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Travelog for: Sebastian

Home, Finland - 22nd July 2013

By: Wokie

Hi! I'm Sebastian, a little bear from cold Finland. My mom found out this page and told me I could leave abroad if I just want and I said YESYESYES! She's little worried about keeping me safe, though, but I told her not to be afraid.


I'm getting ready for my journey already. My mom said she'll start looking for hosts for me right away. Hoping she will find someone soon, I'm a bit impatient bear! If you would like to host me, please send a PM to my mom. I promise I'll behave well! :)

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Home, Finland - 22nd July 2013

By: Wokie

Today I helped mom to bake a blueberry-raspberry -pie. I got to break the eggs, yey!


The pie looked so delicious even raw that when mom turned her back for a second I tasted a bit. The berries were delicious! But dont tell mommy about that, she probably wouldn't like it ;)

While the pie was in the oven I met a new friend with a funny moustache. He told me he was a eggwhisk, what a weird guy.


Finally the pie was ready. I got my own BIG piece and it tasted soooo good. I want more!


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Home, Finland - 23rd July 2013

By: Wokie

Mom told me she has found me my first host, I'm soooo excited! She didn't tell me where I will go yet, though, but I'm sure I'll find it out soon. Just can't wait for leaving.

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Hanko, Finland - 24th July 2013

By: Wokie

My mommy took me to Hanko, the southest city of Finland, with her and her friend. We were on a bit rush so we didn't have so much time for taking photos. It was a bit cloudy and chilly all day long but it didn't bother me because I have such a thick fur. And I saw the shortest train I've ever seen, only two wagons!!


A little snackbreak, yumyum!


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Home, Finland - 26th July 2013

By: Wokie

Finally I got to know where I would travel first! My mom told me I'm going to Germany. I googled it right away.


It's about 1500km from home, I've never been so far before!


Mommy also made me a small backpack just to keep a little tag with my ID safe. I had to show it to my best friend Oswin because I found it very useful.


I'll be leaving on Monday probably. I'm gonna miss Oswin and my other friends sooo much. But I'm sure I'll find lots of new friends!

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Home, Finland - 29th July 2013

By: Wokie

Today it was time for me to leave. I had to say goodbye to my friends and then we hugged. It was a bit emotional.


Then I crawled into my envelope.


I hope the journey won't last too long, the envelope is pretty tight.

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Paderborn, Germany - 31st July 2013

By: mcdaniels

Dear mummy,
today morning I arrived Paderborn, Germany.
Looking out of my envelope I saw lots of friendly faces  :)
Especially the Toyvoyagers Laika, Twixx, Haribaer and Mr. Moose gave me a warm welcome. And guess what, mum, Mr. Moose comes from Turku, Finland!!  :D
I was very happy to see him and of course we talked about our home...But the other TVs are very nice as well. I showed them my candies and my postcard and then we sat together eating candies and talking about this and that.
Today evening we'll visit a big fair in Paderborn city...I'm so excited, what a day!
Love you,
yours Sebastian

libori 001.JPG
libori 002.JPG
libori 003.JPG
libori 004.JPG
libori 005.JPG
libori 006.JPG
libori 007.JPG

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Paderborn, Germany - 31st July 2013

By: mcdaniels

Dear mum,
the fair was fantastic!!! First we drove to Paderborn city by bus.
Cause of the Libori-fair the town is full of people...you can't imagine!
And then we saw the fair with lots of merry-go-rounds, ticket stalls with hundreds of plushies, strange figures, music all around....wow! And we drove with a Ferris wheel  :D We could see the whole town, it was so great!
After all these impressions we were very hungry and so we got some chips and chocolate cherries at 'Petit Paris'...yummy!
Back home we heard somebody whispering...and saw two curious guys who has followed us from a plushie stand  ;)
And after this first day I only wanted to sleep,
good night, mummy,
yours Sebastian

libori 009.JPG
libori 012.JPG
libori 017.JPG
libori 029.JPG
libori 036.JPG
libori 018.JPG
libori 022.JPG
libori 030.JPG
libori 035.JPG
libori 042.JPG
libori 046.JPG
libori 047.JPG
libori 053.JPG
libori 054.JPG
libori 062.JPG
libori 063.JPG
libori 071.JPG
libori 075.JPG
libori 076.JPG
libori 077.JPG

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Paderborn, Germany - 4th August 2013

By: mcdaniels

Hi mummy,
today morning hostmum said 'let's go for a walk through the forest round Neuenbeken (Neuenbeken is hostmum's homevillage and belongs to Paderborn) as an alternative programme to our fair visit in the evening'. And so we did.
We saw nice flowers, many many trees, a big thistle and a raised hide and had a great view.
And we discovered a mousehole and waited and waited but no mouse appeared.
Of course we had to take some rests, one on a bench, one on a tree stump, one in a cabin and one in a tree cave.
The weather was very good so we had a nice walk and have now  energy enough for visiting the fair again... ;)
Yours Sebastian

wald 003.JPG
wald 006.JPG
wald 013.JPG
wald 029.JPG
wald 033.JPG
wald 035.JPG
wald 043.JPG
wald 048.JPG
wald 049.JPG
wald 055.JPG
wald 022.JPG
wald 056.JPG
wald 017.JPG
wald 008.JPG
wald 026.JPG
wald 025.JPG
wald 037.JPG
wald 038.JPG
wald 060.JPG
wald 059.JPG

