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Travelog for: Henry the Adventure Hound

Matheson Hammock County Park, USA - 1st December 2007

By: carlissa

This morning Carlissa told me that she would take us (Prince Charming, Me To You, and me) to the beach today!  She and her daughter had some errands to run in the morning, so we chatted quietly in the back seat while they released some Bookcrossing books around town.  Then we stopped for lunch at Wendy's.  After lunch, Carlissa took her daughter home, and we went to Matheson Hammock County Park

We were all thirsty after all the talking we did in the car, so we shared a cup of bo bo tea:

After we finished our tea, we went to see the lake:

And we saw a big lizard while we were at the lake!

Finally, I asked Carlissa, "Well, where's the beach?"  She told me not to worry, we will go there next!  And that is just what we did!

Here I am digging holes in the sand:

And here I am climbing on some boulders with Biscayne Bay and the city of Miami in the background:

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Miami, Florida, USA - 2nd December 2007

By: carlissa

Today, we went downtown to a book sale at the library.  While Carlissa and her daughter browsed the books for sale, Me To You and I played together and we saw a very cool picture that was on the art museum which is next to the library.


After that, we went to have lunch.  When lunch was over, we went for a drive through Coral Gables where we found a sculpture of some very large shoes in the middle of Cartegena Circle.  The shoes must have been for a giant!

Here I am climbing up the shoelaces:

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Miami, Florida, USA - 5th December 2007

By: carlissa

I told my host that I am a fan of Indiana Jones and she told me that she is too!  So after dinner, we watched Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.



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Tropical Park, Miami, Florida, USA - 9th December 2007

By: carlissa

Today we got up very early and went to the horse show at Tropical Park.  We got there about 5 am.  When we got there, we found out that 4 horses had escaped from their stalls and were wandering around!  We had to call the show manager's daughter to let her know that the horses were loose.  When she got there, I helped to round up the horses and get them back into their stalls.  Such excitement so early in the morning, and the show hasn't even started yet! 

After that, Carlissa's daughter had to get her horse ready for the grooming class, so I went to check out the tractor.


After that, I joined Me To You at the arena to see the riders warming up.

Then we went back to the barn and chatted:

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Miami, Florida, USA - 11th December 2007

By: carlissa

I've had lots of adventures and made some new friends here in Florida, but it's time to travel onward! While I was packing my bag, my friends came to wish me well on my travels:


I am on my way to Virginia!  I am on USPS.com flight # 03071790000393097079.

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Yorktown, VA, USA - 19th December 2007

By: 3tmom

I'm here and ready for adventure!
These guys look like adventuresome critters.
Hello, Ruzovacek, Picado, Bonnie Voyage, and Helen Bear.

Dec 173.jpg
Dec 174.jpg

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Yorktown, VA, USA - 1st February 2008

By: 3tmom

Having said good-bye to darling Helen, I am going to wing my way to California. 

Feb 002.jpg

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unknown, unknown - 1st April 2008

By: drakie

To all my friends, if you read this we are not sure where Henry the Adventure hound is, we cannot contact the last host.  The host has not listed anything to his log - hopefully he will turn up, if not thank you for everyone hosting Henry and it is sad that he has not returned home

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honiton, Devon, uk - 14th May 2008

By: drakie

Henry has today arrived home, after being missing.  I am so excited.... thank you to everyone involved.  Hopefully once sorted he will be back on his trails very soon.

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in the sky somewhere, the clouds - 4th June 2008

By: drakie

Henry is now on his way to Lejow... on the plane... After some confusion on my mummys part, I the Hound is going on the Dutch Trail.  To Lejow, now theres a girl with some sense.. I think my mummy is losing her marbles!!!!

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Poeldijk, Netherlands - 13th June 2008

By: Lejow

this week I arrived in the Netherlands
I heared two voices...

Who were they?

Since I can't see trough an envelope, I decided to came out and show them the things I brought with me.
Pimboli and Rex where waiting for me!!

we had a short talk

Cause it was time to say goodbey to Pimboli, unfortunate we hadn't long together.. Maybe we meet again in the future.
Bye Pimbo!

hug Henry

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Ouddorp, Netherlands - 15th June 2008

By: Lejow

This sunday it was Fathersday here in Holland, so we went to the camping, where Lejows parents in law were staying.

We had such a good weather and we saw a lot.

On the way to it I saw windmills

industrial things from Pernis, one of the largest industrial places in the Netherlands
(although I have to say you see more off me, than off Pernis haha)

When we got there I saw the caravan, what a cool thing!

the garden

and a lighthouse!

After sitting in the sun for serveral hours we went back home.
We relaxed in the car

But suddenly Lejow stopped..
A trafic jam!!

after 30 minutes we finally drove trough it.
It was a nice.. and hot.. weekend!

Hug Henry

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Poeldijk, Netherlands - 18th June 2008

By: Lejow

Here I am again! This week Lejow showed us Poeldijk, thats the place she is living.

This is the Church of Poeldijk, the tower uses to be the highest point of the Westland (municipality where Poeldijk is part off)



The sign you see when you drive into Poeldijk
Do you see mee?

And these are glass Warehouses, het Westland is full of it. In the glass warehouses, people are growing plants, flowers and vegetables. Because of the bad weather overhere. In the glass warehouses it is allways hot, and the thing inside can get light when ever the want to, so they would grow faster.


Hug Henry

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Poeldijk, Netherlands - 20th June 2008

By: Lejow

Finnallyyy it is weekend!
Lejow showed us around her house today.
At first she showed us the view from her balcony, it is marvoulous!!!!

Do you see the church again?




then we went looking for some beautiful flowers, look what we have found!


No I am going to eat and enjoy the weekend!
Hug Henry

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Poeldijk, Netherlands - 22nd June 2008

By: Lejow


This weekend an envelop arrived... We were a little scared of the 'thing' that came out.
I talked a little with Rex..
What was it??

When we were a little bit calmed down, we decided to go and talk...

He wasn't scary at al!!! It is Count!!!
And he showed us where he came from
He came from Finland!! He and Rex immediatly started to talk in Finnish.. I couldn't understand it at all.. But soon they saw me dissapointed and remember that I don't speak Finnish and started to talk in English again.

Later this evening we watched the sunset
Wow it is pretty
Do you see my hat??  :D

Hug Henry

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