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Travelog for: Turbo

Lower Austria, Austria - 6th April 2014

By: alex4824

Hello! I'm Turbo. Im a very loveable snail.
Today my mommy desided that I should be a TV. :D

Here are a few photos from me:

Posing, posing and posing...
...and going to the cinema to watch the film "Turbo" with mommy.


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On the road to Vienna, Austria - 8th April 2014

By: alex4824

Good morning :-)

I'm sooooo excited!!! Today mommy takes me on a trip with train to Vienna. I wasn't there yet. Can't wait uuuh

Also today we bring "Nemo" - a crocheted fish - to his new owner
You know - mommy is crocheting nice animals for friends!

Will be a good day

Xoxo turbo

Ps:: photos will follow at the end of this day!

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Vienna, Austria - 8th April 2014

By: alex4824

Hey guys!

Unfortunately we didn't have enough time today vor making photos because mommy was working very much today.

But there was time to have breakfast in the morning
Mmmmh it tasted sooooo good: Bread with butter and jam and coffee. Oh i really needed coffee!!

Then I was sitting the hole day next to mommy...It was soooo boring.
Maybe tommorow will be a more interesting day.

In the evening we brought "Nemo" to his new owner who was very happy to get him.

There is one picture made at home before he left us

Now it's late and I have to go to bed. Maybe tomorrow the weather will be better so we can go for a walk.

Good night everybody!



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At Home, Austria - 9th April 2014

By: alex4824

Hello everybody!

I had a look at the oven a few minutes ago becase mommy makes spareribs for lunch. Yummy!!

I'd like to sit on the windowsill in the sun but it is soooo windy today that I went in again. Now I'm waiting to have lunch.

Many greetz to you all

Foto 1.JPG
Foto 3.JPG

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At Home and in the office, Austria - 11th April 2014

By: alex4824

Hi everybody!

The spare ribs on wednesday tasted really good, see on the photo below  B)

Today I hung around with my friends "Küken" and another one, whose name I don't know.

Then we had to say good bye to my friend "Glubschi", a crocheted Alien who was given to his new owner. I hope he will be good there and sometimes post a picture of him.

Me and mommy are very excited to welcome our first TV from Germany in a few days!! I will update my log when he arrived  :rolleyes:
Hope, time will go a little bit faster *hehe*

So far, I will go to vienna again today and have lunch at Kentucky Fried Chicken or anywhere else.


Foto 4.JPG
Foto 1.JPG
Foto 2.JPG

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in the car, Lower Austria - 11th April 2014

By: alex4824


Today we drove around with the car and made two photos of me:


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At home, Austria - 12th April 2014

By: alex4824


Today we stood at home

I'll show you a friend of me: Simba
Simba is a very very friendly baby lion.
We had breakfast together - yummy


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At home, Austria - 14th April 2014

By: alex4824

I'm so excited, the day wasn't boring at all.
When we arrived at home after working day there was a package brought by the postmen at our home.
It was strange..the package moved :stare:
I had to explore it


Then I took a look inside


What is this?? Is this an elephant?? Yeah!! It's Limbo, the elephant from Germany! Mommy told me a few days ago, that he will arrive at our place


He wanted to climb out of the package


But he struggled with it so I helped him




We sat around a while and talked about many things.

Then it was time to sleep.

I hope we will have a nice time together!


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At Work, Vienna, Austria - 15th May 2014

By: alex4824


We've been at mommy's work in Vienna.
For travel there she put me in a bag
It was quite funny because Limbo also came with us


I have an own place where I can sit when I'm at the office  :D I'll show you next time!

The day was over and we went home by train.
It was very exciting  B)

Greetings, Turbo

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At home, Austria - 16th May 2014

By: alex4824

Hello again!

Today I helped mommy watering the flowers...


...and with the cooking


The day was gone very fast.
We wanted to go outside for a walk but it was rainy all day  :(
I hope the weather will be better next week!! The weatherman told us so.


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At home, Austria - 27th May 2014

By: alex4824


Today we stood at home.

We had to say goodbye to two lovely snails because they travelled to their new owner


Then we did some housework and helped with the ironing



After this work mommy allowed us to watch television. We were allowed to pick the movie and so we decided to watch Disney's Planes


Now we are very tired and go to bed,
good night  B)

Greetings, Turbo

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Stephansdom and at home, Austria - 30th May 2014

By: alex4824

Hello to all!

Today we made a little sightseeing tour through Vienna. It was really very little because time was rare. We went to St. Stephen's Cathedral (here we call it "Steffl").
Mommy said, this is the most beautiful church for her in Vienna.

Here are some facts about the "Steffl":

- It was built in the 13th century.
- The "Pummerin" is the biggest bell from 13. It was destroyed by fire in World War II on April 11, 1945.
- After this fire the dome was rebuilt and the "Pummerin" was re-cast.
- The re-opening took place in 1952.

Here I am in front of the "Steffl"


After this nice visit we looked into a few shops for buying postcards. We got a lot of it  B)

Now I helped mommy to describe them


Many greetings from Austria,

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