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Travelog for: Luigi Palermo

TAMPERE, Finland - 26th May 2017

By: ipuenktchen

hi, everybodyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

we are in the city TAMPERE, the host of the stamp exhibition FINLANDIA 2017... and also the International Postcrossing Meetup Tampere may 2017!!!!!!!!!!!! I got really thrilled to enter the exhibition today and heheeee... hurraaaaaaaaa... I saw also my sibling from the baltic coast!!!!

;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

and of course tons of postcrossers... the meetup is the largest I've ever seen with 100 participiants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fi briefk.jpg

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Lübeck, Germany - 27th July 2017

By: Fram

Hei Hei,

my family had the great idea to send me on holiday to the Aland Islands together with the family of Quacky-King. Beforw leaving by ferry tomorrow, we passed a great day togehter at Lübeck.

I've also met Anna Pineapple and milky (she doesn't have a toyvoyager blog) at Lübeck. And there are some other toys travelling with us, what I learnt a bit later ...

I'm so excited, looking forward to a new adventure ....


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Ferry Nils Holgerson, Baltic Sea - 28th July 2017

By: Fram

We've passed the day at the ferry Nils Holgerson, the sea was calm and we had a good journey. We've been on the sea around 8 hours and so we had enough time to look around and play a bit.

There have been little pirates on the ship. You can see some signs of them on some of the photos. But we tried to keep away from them.


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Linköping, Sweden - 29th July 2017

By: Fram

After a long travel yesterday, we arrived closed to the flygvapenmuseum (airforce museum) at Linköping around midnight.

So ready for take off ;)

This morning we made a short visit at the museum before we travelled on to our ferry for the Aland Islands. On the ferry Quacky-King, Anna Pineapple, Milky and me made a short photosession.


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Mariehamn , Aland Islands - 30th July 2017

By: Fram

The last 2 days we have been travelling so much, so we now need a bit relaxing.
O.K. Quacky-King and I relaxed while the girls helped making lunch. ...


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Godby + Bomarsund, Aland Islands - 1st August 2017

By: Fram

O.K. it's starting to be a bit boring at Mariehamn, so we travelled a bit further on to Bomarsund with a short stop at Stallhagen Brewery at Godby, where they have a very good handmade beer, but unfortunately we didn't get one today ... but we found an old car and an old barrel to jump on and take photos ...
For the night we find a nice place close to Bomarsund Fortress.


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Bomarsund +way to Kumlinge, Aland Islands - 2nd August 2017

By: Fram

We are going to the archipelago in the East today. But first we make a short stop at Bomarsund Fortress, before we travel further east.

On the way to the next bigger  ferry we are allowed to sit in the front of the card, so we have a great view ...

There are many bridges and a cableferry on our way to Humelvik harbour.


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Seglinge, Aland Islands - 3rd August 2017

By: Fram

This evening we make a short cycling tour for that we go from the campsite to the cableferry to Seglinge and at Seglinge to the harbour. The guestharbour there is really beautiful.


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Kumlinge, Aland Islands - 4th August 2017

By: Fram

Today is sightseeingtime, we go to Kumlinge and visited the great St. Anna church their, unfortunatly we couldn't take pictures inside the church.


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Brändö, Aland Islands - 5th August 2017

By: Fram

Today we go to some other of the about 6700 islands of the Aland Islands.
There is a church, too on this island group, but it is completely different from the church at Kumlinge. This is a wooden church.


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Brändö, Aland Islands - 6th August 2017

By: Fram

Today it was rainy most of the day, but we had a bit sun, too. During that time we went for a little walk and looked around at the campsite a bit.


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Torsholma, Aland Islands - 8th August 2017

By: Fram

Today we left Brändö again. But before that we did some geocaching, we found a cache at a great viewpoint.
At the photo you can see us with the cache.


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Vårdö, Åland Islands - 9th August 2017

By: Fram

This afternoon we made a tour by bike, visiting Vårdö chruch and buying some salad at 2 fridges we found closed to the road.
We also found a nice windmill closed to the road.


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Stallhagen brewery Godby, Aland Islands - 10th August 2017

By: Fram

Today we have been at Stallhagen brewery for lunch. After a delicious lunch we had fun at the gambling machine we found there ....


* Posted Aug 15, 2017, 7:06 pm Last edited Aug 15, 2017, 7:07 pm by Fram [Quote] [View just this post] Go to the top of the page

Finholma Campsite - Föglö, Aland Islands - 11th August 2017

By: Fram

Today we had a lazy day at the campsite in Finholma at Föglö comunity.
We had nice weather and a great view.


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