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Travelog for: Hansel Gretel

Beijing, China - 26th May 2014

By: goomymia

-Where are we going Gretel? :o
-Germany,look here.
-Really!I always dream to go there!Come on let's go!  :cyclops:
-Hold on Hansel.We forgot our luggage and we need to say goodbye to Pinocchio. :stare:
-Bye Hansel bye Gretel.I pray God look with favor upon your journey and deliver you both safe back. :)
-Danke Pino,we will send you postcard! B)
-umm...duck?  :thinking:


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Home, China - 12th August 2014

By: goomymia

Aha, here is Hansel and Gretel, we arrived at home.
Und wir brought Mia die besten Ravioli Rezept aus Deutschland
She promised to cook it for us.
Sorry I can't help speaking German:p

..we actually start missing our host mum


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Home, China - 24th December 2014

By: goomymia

-Did you see that?
-See what?
-The Christmas Tree!
-Wow! Time passed so fast..it's Chrismas already.  :o
-Look at the top! It's a little flag of Sweden!  :stare:
-Hansel, I'm pretty sure that's not Swedish flag..it's Norway
-Right...I'll go there someday :thinking:


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Studio, China - 28th December 2014

By: goomymia

We went to Mia's work studio today.

Ummmm..seriously it’s a classroom where she usually finishes her homework assignments, like draft layouts.
It's almost the end of the semester now. My sis said she definetely should overcome her procrastination in order to meet the deadline.. :thinking:

Good luck Mia!


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home, China - 13th January 2015

By: goomymia

Remeniscing about the past time with Hansel.
It was so much FUN!


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home, Beijing, China - 17th January 2015

By: goomymia

Since it's bloody freezing outside,
nothing can compare with watching Doctor Who at home.
I'm gonna grab a cup of hot chocolate, would you like to have one? :cyclops:


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home, Beijing, China - 18th January 2015

By: goomymia

-I have to tell you something.
-Tell me what?
-I ummm...hold on...I'm...
-Come on Hansel, that's so un-you. What do you wanna say?  :stare:
-ummmm..ok..actually ummm..I'm planning a trip to England.
-Wow, that's cool!
-I'll also go to Switzerland, and then maybe Russia. You know...I'm going to leave tomorrow.  :thinking:
-Bliemy! How wonderful! I know you always want to go to Switzerland, the Alps. Haha...  :p
-Oh Gretel, give me a hug.
-Haha you little boy finally grown up.  ;)
-You're older than me by 7 minutes sis.


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Wanshoulu Postoffice, Beijing, China - 19th January 2015

By: goomymia

Dear Gretel,
When you read this message I'll probably be on my way to England.
Please don't worry, my new host is really nice, she will take good care of me. :)
Oh...it's such a long trip to get to England, though I could chat with Mr.Panda to kill time.
I'll write to you as soon as I arrive. ;)
Yawn...let me cop a few Zs....


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Home, Beijing, China - 21st January 2015

By: goomymia

Dear Hansel,

I reckon you are still on your way to England.
Guess what? We have 2 guests! They are Crabs and GiGi.
Crabs is an orange crab he is from Essen, Germany.
And GiGi's traveled long way from her hometown Trinidad and Tobago.
Um..I guess it's far from here, because I even didn't know that country before:o
They were so interested in our story, I told them many things about you in welcome party.

Take care :D
Your sis Gretel


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Wanshou Lu Postoffice , Beijing, China - 29th January 2015

By: goomymia

Hi Hansel,

It's been a while since your departure. I hope you are doing well.
I will go to visit a city named Halle, haha it's located in the east of Germany.
Remember last year we went to Frickenhausen together.  :)
I'm not sure if we could share a travelog, haha but I hope it works..
So that maybe someday we could meet each other somewhere in Europe. :rolleyes:
Oh my new host has a little son, I can't wait to meet him! 
The photo below is me and Halle. All of my friends were coming to send me off. Arn Wes Wilde is heading to America. ;)

Hope to hear from you soon


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Hatfield, England - 10th February 2015

By: Xadrian

Hi Gretel!

I hope you are doing well and I see that you have left home on an adventure of your own!

