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IKEA-Fürth, Germany - 9th November 2013

By: Fram

here I am. Mummy adopted me at IKEA and here I'll show you the first photo she made of me.


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at home, Germany - 22nd November 2013

By: Fram

Hei all out there,

today I'd like to introduce the other "toyvoyagers" in my family to you.
First there is Lucy, the lila / white cow, she is fairly old and is travelling with Mummy and Daddy since many years. The Racon is called Felix and he is nearly as old as Lucy, they mostly travel together. The little christmas bear is called "Weihnachtsbär" or just Weihny he was adopted at the beautifull country of Iceland in 2009.  The youngest of the group is the Inuit, called Nanuk. They go on tour with Mummy and Daddy a lot. And they promised me, that I can come with them when I am at home and not travelling on my own.


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Erlangen, Germany - 23rd November 2013

By: Fram

O.K. here I am again. Today Mummy and Daddy took me to a christmas-party today. They called it Julebord (norwegian). They had a lot of fantstic food there. And there have been some children, that had some toys with them, so I mad new friends there. We took part at the norwegian-quiz, some really difficult questions ... and they had a raffle with some nice prized to win. We have taken some photos, so see yourself ;)


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Nürnberg, Germany - 29th November 2013

By: Fram


It's christmas time now. Today will be the opening of the Christkindlesmarkt in Nürnberg. Mum and Dad took me to there, but they told me, we wont look at the opening ceromony, because of the many many people that are there at that time. So we just looked a bit around at the part where the twin towns of Nürnberg have there place.

We saw the 2 stage coaches, that travel around at the city during christmas time.

At the stand of Atlanta / USA I took a photo with the toys they are selling there. Oh this cute frog ...

At the special stand of Sri Lanka, I took a photo with some wooden toys from there for you.


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Braunschweig, Germany - 30th November 2013

By: Fram


this weekend we passed at Braunschweig. We have been invited to a birthday-party.

So good food to eat and I got my own glas to drink ;)


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Braunschweig, Germany - 1st December 2013

By: Fram


O.K. here I am again.
As you know, I'm at Braunschweig now. They have a christmasmarket here, too.

Here are two pictures from there.


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Braunschweig, Germany - 26th December 2013

By: Fram

On 25th December we travelled to Braunschweig again and stayed until 29th December.

We have been celebrating christmas and I have seen my first christmas-tree.

We did a lot of interessting thinks, but didn't take photos.
We have been at the christmas-market again one day.
Another day we have been at the cinema. What an interessting place for me ;)

At midday on 29th December we left for my naext adventure ...


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Kiel, Germany - 29th December 2013

By: Fram


today at aroung 1 pm we started our journey to Kiel. Mum told me, it is in the north of Germany. When we arrived it was nearly dark night and raining.

After going to our hotel and putting our luggage to our room, we have been hungry and went to a restaurant called Vapiano.
This is an interessting restaurant. When you get in you get a card. With this card you order the the desk what you want to eat and then you get a something that vibrates when your meal is ready for pickup. When you want to leave, you give the card to the cash desk and pay.

After our dinner we went back to the hotel using "the dry way". At Kiel they have a big shopping mall. A nice way and interessting thinks to see inside. Although all shops have been closed, I had fun. I play hide and seek ;)

I had a really nice day. And I'm so excited ... Mum told me that we will travel with a big ship ...


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Kiel, Germany - 30th December 2013

By: Fram


my day started with breakfast at the hotel. The breakfast-room is at the 10th floor. We took a place at the window and had a great view. We saw the Stena Line ferry reaching the harbour.

The rain had stopped and so we had a short walk through the city after our breakfast. At noon we had to be at the Color Line Terminal for check in .

We had to wait more than 1 hour until we could step on the ship. That was boring.

Finally on board we first have been at our cabin and then went to the sundeck to be outside for the departure. Leaving Kiel we had great weather with blue sky. At the Kieler Förde we have seen many kite-surfer.

When we had left the Kieler Förde, we went down, to look at what is going on inside the ship.

Looking forward to tomorrow. Where will we bee then ....


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Oslo, Norway - 31st December 2013

By: Fram


today we awaked at sea. We soon reached the Oslo Fjord, so we are in Norway now. My first foreign country ... We have been on deck before the arrival. We reached Oslo at around 10 o'clock. We started our day at Oslo soon after arrival. The weather was not really good, it was very windy ... And we had a cloudy sky. 

At the Colorline-Terminal there is a geocache so we look for it, and soon found it.

We went to the city and did some sightseeing. Mum showed me the "Stortinget", the norwegian house of parliament. she told me that she has been inside some time ago and that it is a really nice building.

At around 1 pm, we went to Holmenkollen by Metro. There is a big ski-jump.

The first interessting thing we found up at the hill, was the eternal flame, it looks really nice.

After that we walked up to the ski-jump, where we met "Bikkja i bakken".
Closed to the ski-jump there is the Rica-Hotel, that is a very nice building.

Then it was time to go back to the ship, where we passed the evening and the silvester-night.


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Oslo, Norway - 1st January 2014

By: Fram

Before we start again from Oslo to Kiel, we have another morning at Oslo.
The weather is gray and a bit rainy. Mum and Dad decided to to go to the Vigeland Park to do some geocaching.


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Kiel, Germany - 2nd January 2014

By: Fram

Today at around 10 am we arrived back savely at Colorline-Terminal at Kiel. An exciting voyage comes to an end. Where will I go next?


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Uerikon, Switzerland - 14th January 2014

By: egni

Hi Mom
Greetings from Switzerland. I'm so happy to leave my box.


Well, here I am.

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Uerikon, Switzerland - 14th January 2014

By: egni

First I gave all the nice gifts to my hostmom egni. She was very, very pleased and thanked me with hugs.

As I'm a polite little frog I introduced myself to the cat Beauty. She had a look at me, not more.

And than, mom, I hat to visit the WC. Very urgent.

After this, I had to gump around. I was so stiff from the transport. Than I feel much better.

In the evening we go by bus to visit some friends of egni. They like to eat and play together.

Regula had a nice little house in their flat. I was allowed, to look around every where.

Waiting for the soup.


And than - Raclette. Hot cheese with potatoes. Tasty!

Than we were ready playing "Lotto", also called "Bingo". egni don't get any price  :(.

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Zurich, Switzerland - 16th January 2014

By: egni

Today we went to Zurich by train. Lots of people were on it's way. But I was happily saved in egnis bag.

Again the women had a playing time. But first - eating.

Tasting salad and special bread.

And than they played Scrabble. Three turns. Egni won one of them.

Bye for now, mom. I'm tired and go to sleep.

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