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Travelog for: Rico

James Lake BC, Canada - 27th May 2014

By: whodalalee

When we got off the boat, we went looking around to see what we could find...We sat on the table and had a great view of the lake, then we went to sit down by the lake and found a chair made out of a tree stump! We saw the fish all fileted and ready to cook, then watched it cook on the campfire my host made. Soon it was cooked and smelled so yummy...after we ate, we found a rock to climb and then a tree to climb too! We also saw a little chipmunk squeeking and making funny tail motions...so we all sat and put peanuts on ourselves and the little guy stole Princess peanut off her head ( you have to look very close to see him because he blends into the back ground of the picture!)...before we left for home we went for a hike to a pond where moose live....we did not see a moose, but it was very pretty...on our way home our hosts let us help find a hiding spot for a new GEOCACHE, one of their other hobbies...we put it under a huge tree...and I challenged everyone to run across a field of wild raspberries and strawberries! It was my favorite day here in Canada!


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