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Travelog for: Eatcookie

Cachoeirinha, Brazil - 26th November 2008

By: Crafty_witchy_girl

Hey! I am really excited to start my adventures. I hope someone out there can help me being my first host or hostess![tv]  B)

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Cachoeirinha, Brazil - 8th December 2008

By: Crafty_witchy_girl

Crafty_witchy_girl said:
Hey! I am really excited to start my adventures. I hope someone out there can help me being my first host or hostess![tv]  B)

Eatcookie is leaving today for Texas!!! :D

List of hosts/hostesses:

SunshineLily in Texas
Szandra in Hungary
Elayoe in Germany

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Texas, USA - 24th December 2008

By: SunshineLily

Hi! I'm so excited! Lily picked me up on Monday and she was so happy! (She's already eaten half the candy!) Unfortunately, she didn't have her digital camera with her until today, so she took film pictures of Monday and Tuesday so she can send them to my mame in the mail. We went to the mall to look at the stores, and we went to a fancy Italian restaurant! It was pretty. Then, we went with Lily's boyfriend to an Irish Celtic Christmas concert by Danny O'Flaherty. It was so pretty!! Very traditional.

There aren't any pictures right now but there will be today after we go shopping with Lily's dad, stepmom, and brother. And then tomorrow is Christmas!! I'm very excited and I can't wait to show you pictures. More update later. Merry Christmas Eve!!


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Texas, USA - 25th December 2008

By: SunshineLily

Merry Christmas, Mame! I miss you, but this is my first Christmas in Texas. There isn't snow here, either, though. Hardly ever. We're going to Lily's Aunt's house today and there is promise of lots of good food.

We finally go some of the pictures from yesterday's fun!

This is me in the window of the car with a Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer candycane. The car ride was fun, ut it was raining.

Then we went to eat lunch at... Schlotzsky's. Funny name, good food.

We got to wrap the little kids' presents that we bought!

Then, Lily, her brother Josh, and her boyfriend Josh (aka JP) and I all sat down for a nice game of UNO. It's really fun! And we won!! I was the good luck charm  B)

Sorry to update so much at once but I was so excited that I've started my journey and I had to start sharing it. I hope everyone has a good Yuletide (especially in Brazil!)


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Texas, USA - 26th December 2008

By: SunshineLily

Sorry it took so long but we've been doing so much and Lily has to drive to her all the way to her dad's house to use a computer that can upload the pictures. Christmas was so much fun! all of the traditions are very different here even though the basis is the same.

I'm in the Chrismtas tree!
This was the dinner table before we messed it up with all the yummy food. It's such a fancy setting (but that's because Lily's Aunt is a fancy person!)
This is a tradition originally started in England, but popular in much of Europe  and some Americans like to have Christmas Crackers too. Each person pulls on one end and whoever ends up with the biggest piece gets the prizes inside (little games and a paper hat). Lily's boyfriend pulled one with me, but he won the prize.
This time the lights were on and it was so pretty; but it made me dizzy...  :stare:
Can you find me? A tradition in Lily's family is Gram (her grandmother) giving all the children and grandchildren their first nutcracker. She travels a lot, so some of these are from ALL over! I hope to go there too.

Christmas was lots of fun, and so different than Brazil. Lily says this week we might go across a state border and then we'll go to Spindletop! It was the first Oil Booming town of Texas and Texas is famous for oil. I'm excited!!


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Texas, United States - 5th January 2009

By: SunshineLily

Sorry about the wait but Lily has had lots of computer problems, but is borrowing a computer now. We've had so much fun I keep forgetting we haven't updated! Here are the pictures from the state border. I've been to TWO states now: Texas and Louisiana!

The sign is really big (over 10 ft tall). The bottom words are French and say the same as the English words. The little sign underneath says "America's Wetland" because Louisana has a lot of swamp/wetlands and has interesting wildlife cause of it.

