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Travelog for: Small Fry

Kitimat, Canada - 5th July 2007

By: steelxrose

Today I said Hello to Morado and Goodbye to Kuma. Here we are lounging on steelxrose's deck.

I am leaving for Oregon tomorrow. :)


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Bruchsal, Germany - 29th September 2007

By: fam-united

Hi Steelxrose, I'm here in Bruchsal now and looking forward to see many interesting places.
Here you see the envie with me in it and then unpacked and meeting all my new friends: Tamalyn, Dottie Grace, Decker, Alfie Langer, Tux, Glory, Bongo, Elisabeth



Here is the place, where all toyvoyagers sit in the livingroom since the weather is colder and you need to make a fire in the oven (on which the toyvoyagers normally sat during summer).


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Bruchsal, Germany - 30th September 2007

By: fam-united

The first thing we did was playing soccer. Can you imagine, how it was for me to play that match? It's not so easy to play "sit-soccer" (that's how my hosts call it) without legs and arms. But of course I did my very best.

At first everyone sat on the place, where he or she was supposed to be. You only had been allowed to move on the place by turning around, but without walking and that was a very good point for me. Alfie Langer was the referee. He was the only one with a real soccer shirt.

At once Tamalyn tried to score, but Elisabeth did a good work and

just jumped to the right place and caught the ball. But then her punt was bad and luckily Bongo got the ball. He tried to score, but Decker was just at the right place to defend in front of Tux, who was the goalkeeper.

At the end of the first half we still played 0:0, but of course we had some chances for the first goal.

Start of the second half

Somehow Glory fell. I know, that I didn't hit her or something.

I nearly shot a goal after that, but Tux was such a good goalkeeper. Glory fell again, maybe she already was very tired, she is so tiny.

Here Tamalyn got the ball and tried to play to Glory. I'm sure, you see my nose.

Luckily I got the ball to play, but had no chance to score.

After a while Alfie Langer had to talk to Dottie Grace, who complained about something I didn't understand.

1:0 for my team!!! Thanks to Dottie Grace!!

And then a silly thing happened on our side. Bongo and I tried to catch the ball with our bodies, but we had no luck.

Elisabeth jumped to the right side of her goal, but the ball rolled into the goal on the left side. :(
So at the end the result was 1:1

After the match we danced around the ball, because we were happy that nobody had lost in this match.

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in the car, Germany - 3rd October 2007

By: fam-united

Today it is National Holiday of Germany and most people don't go to work on that day. There are some celebrations, that you can watch in tv (television, not in a toyvoyager :) ). But the people in Germany don't really celebrate on that day.
Petra and her family decided to go shopping in the Alsace, which is in France.

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Lauterburg, France - 3rd October 2007

By: fam-united

In Lauterburg my hosts had lunch. We were in a restaurant, where you only could order pancakes or crepes to eat and of course something to drink.


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Weissenburg, Germany - 3rd October 2007

By: fam-united

Then we drove to Weissenburg (Wissembourg), because we wanted to see the old part of that city, but it was so crowded, that we headed home again.

Not far away from Weissenburg we found this chapel. I think, it was very interesting.
Of course it was a little crowded by us toyvoyagers, but we tried to keep silent.


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Schweigen, Germany - 3rd October 2007

By: fam-united

The German Winegate is a building of the worst time in German history. It was built in 1936 officially to make the wineyards of the Palatinate more famous. Of course it was also a provocation against France, because the border is very close (only 1km to Wissembourg). The gate is the end point of the Palatinate Wine Route.
(I can't put this online without telling, that I'm so sorry for everything that happened during these years.)


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Karlsruhe, Germany - 3rd October 2007

By: fam-united

I only saw this church, when we drove through Karlsruhe, but I heard, that there is a nice palace too.


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Maulbronn, Germany - 14th October 2007

By: fam-united

Today we visited Maulbronn, where is a famous monastery. It is Unesco World Heritage. I thought, that it looks like a little town in the city Maulbronn.


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Bruchsal, Germany - 27th October 2007

By: fam-united

Today I helped Petra to bake cakes for Fabian's 17th birthday, which we will celebrate tomorrow. This cake is called Hannchen Jensen or Hansen Jensen cake.


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Huttenheim, Germany - 31st October 2007

By: fam-united

Today we were on a little sightseeing tour. Here you see me in Huttenheim with a nice church in the background.


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Rheinsheim, Germany - 31st October 2007

By: fam-united

Then we drove to the Rhine, which is the one of the longest and most important rivers in Europe at 1320 kilometres (820 miles)


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Philippsburg, Germany - 31st October 2007

By: fam-united

On our way to the Rhine we saw this two towers. It's the nuclear power station of Philippsburg, which was built in the 70th, the power-down is planned in 2011 and 2017, so still some years to go.


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Untergrombach, Germany - 31st October 2007

By: fam-united

1. Here we are on the way to Untergrombach.

2. On this photo you see rape, then asparagus and of course the beautiful trees.

3. Here is a view to Untergrombach with the Michaelsberg.

4. Untergrombach is one of the suburbs of Bruchsal. We drove to the top of the Michaelsberg, where I saw a nice chapel.

5. We wanted to take a little rest in front of the chapel

6.The weather was beautiful, but you see the fog coming up now. On the photo you see Untergrombach and the quarry pond of Untergrombach.

7. You find many beautiful views on the Michaelsberg and this is another one.


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Bruchsal, Germany - 31st October 2007

By: fam-united

It's Halloween! It's a little sad, that Petra and her family don't really celebrate this, but she likes to decorate the house with autumn stuff. Do you like it too? I think, it looks great.


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