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Brombachsee, Germany - 12th April 2014

By: Fram

This weekend my friend Owl Olga have been at Absberg at the Brombachsee in the south of Germany. On this sunny, but not to worm Saturday we made a cycling Geocache-Tour around the little Brombachsee. There is a cache-serie called "Entenjagd" which is made really nice, a great round and we found all that could be found. One was disapeared.
Mummy put us on the handlebar of her bike and so we had a great view ;)
On the way we have seen some wild pigs (behind a fence), too.


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Brombachsee, Germany - 13th April 2014

By: Fram

Today was our second day at the Brombachsee, a nice day, too, but a bit more windy.
Put again on the handlebar of Mummys bike, we started for a long cycling tour along the store Brombachsee.
Our first stop was at Mandlesmuehle, this is the last remaining mill of 11 mills that have been at that Area, before the lake have been build. Today there is an infocenter in there.
On our way along the lake, we had some more stops.
We found a sign of a pilgrimsway and an eastern fontain.
The greatest thing this day was our round-trip with MS Brombachsee, a big trimaran, I think it is unique ...
On bord that ship we had hot chocolade and cake, found a beach chair to relax and enjoyed the view of the landscape.
What a great day ...


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Von Nürnberg nach Copenhagen, Germany to Denmark - 19th April 2014

By: Fram

Today we started to a big journey. It took us the whole day to travel from Nürnberg to Copenhagen.
We had to chage the train at Hamburg and drove on a ferry between Puttgarden and Rodby.


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Copenhagen at sea, Denmark - 20th April 2014

By: Fram

In the morning we walked around at Copenhagen, where we have seen dangerous lions and dragons. And we have been to Nyhavn, a beautiful old part of Copenhagen.
In the afternoon we took the DFDS ferry to Oslo, we had nice weather and spent some time outside on the sundeck after departure.
In the evening we have seen a fantastic sunset. Oh how wonderful ...


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at home, Germany - 23rd June 2014

By: Fram

Our guest Anna Pineapple arrived

Today we found a big envolope from USA at our mailbox. It was from Miss Anna Pineapple's host at USA.
Mum and I opened the envolope. I was very excided who will arrive ...
Our new guest is Anna Pineapple and she brought some sweets from USA as a present.


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Nürnberg Südstadtfest, Germany - 5th July 2014

By: Fram

This weekend there was a a big festivity of the societies of a district of my hometown. People from many countries presented their society work at our city there. Really nice.
Mum and Dad had to work there for their society the "Deutsch Norwegische Freundschaftsgesellschaft". We have been with them one day. Unfortunately we could not take many photots, because there were so many people ... So we will show you just show you a photo where we are sitting at the stand where Mum and Dad work.

anna suedsatdtfest.jpg

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Lübeck, Germany - 27th July 2017

By: Fram

Hei Hei,

starting to a new adventure ... Today I have been at Lübeck on our way further north, together with Mummy, Daddy, Anna Pineapple and my friend Milky (not a toyvoyager). At Lübeck we met Luigi Palermo and his Mum. We had a great time together.

At the shop of Niederecker Marzippan, I met some relatives.  And found a great ship to take a photo with.

At a church we found the damaged rescueboat 2 of S/S Pamir. Only one man survived in this boat.

After that great day, Luigi decided to come with as on our holiday tour.


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Ferry Nils Holgerson, Baltic Sea - 28th July 2017

By: Fram

We've passed the day at the ferry Nils Holgerson, the sea was calm and we had a good journey. We've been on the sea around 8 hours and so we had enough time to look around and play a bit.

There have been little pirates on the ship. You can see some signs of them on some of the photos. But we tried to keep away from them.


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Linköping, Sweden - 29th July 2017

By: Fram

After a long travel yesterday, we arrived closed to the flygvapenmuseum (airforce museum) at Linköping around midnight.

So ready for take off ;)

This morning we made a short visit at the museum before we travelled on to our ferry for the Aland Islands. On the ferry Luigi Palermo, Anna Pineapple, Milky and me made a short photosession.


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