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go to Postcrossing International Meeting!!

travel by a rapid train

play with snow

go to Paris and climb Eiffel Tower

go to sauna in Finland :D

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Travelog for: Haris

colmar, France - 14th March 2009

By: octabis

Next morning ... taking the train again !
But a small one this time, to go to Colmar, a nearby city, really nice too !
Still typical houses, a river and lots of history.
It's also the birthplace of Bartholdi, the men who built the liberty statue.
And we saw ... the mannenken pis ! i thought that was in Brussels  :o
But apparently, the Belgian gave a copy to the city.
And there was a pole with distance to big cities and twin cities, but I didn't found home there  :(
the only thing I know is that's it's really far !


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selestat, France - 15th March 2009

By: octabis

Sunday, last day of week end.
we we still have all day to visit !
going to the train station, took the train to Selestat to visit the Haut Koesnigsburg castle, and old and nice castle on top of a mountain.
arrived in Selestat, where a bus shuttle was supposed to be there ... and wasn't !
We learned after a while that it didn't work this week end  :( Even if the contrary was written on internet  :(
so we did a quick tour of selestat, which is a small city, then went back to strasbourg for lunch.


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strasbourg, France - 15th March 2009

By: octabis

Back in Strasbourg. All those flags are at the train station !
then we visited the Alsacian museum, and heared lots and lots of noises outside ... it was carnival !
So we quickly finished the museum, and went to see the parade for a while, then time to go back to Paris ...
Week end was really nice !


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Paris, France - 18th March 2009

By: octabis

back to Paris, and Valerie has to work.
But luckily her work place is near one of the best known monument in Paris : the Sacré Coeur ( also called montmartre)
This is the view she sees everyday going to work !
Not that bad  ;)


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Paris, France - 19th March 2009

By: octabis

finally ! I saw it !
Imajica won't believe it, i've seen the Eiffel tower !
And see how it's lighted !
I tried to climb it, but it was a bit hard. I was too big for it.
Next time let me know i should climb it by inside and not try like i did, even if I made it to the top  :p
Also saw some other buildings, it's the architecture museum and the museum of human being.


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Paris, France - 21st March 2009

By: octabis

Week end is here, nice and sunny, a perfect weather to go on a bike trip to a nice park in the border of Paris.
Laying in the grass is so good !
We saw the immigration museum on the way.

Then when it began to get colder, we moved to another place, called Bercy. Those little houses are were wine was made and sold years ago. Now they mostly are shops and restaurants.
Another park is just near here.
You can even see me with the "big library". you can see 4 towers that are in shape of open books, and a garden is in the middle


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Paris, France - 22nd March 2009

By: octabis

Sunday !
We didn't do much. Val went to one of her friends, and I played with the cat there. The flat isn't big, but he has a balcony with the best view ever of Paris ! The 2 first pictures are from his place.
Then we went outside for a walk on the canal St Martin, and ended up north in a park where you can see that big silver sphere.
This big ball is a panoramic movie theather, where you can see the movie all around you ( top, bottom, right left, ... since you're in the sphere and the movie is on all walls).


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Paris, France - 23rd March 2009

By: imajica

Today I got a great news from imajica, that I've been featured as Voyager Of The Week!!! Wheeeeeeee!  B)
I didnt know I have so many fans out there haha.


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Paris, France - 27th March 2009

By: octabis

Today i went to a new part of paris, and saw the Bastille opera ! Paris has 2 of them : the old opera and the new one. This is the new and not that nice one, but I still looked impressed. And i also saw this big statue with a gold angel on top.
Then time to go home, and pack my suitcases again ! I love travelling.


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Vatican, Vatican - 28th March 2009

By: octabis

I took the plane today ! It feels nice watching by the window !
Then I landed in Roma, Italy. We went to visit one of Val's friend who is an exchange student there.
We went to put the suitcases at her place, then went to the Vatican ! It's weird to think this little place enclosed in walls is a country !
We visited the St Peter basilique, then back in Roma we went to the castello sant'angelo ( the angel castle). It's a small castle, but with a great view on the city, and some museum like rooms.
All that took a long time, and it's almost night already.
We did a night tour of the center of the city, including the Trevi fountain which is really famous here.
then time to go to sleep !


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roma, italy - 29th March 2009

By: octabis

Time for a new day in Roma !
we walked a lot and saw lots of differents churches and fountains and monuments. The city is nice because you're in a "normal street", and then someting nice or antique appears in front of you when you don't expect it


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roma, italy - 30th March 2009

By: octabis

Today : visit of the colosseum and of the roman forum. all looks so huge compared to me !
then we went to the Pantheon, and again saw many churches and fountains on the way, they're everywhere !


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Vatican, vatican - 31st March 2009

By: octabis

Not many pictures today, we went in the Vatican museums ( paintings, sculptures and the Sixtine chapel), but pictures weren't really allowed inside, so I watched carefully and will remember that way !
And then it's already time to go back to paris. But I saw so much during those days, it was really nice !


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Paris, France - 1st April 2009

By: octabis

Time to leave Val ! i'm sad because we had a great time together, but new adventures are waiting for me ! i will stay in Paris for a while with Kriszti, then I think she mentionned Hungary ... we'll see ... can't wait !


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Budapest, Hungary - 11th April 2009

By: szirmaik

Hello everyone!
I am in Hungary, safe and sound, with Kriszti! She is studying in Paris this semester but for almost two weeks, she returned to her homeland! Actually, we arrived yesterday to Budapest. These photos were taken at the Budapest Airport:



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