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Travelog for: Vince

Netherlands, USA - 29th June 2007

By: Tess

Vince was prepaired to travel soon and today was the day for my little 2 mice.

He and Vinnie  packed their bags...got tagged and were send to stay with Jennifer in the USA.
We wish them a real safe trip and a happy stay overseas.
{{hugs & Kisses}}

from Tess & Wendy

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Netherlands, USA - 29th June 2007

By: Tess

picture of Vince and Vinnie

Herschaalde kopie van camera 010.jpg

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Westerville, Ohio, USA - 5th July 2007

By: poohbear

:stare:We got home today from running errands and found the sweetest little  fellow waiting for us. The kids are so very happy to see him, the first thing we did is have Vince show us on our world map where he is from, and the kids showed him how far he has traveled. We wil post an update later.    Poohbear and cubs

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Westerville, OH, USA - 14th July 2007

By: poohbear

What a day. Today we went and seen the biggest bugs you have ever seen. The biggest one is a Praying Mantis it is 18 feet long and 20 feet wide. It is also the heaveist one weighing about 1,200lbs. We went to Innis Woods Park, this park was a gift from two sisters called Mary and Grace Innis. Back to the bugs, there were 11 huge bugs. they are made out of different kids of wood, like black walnut, red cedar, willow and black locust wood. There is 3 ants, a praying mantis spider and web,ladybug, grasshopper, damselfly, drangonfly, and an assassin bug. we also got ot meet the man that made the big guys his name is David Rogers. What a nice person . Well I am getting tired so bye for now.

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Westerville, OH, USA - 27th July 2007

By: poohbear

Today we went letterboxing with Poohbear and her two kids. We found two boxes and got lost twice, but it was still  fun. The kids showed us the stamps that they have got and they were real cool. Poohbear tolds us that the stamps are handcarved, bet that is alot of work.

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Westerville, Ohio, USA, Oregon - 5th August 2007

By: Tess

My little Mice, Vince and Vinnie have been send to stay with Bun-traveller in Orgeon.They are travelling as we speak or as you might read.

Safe journey little Mice ..we miss you guys...
I (Tess) will send you something that might be needed, if your new host agrees.

Mom Tess ( & Wendy)

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North Bay Village, FL, USA - 11th September 2007

By: marina

Hello! Vince here. We've safely arrived today in North Bay Village, Florida after a smooth, speedy trip. We weren't the only ones--a little warthog came in the mail along with us. He looked a little scary and stunk of cigarette smoke, so I didn't let Vinnie get too close to him. The little warthog was promptly whisked away for a bath and we haven't seen him since, which is a bit of a relief (although we have heard him grunting from wherever he's been set to dry.)

We soon met Robito, along with his friends SaruMaru and Mocha, who are staying over at Robito's house too. Robito was a very good host and prepared a little welcome party for us. There were crackers, cheese, sausage,... Robito also treated us to an odd sort of Argentinian tea that we drank from a wooden gourd using a gold-plated straw of some kind. He said it was called "mate". We all shared the same gourd. I tried it, but didn't like it all that much, to be honest. Robito, on the other hand, loved it. He said one has to get used to the taste of it. The more he drank the faster he spoke. Seems that thing had a lot of caffeine!

I preferred to have some of the chocolate liquor that Robito offered me instead. Vinnie really wanted to try some too, but of course, I couldn't let him! He's much too little.

Afterwards Robito introduced us to one of the house cats, Stimpy. He seemed to like Vinnie.

Then it was time to go to bed. Seems Vinnie and I will be going to Aventura Mall tomorrow, which I've heard is soon to become one of the five largest shopping centers in the United States.

We're very excited! Better sleep well tonight...


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Miami Beach, FL, USA - 11th September 2007

By: marina

Today Robito's Mom took us to work with her. That was so that we could all go together to Aventura Mall later in the evening.

She works just a couple of blocks away from Lincoln Road, so we got to walk around and do some sightseeing there. Lincoln Road is a popular pedestrian mall in South Miami Beach. The street is closed to traffic for quite a few blocks. It had lots of galleries, restaurants and shops, and even a multiplex cinema and concert hall. There were also pigeons all over the place!

Sadly we couldn't walk around too long or Robito's Mom would have been late for work. :rolleyes:

I'll write about our trip to Aventura Mall a little later.


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Aventura, FL, USA - 11th September 2007

By: marina

So later today, at around 7:00pm, we arrived at Aventura Mall. We went there by bus and had a pretty spectacular view from the bridge as we were approaching the mall.

Aventura Mall was truly big (it had three floors!) beautiful and quite noisy. I heard it has over 250 shops. Vinnie was very excited!

There were also a few nice restaurants. We had dinner at an Italian one called "Rosalia's." Vinnie and me got a tortellini each, as well as a lot of warm bread and butter. For a couple of mice, that is quite a feast, you know! Oh, and I got to try some White Zinfandel too.

We took a few photos but not as many as we would have liked to, and a couple of them came out less than perfect, even though Robito's Mom was trying so hard. Robito's Grandma helped a lot too; it was thanks to her that we got some of the better ones!

So that was our trip to Aventura Mall. We hope to go out again this Sunday!


