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Travelog for: Tourtlellini

Fuenlabrada, Madrid / spain - 24th October 2013


Hi, my complete nam is Yoshi Tourtlellini, but i canīt write it completely, cause have more of 15 characters hehehe
This is me


I like play with animals, watch tv, the videogames, visti different countries... I love water!!!
Here i am, watching tv with BOB


and here, playing and sleeping with MIA

help, Mia catch me!!!


and finally, here with Ssshnake and our host jasper and purple monkey


Now, iīm waiting for a detiny to travel. Do you wanna be my hoster?

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Achterhoek, The Netherlands - 19th February 2014

By: daantje304


Greetings from the Netherlands!
Yoshi Tourtlellini arrived!  He is happy that he is out his envelope.
He can't wait to go outide!


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achterhoek, The Netherlands - 21st February 2014

By: daantje304


Today I was looking at the cards Danielle got from Postcrossers.
There a lot! So I wanted to have a picture with the cards, to show you!  :D
Today the weather here is getting better so today we can take pictures outside! Canīt wait!

Greetings Tourtlellini and Danielle


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Achterhoek, The Netherlands - 7th March 2014

By: daantje304


Sorry you didnt here from me! But I was on Vacation. Yeah really!
You know where I went? To London! Wow what a city! Very beautiful. I saw the Big ben, The tower bridge, The tower of London, St. Pauls cathedral and lots more! And ofcourse we visited the London Eye! I was a little scrared in the beginning but it was so beautiful and very high. I didnt felt a small turtle annymore :D
It was a beautiful vacation! So here a few pictures of me in London!

Greeting Tourtlellini

IMG_1625_opt (1).jpg

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Achterhoek, The Netherlands - 27th March 2014

By: daantje304


Danielle let me see her town! And I had some delicious 'Patat'
and a 'Ijsje'.  Her town is very small. There is one shopstreet.
There are ten stores. I saw the library too!
Here some pictures!

First picture you see Danielle's street. Its called 'Prins Bernhardstraat' wich you see in the second picture.
In the third picture I am in between some beautifull plants.
Then we see the shopping street, were I had my 'Ijsje' and 'Patat'.
Yeah I am learning some dutch words! I also saw the beautifull church. At last we went to the Library. I was a little bit suprised by the size. There are not a lot of books in there  :stare: 
Then I saw something on the sidewalk. A tile with a sentense on it. Danielle says that there are in the town a few of this tiles and they are pieces of a poem. This tile says: 'Ligt stil verbreed'. Translation to English is possible but I dont know how  so its a mistery.
I had a great time here. I loved London! And was happy to see Danielle's town!

Greetings Tourtlellini

IMG_1859_opt (1).jpg

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