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to meet a real PELIKAN!!

to visit a GAUDI work!!

to meet another TV with white & blue striped clothes!

to chill out on a beach with white sand..

to write a card from time to time to my mom..

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Travelog for: EkaPeli

Tabriz, Iran - 14th February 2017

By: ipuenktchen

hi, everybodyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

today because of Valentine's Day ipue-hostmom instisted we had to be clean and fresh and nice.. and so we had to take a bath!!!!!!!!!!! hehe... we ourselves decided to get a white-water rafting instead of chilling in a wellness-bath... yeaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! and so we did!!!!! we jumped into the washing mashine!!!!!!!!
it was soooooooooooo amazing!!!!! believe it!!!!!!!!!! we had fun, only fun!!!!!!!!!!!! and besides we are clean & fresh & so on... hehe......
and pls notice she asked only me and Luigi Palermo, coz we both are so courageous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Tabriz, Iran - 16th February 2017

By: ipuenktchen

hi, dear friends, buddies, followers!!!!!!!!!!!

again and again the never endling snow in this winter 2016/ 2017..
and so hard to clean the yard.... ey gosh.... ipue was so happy when she noticed
the snow in the morning, went out to take some photos... and lost me in the snow...
omg....... I rest under the snow like under an avalanche and even couldn't shout
or cry or anything... waiting only I will get rescued!!!!!

plssssss keep your fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!


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Tabriz, Iran - 17th February 2017

By: ipuenktchen

hi, dear friends, buddies, followers!!!!!!!!!!!

outside during the night sometimes I feared a lot, this will be the end of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it seemed to me to be like under an avalanche!!! but as I'm a robust and hard-wearing guy
I was waiting for my chance to survive!! and so it happened!!!!

in the afternoon I heard the voice of ipue's charmen, who came
to clean the yard and as he is very clever and resonable, he found
me immediately and I cannot tell you how happy I had been!!!!!!

thxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx a loooooooooooooooooooot!!!!!!!!!
what a chance!!!!!!!! thxxxxxxxxxxxx god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(yes, yes, toyvoyager's life is dangerous!!! specially at ipue's - hehehe....)

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Tabriz, Iran - 20th February 2017

By: ipuenktchen

hi, all my dear buddies, followers and siblings!!!!!!!

today ipuenktchen invited me and our dear guest LUIGI to go downtown to the ancient mansion of qajar era so called potter's house and she took part in an assembly of the pottery lovers association of eastazerbaijan!!! this is such a great place kept seriously by mostly women, provided by the iranian cultural heritage organization, first of all as a live museum, doing pottery, and teaching everything what's nessecary for!!!!!!!! they have also a permanent exhibition to learn about pottery in this province!!!! btw ipue has also two of her workpieces there. last year in summer they celebrated their 10th anniversary as an association!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and last but not least we met the beautifel hens, created by miss nastaran khosrawi, which will move at norouz again outside into the bassin in the yard!!!!! great stuff!!!!!!!!

I was so proud of all the girls and ladies and a few men...
:cyclops: :p ;)


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Tabriz, Iran - 24th February 2017

By: ipuenktchen

helloooooooooooo, my dear buddies and siblings!!!!!!!!!!!

we got invited at lili's for a fairwell-dinner, as they are leaving soon
for holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!! and we played a lot with dear little kia and
the dear little viona!!!! and believe it!!! there was a sheep, living in
a BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???!! do you have ever seen such a crazy thing????


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Tabriz, IRAN - 26th February 2017

By: ipuenktchen

heyyyyyyyyyyyy, everybodyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

what a great day!!!!! we went together with ipue-oma to meet
dear sweet VIONA and the great KIA in their kindergarden!!!!!!!!!!!!
yyyeeeeahhh.... so great place to have fun and playing with other kids!!

surprise, surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Tabriz, Iran - 4th March 2017

By: ipuenktchen

hi, everybodyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

today another day out... ipuenktchen brought us downtown tab
to see the silkroad-tower where dear yashila_81 has his language institute,
and of course we met him!!!!

it's a nice building with 18 floors!!! and some nice places around!!
as there is the famous carpet mosaic and also the metro station under
construction.. btw in this place had been the original father's house of
mr. ipue, which must get destroyed as well as many other buildings to
to let be space for the tower, metro station and the new cross road!!

later we went to another ceramic exhibition not far from there and it was
again beautiful and interesting!!!! and on our way to the exhibition we
found an old house from qajar era with an impressing entrance!!!!


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Yusufabad, Iran - 2nd April 2017

By: ipuenktchen

hellooooooooooo, dear friends, buddies, followers and so on!!!!!
the last day of our IR new year celebrations is always *sizdahbedar*, the 13th day of the new year!!!! it's the custom everybody is going out for picnic and bring the sabze from haftsin back to the nature, best of all bring it into flowing water!!!!!!

and we went out as well, to the garden of ipue's hubby beside lake gurigol at km 25 teh road!!! best weather, guys!!!! a bit cold, but fully sunshine!!! we were so happy and had lots of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Tabriz, IRAN - 16th April 2017

By: ipuenktchen

hey, all my buddies, followers, siblings, friends!!!!!!!!!!!

today is easter sunday and ipue had decorated the trees in the yard and also we'll have guests for a coffee party!!! I like both!!!!!!


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Tabriz, Iran - 9th January 2018

By: ipuenktchen

helloooooooooooooo, dear friends & buddies!!!

we were thinking about all the trouble at home............
ipue's son2 and his wife were so busy at our home..
and finally we understood ipue will have the game-
gathering at her's!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeaaaah, we like it, too!!!

we had yummy season-cookies like gingerbread and
sweets, ipue brought with her from their holidays!!!!!!!!
and ipue and her friends had so much fun and were
laughing and chatting without any end..................

:stare: :p

btw - today is also the bday of dear ipue's sis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it was her dear sis who had given me home at ipue's!!!!
I'm so thankful and will never forget this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Marand, Iran - 16th January 2018

By: ipuenktchen

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, dear buddies & friends!!!!

a huge surprise we had today, when ipue told us to hurry up
and take our shawls and so on, as we would go in this snowy
weather by bus with a group of her son2's language institute
forward to marand for a cooking class!!!!!!!

and my favorite dish should be taught to the ppl: koefte tabrizi!!!
yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! finally not only cooking but it
must be eaten, too, heheheheheeeeee.... lucky toyvoyagers!!!


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Yussufabad, Iran - 23rd February 2018

By: ipuenktchen

hi, dear friends, buddies, and siblings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

today it's a lazy friday and dear yashila_81 picked us up to go the garden
of ipue's hubby on km25, teh road!!! it was a great sunny day and everybody
got happy to go out!!!!!!!

the TVgang was nearly complete... as there had been

- DubaiDROM
- ZizziZebra
- ZorroZebra
- EkaPeli
- StrawberryBear
- NoNameSheep
- PossyCrossy


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