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North Bay Village, FL, USA - 14th September 2007

By: marina

We didn't go anywhere today (looks like we won't be visiting any new places until Sunday) but we had fun anyway. Vinnie was a little too energetic today, so I was plenty busy just running after him.

At one point he even climbed all the way up the lamp on the drawing board! But I stayed under it, ready to catch him if he should fall. Eventually, he got scared and jumped down on his own right into my arms. Silly Vinnie! :rolleyes:

While Mocha drew Robito's portrait, I wrote a little in our journal. But I couldn't write a lot, because as soon as Mocha was finished, Vinnie wanted to get drawn too. Mocha was very gracious and he took special time and care for our portrait. I asked him to dedicate it to Wendy so we can give it to her upon our return. We hope she'll like it! Robito's Mom said she'll laminate it so it'll be safe until it reaches Wendy's hands.

That was our day today!








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Miami Intl. Mall, Doral, FL, USA - 16th September 2007

By: marina

Hi! We finally went somewhere today! :stare:

Together with SaruMaru, Mocha and Robito, we went first to have a cup of bubble tea and then to Miami International Mall.

We had never had bubble tea before. The bubbles (or "boba") are these little, dark tapioca balls at the bottom of the cup. They have little to no taste but are quite chewy. You eat them at the same time you drink your cold tea (which comes in many different flavors) by means of a very thick straw that is just big enough to let the bubbles through. It was fun to drink, but Vinnie nearly choked on a tapioca ball when it was his turn to drink. They were a little too big for him! :rolleyes: In the end, he just chewed that one. It lasted him for a long time!

Later, at the mall, I met another mouse--a girl mouse. She was nice, but a little too big for me. She could have lifted in her arms so easily! :o No, I'd rather find a small, delicate girl-mouse, that I can lift in my arms. But will I ever find someone like that...? :thinking:

Oh well--better not lose hope! I'm sure I will, someday!

After I met this mouse (we took a photo, by the way, that will be uploaded later) we went to the food court to have some nachos and bean dip. After that, we went home. It was an enjoyable little outing.








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North Bay Village, FL, USA - 17th September 2007

By: marina

Um... I don't quite know where to begin... Something special happened today.

You see, I met someone. :thinking:

It was like this. I left Vinnie playing inside with Robito and went out to look at the bay. I just felt like being alone to think about things for a little bit. But I wasn't alone for a long time, because suddenly, I had someone next to me. She was somewhat shorter than me, and chubbier, too. But she was a very cute mouse. She had the cutest little ears. Her eyes were beady and bright, just like mine. She was so pretty I didn't know what to say to her, so I just smiled at her and kept looking at the bay. But before I could give a bad impression, she introduced herself.

Her name, she said, was Viviana. She spoke the softest of voices. It sounded almost like someone hushing a baby to sleep, and it made me think that Vinnie would probably like her.

Then she asked about him. She said that she'd seen him playing in the yard a few days ago (when we first arrived, I suppose.) We talked about him for a while. She asked some things about me, too. We spoke a while longer and then she had to go.

I wonder if she's Robito's neighbor? I think I liked her. She made me pretty nervous, so I guess I really liked her. :rolleyes:




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North Bay Village, FL, USA - 18th September 2007

By: marina

I told Robito about Viviana, the nice little mouse girl I met yesterday. He didn't know her, but he said I ought to invite her to come over sometime. I had a good opportunity to do so when I went out to the bay this afternoon (this time taking Vinnie along with me) for she was there already. She was happy to come in to Robito's house to share a snack with us three.

After our snack, Robito went with his Mom somewhere, saying he'd be coming home late today. So all three of us, Vinnie, Viviana and me went to the studio and hung out there for a while. I was nervous and tried to make a good impression, but it didn't turn out quite as I hoped as you can see below... I sure am glad she has a sense of humor!

But wait--she was laughing at me, wasn't she?

Oh well, to tell the truth... I don't really mind. ;)









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North Bay Village, FL, USA - 20th September 2007

By: marina

I haven't visited any new places in these past few days. However, Viviana has been coming over to Robito's house a lot. We have spent a couple of afternoons looking at the bay together, and this evening she showed me to the pool that this building has. We didn't go in the water. Instead, she and I played on the lifesaver that hangs next to the pool. The ropes were great for swinging on! ;)

I was happy to see that Viviana knows how to have fun. She's usually so shy and demure that I wasn't sure she'd be the right person for me and Vinnie to travel around the world with. N-not that she has said she will! I still have to ask her... I have to do that one of these days before it's time for us to continue our journey. I simply must muster the courage before then, or it'll be too late! :thinking:


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North Bay Village, FL, USA - 22nd September 2007

By: marina

Early this afternoon, I just felt it to be the right time to ask Viviana to marry me. I wanted to have some privacy with her in what was such an important moment for us both. But Robito and Palmito were running around, playing and jumping and climbing on things. They intruded on us just as I was giving Viviana some flowers I'd picked for her. I got a little upset with them because I was SO nervous to begin with!

They soon excused themselves and left us alone. So I gave her the flowers, and what happened then, well... :stare: Please, just see for yourselves.

Of course, we are very, very happy! We will get married before continuing our journey. This is such exciting news--I must write
Wendy right away!







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