous Bolshoi Theatre. It has been restored recently.


This is building of a General store. It was constructed in pseudo-Gothic style.

And this is beautiful building of the administration of the theater.

And this is the Metropol Hotel. It was built almost a hundred years ago in the Art Nouveau style. It is a pity that yesterday was cloudy and some parts of the building are not as noticeable.


And then we went to the Red Square! But I'll tell you about that in the next part of the story.  ;)

See you later!

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Red Square, Moscow, Russia - 25th August 2013

By: Lastivka

Hi, Mom! It's me again!  :D
Let me tell you, how we walked around the Red Square!
Red Square is called so not because it is red. In Russian, the word "crasny" (red) has one more meaning - "beautiful, wonderful". But there are also many buildings built of red bricks.

It is a museum dedicated to the War of 1812 against Napoleon. This is a very spectacular building. It seems that it shines!

And this is the Historical Museum. Military leader Zhukov`s statue stands in front of the museum. See how many people? Many tourists visit Moscow. And I'm also here  ;)

The famous Spasskaya tower is visible at the edge. The festival of military orchestras will take place at Moscow's Red Square, so we can not get close to that side because of the fencing.

Alexandrovsky Garden is located close to the Kremlin.

Behind us you can see the historic building of Moscow Manege.

Spasskaya Tower of the Kremlin seen well from here. It was built in 1491 by an Italian architect Pietro Antonio Solari. Moscow Kremlin has 20 towers.

And this is Pashkov House. The Pashkov House is the famous Neoclassical mansion that stands on a hill near the Moscow Kremlin.
Now this building belongs to the Russian State Library.

This huge tower called The Vodovzvodnaya (can be translated as "to raise the water") Tower.  It was built in 1488 by an Italian architect Antonio Gislardi.


We bypassed the Kremlin!

In this photo are you can see the Konstantino-Eleninskaya Tower, Spasskaya Tower and The Saint Basil's Cathedral (or The Cathedral of the Protection of Most Holy Theotokos on the Moat). Church was built from 155561 on orders from Ivan the Terrible and commemorates the capture of Kazan and Astrakhan.

We took a couple of panoramic photos from Moscow River bridge. Cathedrals of the Moscow Kremlin are well seen from here.


It was a very, very long but interesting walk. Hopefully I'll get lucky and I will come here again.
Then we had dinner in a Japanese cafe. Here they cook rice and udon. Yummmm!

And then, finally, we are back at the subway in the late evening. I like escalators and lights!

Ufff... I just fall off my paws...  :) But I want more!
I should see the most beautiful park in Moscow. So - see you soon, mom!

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Library, Moscow, Russia - 2nd September 2013

By: Lastivka

Hi, Mom!  :D
Yesterday we visited a wonderful Russian State Library for Young Adults. This is a very interesting place. There are not only books but also many other exciting things.





Lot of books!

A lot of comics and manga!


A lot of literature in foreign languages.

Ideal for reading and relaxing.



Lots and lots of stuff!




And a lovely old car! Can you imagine? Old car right in the library!

And this lovely place is Collection of rare books.




Wow, I had a good time here!
See you soon!

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Gorky Park, Moscow, Russia - 3rd September 2013

By: Lastivka

Hey, Mom! :D
Despite the bad weather, we were able to visit Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure (Russian: "Центральный парк культуры и отдыха (ЦПКиО;) имени Горького"). This is a very, very large park!

The park is located on the other bank of the Moscow River.


We need only to pass steel Krymsky Bridge (or Crimean Bridge (Russian: Крымский мост;). It`s looks very impressive!

There are buildings of architecture of the Stalin period. They are very large and beautiful.

Almost all of the monuments of the Stalin period are large and beautiful :)
And here we are at the main front entrance to the park!


It means "I love Moscow". These hearts are installed in parks, recreation areas and important streets. I think it's nice idea.


We find here the observatory! These balls represent the constellations.


The park has wonderful plants, flowers and fountains.





And even you can meet and feed the ducks!

And this is rebuilt fountain and rose garden. For a long time the fountain was a ruin. Roses are still very small, but they will grow up to be excellent!

So we come to bridge and went along the river. Clouds are gathering...

Crimean Bridge and Cathedral of Christ the Savior are visible on the horizon.

Neskuchny garden is located behind the bridge. I'll tell you about it later.  :rolleyes:
See you!

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Neskuchny Garden, Moscow, Russia - 3rd September 2013

By: Lastivka

Hello, mom!
I almost forgot to tell you about Neskuchny Garden.  :thinking:
Neskuchny Garden is the oldest park in Moscow. Actually this park is more like a forest.

This is Summer (Тea) house of Count Orlov-Chesmensky, built in 1804-06. It looks very interesting and classically.

This is a Soviet statue of swimmer. The sport was very respected in the Soviet Union.

Forest, forest! Real forest  :)

I would not like to get lost here...

The weather was quite bad these days. But soon I waiting for a new stroll!
Love you!

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Moscow, Russia - 9th September 2013

By: Lastivka

The new point on my map! This time I saw the Russian Academy of Sciences.
The construction of this new building of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) was conducted from late 1960s to early 1990s.



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