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Paderborn, Germany - 4th August 2013

By: mcdaniels

Dear mummy,
in the evening we drove to the Libori-fair again. Cause the weather was much better than last Wednesday we went into the Ferris wheel again. The view was fantastic!
After that we had some cider, yummy!
The Libori-fair ended with a gigantic fireworks. Unfortunately you can see us only in a very shadowy way B) but we were there and it was great!
Love you
yours Sebastian

abschied 001.JPG
abschied 004.JPG
abschied 005.JPG
abschied 008.JPG
abschied 017.JPG

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Paderborn, Germany - 6th August 2013

By: mcdaniels

Hi mummy,
today we said goddbye to Twixx and Haribaer. Twixx will travel to Switzerland and Haribaer will travel home.
Have a good journey!

abschied 028.JPG
abschied 031.JPG
abschied 033.JPG

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Paderborn, Germany - 8th August 2013

By: mcdaniels

...and a goodbye again  :(
Today Laika will start to her new host Strunki.
Bye, cute dog-girl, we'll miss you...

Laika 002.JPG
Laika 003.JPG

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Paderborn, Germany - 8th August 2013

By: mcdaniels

Hi mummy,
today afternoon a big envelope of Strunki arrived. Of course Mr. Moose and me wanted to know what was in it...another ToyVoyager? No, the envelope was too flat...but what else?
Hostmum said we shouldn't rack our brains over the contents but open the envelope! No sooner said than done!
And look what we found in it: some souvenirs of Mefito, hostmum's TV and (the best!) a pair of flipflops (bathing shoes)  :D
Of course we tried them on immediately, aren't they nice?
Unfortunately it was a rainy day so we couldn't wear them outside for example while sitting in the wicker beach...
All the best
yours Sebastian

flipflops 001.JPG
flipflops 002.JPG
flipflops 006.JPG
flipflops 003.JPG
flipflops 007.JPG

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Paderborn, Germany - 9th August 2013

By: mcdaniels

Dear mum,
when hostmum came back from work today she brought a small parcel with her. Mr. Moose and me became very curious cause the parcel came from Australia...
We heard somebody whispering in it and suddenly we looked into four enormous eyes  :cyclops:  First we got ourselves to safety but then two friendly voices said: "Don't be afraid, we are The WotWots and totally peaceable."
So we took heart and got closer...and they showed us their little gifts, a postcard, some chocolate and a little koala. We sat together eating Australian chocolate (very yummy) and talking about this and that...and than Mr. Moose and me gave them the flipflops as a present.
Spotty (the blue one) was very happy cause they fit like a glove  :)
Now we have to find a present for Dotty (the pink one), too.
I think The WotWots are very nice and we'll have a nice time together.
Tomorrow we'll drive to Dortmund by train  :D
All the best
yours Sebastian

wotwots 001.JPG
wotwots 002.JPG
wotwots 003.JPG
wotwots 004.JPG
wotwots 005.JPG
wotwots 006.JPG
wotwots 007.JPG
wotwots 011.JPG
wotwots 012.JPG
wotwots 008.JPG

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Dortmund, Germany - 10th August 2013

By: mcdaniels

Dear mummy,
today we drove to Dortmund, hostmum's birthplace in the so called Ruhr area. This area along the river Ruhr with many cities was well-known for coal mining but nowadays there's almost no more mining at all.
First we drove from Neuenbeken (hostmum's homevillage that belongs to Paderborn) to Paderborn city by bus and then to Dortmund by train  :D I completed my first life mission!!!
In Dortmund we started with a rest in a café  ;) and then we walked to the 'place of peace' where a vegan street day took place. There were many stands with yummy vegan food, clothes, buttons, posters and information about factory farming and what to do against that.
And of course we had to go into a BVB fan shop. BVB (Borussia Dortmund) is hostmum's favourite football club.
Just before driving home we got to know a nice red rhinoceros (no idea where it came from or why it was there) and we saw an old tram.
Love you, greetings to Oswin and all the others
yours Sebastian

dobali 002.JPG
dobali 004.JPG
dobali 006.JPG
dobali 007.JPG
dobali 033.JPG
dobali 011.JPG
dobali 016.JPG
dobali 019.JPG
dobali 021.JPG
dobali 023.JPG
dobali 026.JPG
dobali 028.JPG
dobali 029.JPG
dobali 030.JPG
dobali 031.JPG
dobali 014.JPG
dobali 009.JPG

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