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Travelog for: Mrs Fleece

Sneakysnails House, England - 30th December 2013

By: sneakysnail

Hello everyone.

I'm Mrs Fleece and today mum registered me as a Toy Voyager, I have been waiting for this for weeks! I'm a small black sheep who is quite old and wants to mostly travel the UK. If you are in the UK and would like to host me, just pm my mum, sneakysnail. I might travel in Europe too but not too often. I'm hoping to have some fun as a TV before I retire.
That's about it for today.
Mrs Fleece.


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Sneakysnail's house, England - 30th December 2013

By: sneakysnail

Hi everybody.

We could not go out today as mum had planned because the weather was really cold, rainy and windy. So I suggested we all play hide-and-seek. Everyone liked the idea and I offered to count first.

I found everyone pretty quickly, they all hid right near each other! Then we all hid from Spotty Wot. I hid in a cupboard on the wall and he climbed up and found me. Next NiliHH was the seeker. I hid amongst some nice pots with faces on. Last to hunt was Dotty Wot and I hid with some other toys, the idea was to blend in! It worked, I was found second! After everyone had had their turn at seeking, we all sat down for a treat.

Mum gave us each a yummy sweet which we ate quickly.

Mrs Fleece


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Sneakysnail's house, England - 1st January 2014

By: sneakysnail

Happy New Year to anyone who is reading this! I cannot believe it is 2014 already, how time flies!

Last night we stayed up until midnight to welcome in the new year. At midnight mum popped a party popper all over us and covered us in paper streamers! I played with the streamers and the other toys for a while, before settling down to bed. Outside I could hear there were lots of people having fireworks.

I stayed in bed a very long time this morning after such a late night!

Bye, Mrs Fleece


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Essex, England - 5th January 2014

By: sneakysnail

Hi everyone!

Mum has been a bit unwell so today we all went on a short walk to get some fresh air. We came to an old water pump by the roads edge. It doesn't work anymore and has been painted white for some reason. A little hop across the road we found a big statue of Sir Winston Churchill. He was the prime minster for Britain during world war two. Here, he is commemorated.

After a short walk down the road we came across a fallen tree that must have come down in the storms and wind. Once mum put a bag on it, it made a nice seat!

Soon I am going on my first journey! I can't wait!

Mrs Fleece


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Somewhere, England - 6th January 2014

By: sneakysnail

Hi everybody.

Today I set off on my first adventure. I am going to see Kent with Loki. I said my goodbyes and everyone helped me into my envelope and I got myself comfy. Then I wished The WotWots a Happy Birthday and mum sealed the package and took me to the post office. I hope the journey won't be too long.

See you soon first hostmum!
Mrs Fleece


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HOME!!, England - 15th February 2014

By: sneakysnail

Hi everyone!

I'm home. I'm safe. I'm happy. Mummy was getting very worried about me but it's ok now, hostmum sent me home. Sadly she couldn't update for me because something unexpected happened but I don't mind, it's not her fault!

At least I'm home and I can continue my travels soon! Yay!!

Mrs Fleece :cyclops: :D

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London, England - 19th February 2014

By: sneakysnail

Hello everyone.

Today I tagged along on a trip to London with the toys mum is hosting. I spent a lot of the time in the bag because of the cold but I did hop out occasionally. I saw a big wheel thing and posed with the others. It was a big piece of art and there were several more sculptures around too.

Later we got on a train and then another train and when we got out I saw something quite exciting. It was The Tower of London, a very famous castle indeed! I can tick one off of my 12 castles to see list. The castle was very detailed and I would have loved to peek inside but unfortunately, it was too late. I also took a walk along Tower bridge with Nathalie, it is a very fancy bridge!

By the time we got home, I was asleep along with every one else. It must have been the city air!

Mrs Fleece


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Somewhere, The World - 21st February 2014

By: sneakysnail

Hi everybody.

Today I left for some more adventures. NiliHH was leaving too and so first, we all said goodbye to her. She gave me a special goodbye and wished me luck before hopping into her envelope.

Then I said my goodbyes and climbed into my package. The sticky tape went down and mum took me to the post office.

I'm on my way to see you, Highland Hermit!

Mrs Fleece :D


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Wick, Scotland - 26th March 2014

By: highland.hermit

I arrived here in Wick a while ago but my host, Highland.Hermit has has computer problems so here I am now updating with my arrival in Wick.

I arrived bearing gifts of haribo candy. as candy is always welcomed at this hermit house.


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