Well, I had a very long journey. First the postman could not fit my travelling pouch into my host's mail slot so he decided he should leave me with a neighbor!  Every day I heard a knock on the door but the neighbors who took me in were not home and could not answer the door! After a week I began to despair! Would I ever arrive at my host's house?  Out of desperation I began to tear holes into my travelling pouch, enough to stick my feet out and two holes so I could see out!  When the neighbors came home one day I ran out of the door as quick as I could!

I ran next door to my host's house and began working my way out of the envelope.


Bringing my gifts along for host I knocked on the door. And knocked and knocked. But no one was home, dear sis!


It was cold outside and I thought it was best if I just let myself in.


I found a nice warm blanket while I waited.


It wasn't long before another toy came to say hello. His name is No Name. No, that's not really his name but he did not have one.  He seemed friendly enough and we shook hands... er hand and eye stalk and had a nice chat.


I also met another toyvoyager, his name is Rendolph.  He has visited my host for many years now.


I asked if he thought it would be alright if I used the computer to update my travel log while I wait. He said it would be fine.



Whew. I'm tired. Typing this took a lot of jumping and dancing around on the keyboard.  Let me know when you arrive at your host, Gretel.  You know how much I worry about you!


Your Brother


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Halle (Saale), Germany - 13th February 2015

By: Salvia

Hello Hansel,

I hope you are well. Finally I arrived at my host's home today. Kasper welcomed me and helped me out of my envelope.


I was so glad to be out after this long travel. Sometimes I thought I had to die of boredom and would never see the sun again.
Kasper is the favorite toy of my host's little son. He is a very funny guy, always laughing and joking. And this cute rabbit welcomed me, too. His fur is so soft. I could hug him the whole day.
First I rested a bit and the two told me all their plans for the next week. I can't wait to explore the city.
My host's son was not yet home, but in kindergarten. Maybe this was not so bad, Kasper told me, that he can be a bit rough sometimes. I am very curious to meet him.


After a good rest I helped my host to make some postcards. I think, I should do this more often. I really have a talent.


After that my host gave me this awesome sweet. It was so yummy!


Now I am really tired and will sleep. My host said tomorrow she wants to show me something in a town called Weißenfels, which is near Halle. And Kasper mentioned that there will be a birthday party in the near future, because some little guy turns one soon. This all sounds so exciting.


Your sister


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Weißenfels, Germany - 14th February 2015

By: Salvia

Hello Hansel,

today it was very sunny here, but also very cold. I finally met my host's little son. He is very cute, but I am also a bit afraid of him. He likes to chew on things and I am glad he did not put me in his mouth.


Then we were in Weißenfels, where we visited the Grandparents and took a little trip to the Bismarckturm. It is named after a German politician. The tower was built in 1907. There is also a little park and a playground. I think, this is very nice in summer.


And I was allowed to take a picture with my host's old camera. It is over 100 years old. She says it is one of the first portable cameras, a Brownie No. 2 by Kodak. She got it on Ebay and the is the first test shoot. We are both very curious, if any of the photos will turn out nice. My host really likes old cameras and has a small collection.


But now I have to get warm again. My clothes are not really weather appropriate.


your sister


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Weißenfels, Germany - 14th February 2015

By: Salvia

Hello Hansel,

because today is Valentine's Day I also got some yummy chocolates.


And for dinner we had Wiener Schnitzel. This tasted great!


I hope you had a nice day, too.


your sister


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Halle (Saale), Germany - 15th February 2015

By: Salvia

Hello Hansel,

today we stayed at home. It was very cold outside. But look what I found!


Unfortunately this is no real TARDIS, but a cookie box. At least there was a lot of chocolate inside.


I also made a new friend. At first I was afraid of this little dragon, but he only wants to play. He even gave me a ride on his back.



And look how much toys are in this suitcase. All for my host's little son.


I also had a nice time with the baby on his rocking, erm, Caterpillar. Yes, this is a Caterpillar as a Rocking Horse. It is the Caterpillar from the book, The very hungry Caterpillar. So cute!


Now we will watch a bit of American Horror Story. Do you know this? It is terrifying. Fortunately Kasper promised to hold my hand.


your sister


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