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Travelog for: Luigi Palermo

TABRIZ, IRAN - 10th November 2016

By: ipuenktchen

heyyyyyyyyyyyy, guysssssss......

it's now just a week I entered IR for my second time............
nothing seen yet... honestly... ipue & her hubby are soooo tired
and no mood to go out or even smth to do at home..
well, I understand, they are a bit older than me.. hehe.............
I've to be patient...............


the day before our arriving at tab they had SNOW!!!!!
not that much and immediately melted... omg........
and so we are so lucky to announce still a beautifull fall weather in tabriz..
no rain, no low temperature, but sunshine as much as you like!!!!!!
and we travelbuddies like so much to play and get hidden in the leaves.... *smile*

bye for now..........


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TABRIZ, Iran - 13th November 2016

By: ipuenktchen

hi everybodyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy....
I was so excited as I had my very first trip downtown tabriz!!!
we went to the university of islamic art and joined a lecture by an academic of ceramic-faculty,
who spent recently 3 month in japon and had spoken about his experiences.. very interesting..

but more than this I was interested in the ancient leather factory
where this university took place!!!! lucky students - what a great and inspiring place!!!!!

bye for now!!!!!!!!!!!!


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TABRIZ, IRAN - 18th November 2016

By: ipuenktchen

hey, guys & gals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
today ipue-hostmom & dear lili_6789 decided to stroll in el goli park with both kids in their buggy!!!
I was so proud they took me with them!! it was such a nice sunny day in fall, end of fall..
cold, but sunny and there was quite a crowd in the park!!!! el goli park, also cold *shahgoli park*,
which means in azeri language *large bassin park*, is the most favorit park in tabriz,
and lucky ipuenktchen is living very close to it!!!!!!!!!!

and in case you're thinking for the meaning of *tabriz 2018*, so ipue told me.

bye for now!!!!!!!!!!


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TABRIZ, Iran - 22nd November 2016

By: ipuenktchen

hellopooooo, everybodyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

ipue-hostmom today had her monthly-twice-game-gathering at her's!!! oh yeahhhh...
at the same time it's also a coffee-party!!!! and she served great cookies,
all souvenirs from her holidays recently, from germany and even from belgium!!!!
the women agreed a lot!!!!!!!!!!

bye for now!!!!!!!!!!!


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Tabriz, IRAN - 14th December 2016

By: ipuenktchen

hellooooooooooooooo, everyyyyybodyyyyyy!!!!!

in the meantime I understand ipue-hostmom is a bit
a kind of slow person...
finally for the 3rd advent (4 sundays before x-mas!!) 
she had the matching deco ready.... shame on her...
but well, she's a bit older than others...

:D :D :D :D ...and perhaps she may be late... hehe...........

bye for now!!!!!!!!!!!!


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TABRIZ, Iran - 15th December 2016

By: ipuenktchen

hey, dear followers, friends & siblings allover where....

the next day we had their family-gathering at their home!!!!!!!!

and the same day they had SNOW for the third time during this winter!!!!!!
how exciting... reallyyyyyy..... I couldn't imagine I have to come to IR
to find more snow az my siblings at the same time at home......

:( :D :o

bye for now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Tabriz, IRAN - 18th December 2016

By: ipuenktchen

hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, gals & guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm so excited.... we have 4th sunday of Advent, and that means, x-mas is very nearby........
I cannot tell you how excited I am!!!!?!?!?
and even it was snowing again, but this time only a bit....


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TABRIZ, IRAN - 20th December 2016

By: ipuenktchen

heyyyyyyyyyyyy, leutzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!

today I got common with another custom in iran, the yalda night, means winter solstice!!!!!!

ppls, friends, siblings are spending the longest night of the year together, and there are lots of *musts*... as there is the water melon, cotton candy, pomegranates, hafez lyrics and and and... and of course a yummy dishes, too, and we spent a great night with ipue's friends & family!!!!!!!


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Tabriz, Iran - 24th December 2016

By: ipuenktchen

Hiiiii... all my beloved ones in baltic sea region!!!!

I got sooooo homesick at xmas... when I saw ipue with all her family...
ok.. she was so nice & kind, but finally I missed you!!!!!
although we had great holidays here, too!!!!

hopefully see you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Tabriz, Iran - 28th December 2016

By: ipuenktchen

Hellooooo, everybodyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

Boah... believe it... again SNOW...
For the 6th time during this winter...
I never ecpected this...
White christmas in IR!!?!?
and in my home region, as dr. Who let me know..
Only rainy and stormy weather......



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Tabriz, Iran - 8th January 2017

By: ipuenktchen

hi, gals & guys alloverwhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my host-mom ipue had a nice family as her guests from malaysia,
and we had some nice sightseeing & chatting...

most of all they had been interested in tabriz bazar as a world heritage site.
from there we passed the pedestrian zone and had a glance
in the ancient
public bath nobar which was changed into a restaurant and tea-house!

got a bit hungry and so ipue proposed to try a kind of street food, the traditional beans....
baghali as they call it in farsi, in azeri pakhla as well.......
honestly tired we slept when arrived back home........


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Tabriz, Iran - 9th January 2017

By: ipuenktchen

hi agaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just a bit tired we went again downtown tab with our guests!!!
this time our main goal had been the potters house, a live museum
done from azerbaijan heritage to the azerbaijan pottery lovers association,
which has a permanent exhibiton of tabriz potters and more than all important
is keeping the ayerbaijan pottery alive by teaching pottery and decoration of
pottery work pieces to ppl... and much more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

from there we went nearby to seyed hamze pilgrimage site and the modern
poet mausoleum where different poets from our region had been burried.

later we went to khaghani garden and blue mosque, another main sightseeing site of tab!!!!
unfortunately it was closed.............


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Tabriz, Iran - 10th January 2017

By: ipuenktchen

hi from tabriz again to everybodyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!

today it was the last day of the stay of our dear Malaysian guests!!
and we had a group photo with all traveltoys at ipue's to say goodbye!!!


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Payam, Iran - 20th January 2017

By: ipuenktchen

helloooooooooooooooooooo everybodyyyyyyyy!!!!

today it seemed to be a great day although we got obliged
to get up in an unsual time at 6.45 AM, but we reached to be
ready in time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

believe it............ dear yashila_81 came and picked us up to
go for SKIING!!!!!!!!!!!!! 50 km in north of tab there is from
olden times a ski ressort, where ipue's sons learned to go
by ski and we went often there... last time no longer time to
do, but last weekend and also this weekend  he decided to
go again.....

but a few kms before yam we met his friends at a tea-house to
get breakfast.. and even in front of this there was a bassin with
beautiful ducks!! I wished little kia had been with us...............
so ipue took some pics of the ducks to show to kia later. *smile*
although we arrived at the ski ressort quite early andat 9.30 AM
and  not yet that crowded!!!

while yashila_81 had fun by skiing with his friends we made us
busy by taking photos and looking at the sportive ppls and having
a walk around...

it was so great for all of us and we got very thankful for this day out!


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Tabriz, Iran - 23rd January 2017

By: ipuenktchen

hello, dear followers and friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

snow, snow, snow... never ending snow again in tabriz...
beautiful, but we have always to clean the yard and so on...
it's also a bit boring at the same time....................


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