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Travelog for: Quacky-King

Zurich, Switzerland - 28th January 2014

By: egni

Hi  Mom
Egni and her hubby went to the Landesmuseum Zürich, where there was an exhibition of fairy tales. And what to you think I saw first?


My book! Okay it's from my ancestors, but I was so happy to found it there.
I hadn't eyes and ears for all the other things.

After we had visited the special exhibition we walked through the permanent exhibition and I was fascinated by a very old giant globe.


See how tiny I am!

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Stäfa, s - 7th February 2014

By: egni

This evening I was allowed taking part at the general meeting of the members from the "Arbeitsgemeinschaft Natur Stäfa".More than 40 people were present.

Here you can see the subject, they had to talk about.

For me it was boring!  :(

So I had a walk to the kitchen, where somebody had to work. Surely I helped him drying the dishes.

Before the participants listen to a speech, they had dessert.


I choosed this two pieces of cake. But of cause, egni had to help me. It was to much.

During she was eating I jumped along the table, just into a glas of water. From this amount, I admired the decoration on the table.

It is nice, isn't it?

At the end, egnis hubby received a gift and a great bunch of roses, because of his activities during the last six years.

This is the right place for Quacky-King.

Bye mom. Later on more.

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near to Bremen, Germany - 22nd February 2014

By: egni

Hi Mom
Egni and I went to a trip through Germany this day. In the evening we reached our first destination and could stay for two nights with a postcrossing user. After having had I fine dinner, what were we doing?


Looking and writing postcards, of course.

Next day, it was rainy weather, egni and I went to Bremen. We have a look around and met another postcrossing user with her hubby. Here some pictures from Bremen.





Next day we had a great postcrossing meeting, wirh about 40 participants.


So many postcards where given to egni at this meeting.


And here I am with all the other toy voyagers, taken from there hostmoms to Bremen too. I like them all. We are cute, arn't we?

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Bünde, Germany - 23rd February 2014

By: egni

After the meeting yesterday we went by train to meet egnis friend and her hubby. The know one another till 50 years.

Today, sunday, egnis friend celebrates her birthday with lots of other  friends having a fine breakfast in a restaurant.
Look her, all the fine things we had to eat.


It was a nice day!

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Bad Oeynhausen, Germany - 24th February 2014

By: egni

Hi Mom, Mom
You never guess what happened to me today.
With egni and her friends I went to Bad Oeynhausen. First we go to a takeaway, where the best grilled sausage of B.O. can be eaten. And we eat it. Yummy.
After this we went to the "Deutsches Märchen- und Wesersagenmuseum", where the curator give us some instructions and than we had a look to the exhibition.

Suddenly I saw him and with a gigantic jump I landed on his head.

We had a long discussion.

Many other frogs were to be seen, and I said hello to them.

On the balcony I had a look around Bad Oeynhausen. I wasn't afraid by this large Dino.

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Bünde and Hude, Germany - 25th February 2014

By: egni

Hi Mom
Today is the last day with egnis friend. So in the morning we went to Bünde, for looking and may be shopping something. It's a nice little town with a pedestrian zone.

This old house is a restaurant now. It's called 'Der Rahningsche Hof'

And this is the 'Denkmal Steinmeister und Wellensiek'. They were the founder of the cigar-industry in this part of Germany.

In the afternoon we packed our bags, as we were starting to our next location. On our way we stopped at the Dümmer See.


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Bremerhaven, Germany - 27th February 2014

By: egni

Hi Mom
Every day we went to a new place. Today we visited the 'Zoo am Meer' in Bremerhaven. It's a nice place and I talked to the penguins, which are gays, as one told us.

They once had stolen the eggs from other penguins, to have children for their own. Poor little men.

Of course egni had to buy some postcards.

These are typical for the region.

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Lemförde, Germany - 1st March 2014

By: egni

Today we are going home to Switzerland.


A last view back to the little garden, where the first flowers are blooming. And than we go.

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Zurich, Switzerland - 8th March 2014

By: egni

Hello beloved mom
When we came to Switzerland, egnis hubby surprised us with the message, that he won 2 tickets for "Circus meets classic". So we went to the Kongresshaus, where we had sparkling wine before the show began.


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Bad Dürrheim, Germany - 10th March 2014

By: egni

Oh, mom, I'm in Germany again!
We stay for some days in Bad Dürrheim. Nice little town in the foothill of the black forest.

Weather was fine, so we had some walks in the region.

De you see me?

Outside the "Waldcafé".

In the forest.

The spa gardens.

Some impressions from Villingen, which is nearby.

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Uerikon, Switzerland - 27th March 2014

By: egni

Hi mom, soon we see us again!  :D

But today I must say goodbye to my friends and the garden. Last picture from here  :(


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Munich, Germany - 28th March 2014

By: egni

Postcrosser-Meeting in Munich!
Hi Mom, only one day, and I will be with you again. But now we are in the Pschorr-Brauerei.


And after dinner we were writing postcards. Yeah!


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Munich, Germany - 29th March 2014

By: egni

Mom and Nanuk!


We all are happy being together again! And I havn't forgot my litte gift for my dearest mom!

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Munich, Germany - 29th March 2014

By: Fram

I'm glad Mum and Nanuk came to Munich to receive me back from my trip to egni.
I'd like to thank egni for a great time staying with here and I'm looking forward to new adventures with my Mum.

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Hannover, Germany - 5th April 2014

By: Fram

Here I am again, I've been to a postcrosser- and toyvoyagers-meeting where I met Owl Olga. Mum asked her, if she would like to pass some time with us and she agreed. I'm glad she came with us, so I have a new friend staying and travelling with us ;)

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