Sadly, the boardwalk was closed, but I still got to look over some of the famed swamp land. Lily didn't let me get too close though; she didn't want to dive in after me!

This is me with the Six Flags of Texas. (We're back on the Texas side of the border now). They represent each of the six different governments over Texas: Spain, France, Mexico, Republic of Texas (when they won their independence and ruled themselves for awhile), the Confederate States of America (during the American Civil War, when the South split from the North), and then finally the United States of America, which Texas entered by treaty. That means they are the only ones allowed to fly their flag equal to the National flag, they are the only state with a pledge, and are the only state that can legally secede. (Texas is COOL!) Sorry, but I'm excited about learning so much!!

This is me IN Texas :D Geographically, that is about where I am, too. Right on the south east border and coast. It's still SO FAR from home.

Now it's getting dark and we had to use the flash, so you can't see me as well, but this is Welcome to Texas :)

We haven't gotten to go to Spindletop yet but I'm hoping we will before Lily has to send me on to my next host. That time is coming soon! I'm excited about all the new things I've learned and I'm surprised how different things are from Brazil. Later, Lily says we're going to a party to watch movies and play Rock Band, and I'm invited!


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Texas, United States - 7th January 2009

By: SunshineLily

The party was a lot of fun! We watched The Dark Knight and then played lots and lots of Rock Band. Lily's boyfriend (JP) is really good on guitar and his best friend Matt is AMAZING at singing. Lily says she isn't good at anything  :p But I like playing the drums.

I was pretty good at them, even if they had to put it on Beginner. Lily helped me some too.

Then, it was really hard to pick a movie. JP's friend Todd has LOTS of movies... see?
That is Matt in the picture. He's silly. Do you see me in the middle of all of those movies? That's crazy. I wish we had time to watch them all!

The next morning, Lily's mom surprised us, saying we were going to Lily's grandmother's house to celebrate a late Christmas! So much Christmas!!

Under the tree with lots of cute stay-at-homes of Lily's aunt's. They were all very nice and thought I was interesting!

:D I couldn't resist. I like climbing the Christmas trees and there always seems to be a camera around!

I tried to find the fish, but there weren't any. It was still a pretty aquarium. Aha! I think I found the culprit...

I made a new friend. I'm sure Bailey didn't eat the fish. But I think she'd rather be outside chasing birds than taking pictures with me!

And Lily says there is a surprise coming. I don't know what it is but I can't wait. She's making something blue! I guess I'll find out and update on it later. I miss you, Mame, but I'm having so much fun!!


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TEXAS, USA - 1st February 2009

By: SunshineLily

Greetings from Texas! Apologies for the time it took to update. Lily's computer was very sick and is just now better. Good news, we had lots of fun! We went to a medieval Yuletide celebration called Twelfth Night and Lily made me a medieval monk outfit to wear. It's part of the SCA (www.sca.org), a living history group. All of the people were really nice.

Me in my monk's robe.
Two lovely medieval girls, Sophia and Isabelle.
Lady Padraign ignean Asatriona.
Count Sir Simonn of Amber Isle. He is one of the most respected men in the kingdom!
M'lady Abigail, so sweet!
Lady Meresankh, who is very good at crafts and is from Egypt. I want to go there!
Mmmm. Mead. I wasn't allowed to drink any, but it smelled good!
This is Bells & Pillows. It's a medieval game played between two people who are each blind folded, have a bell tied to an ankle and to a wrist, and given a pillow to see who can hit who first. It was very funny, until Sir Simonn got knocked over and broke a figurine!
All the teddy bears!
And this is me, with my hostess in her medieval garb, Lady Lily.
Her Excellency Elisabeth of Green Mountain Keep, the baroness.
And of course...

We had lots of fun then, and we went to Spindletop too! It was very interesting, to get to learn some of the history of Texas. This is where the first oil was drilled in Texas!

A very tall oil spindle, and this is a smaller replica!
Eatcookie, oildriller extraordinaire!
This is me on this monument:
This is built over the exact first place they found the first oil in 1901. And I got to sit there!!

We had lots of fun there too. Tomorrow, I'm being mailed to Szandra in Hungary and I'm very anxious :D My journey continues!!

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TEXAS, USA - 2nd February 2009

By: SunshineLily

Today is my last day in Texas! As a treat, my hostess's mum and we went out to eat at a local favorite, Cracker Barrell. It's an old fashioned American country store, so I got to see a lot of neat things, and the food was very good.

The giant checkered board! Lily taught me some moves, but it's hard to move the pieces...
The rocking chairs are big too!
This is some old fashioned candy. It looks like candy canes, but has different flavors, like licorice and strawberry.
The world's biggest Hershey's Bar! FIVE POUNDS of chocolatey goodness!!
An original sock monkey, a toy that was common for kids when Lily's mum was little!
Tricky Triangle game, one on every table, and original Stewart's rootbeer, a classic American favorite.
They had a real hearth and fireplace, like an old country home! but there was no fire, so it was safe to go near.
An oil lamp and an old picture taken in the early 1900's. I bet they never knew they'd take a picture with someone from Brazil!

And then it was time to go home and get ready to go to the post office.
First, one last picture with my first hostess.
Then I got in my box. Lily let me keep the one that Mame sent me in so I would have a piece of home with me.
Then Lily wrapped up my box and decorated it to look like the Texan flag, so that Szandra will know its me when I get there!

Here I go!!

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Miskolc, Hungary - 11th February 2009

By: Szandra

Hello Mummy!!!

I arrived to Hungary!
I miss you a lot, but I really have a nice time here!
After my arrival we all went out to the garden and played in the snow! Oooh, at first it was very cold, but than I started to enjoy it!
I already have some ToyVoyager friends: Margarida, LiLA Bear and Elsie.



On the bridge of the little garden lake. Unfortunately the ice is too thin to play on it.


I met with Msa the pug puppy!! I'm sure, we'll be really good friends!;)


Jeni the cat:)

We visited also the rabbits:

Alma can't live with her family because she is ill! :( But she is a very kind and friendly rabbit. Most of the time she is in the house. She can freely walk in the living room.:) But when the weather is nice she spends a few hours outside.

You can see, there are a lot of pets in that family! :D And you still haven't seen everybody...

And finally a group photo from all the tv's staying here:

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Miskolc, Hungary - 11th March 2009

By: Szandra

Mummy, I eat a lot here!!!
See, we baked chocolate muffins with Szandra and the other ToyVoyagers.


And we tasted also some pancakes.

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Miskolc, Hungary - 12th March 2009

By: Szandra

Today we had beautiful weather, the sun was shining and we decided to walk in park of Miskolc-Tapolca. This part of the city where Szandra lives, so we didn't have to go far to see the park.

I saw some cute ducks!:)


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Miskolc, Hungary - 12th April 2009

By: Szandra

Happy Easter, Mummy!!!
I learnt how to say it in Hungarian: Kellemes Hsvtot!:)
We ate a lot of boiled ham, egg and sausage!

I have a lot of photos to show you from the previous weeks, I promise, I'll update my travelog soon!
Miss you!


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Hameln, Germany - 18th May 2009

By: Elayoe


now my host finds the time to update my travellog. They didn't had internet connection until middle of December and now she has the time..

Here you can see me arrive at my host Solveig..
I travelled with SillyWilly another toyvoyager, who tries to find his new hosts..

Solveig is engaged and has a little son (7 years), with whom we played a lot in the last time..


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Wehrbergen, Germany - 21st May 2009

By: Elayoe

Today we made a walk in the forest. It was fathers day in Germany and on that day the people walk in the forests or drive with bicycles.. we took a walk in the forest of Wehrbergen and enjoyed the spring weather. There it was around 25C, really hot for that time of the year.
the view to Wehrbergen (it is small village near Hameln):
making a break and eating a muffin:
this is an old landmark:
My host is a surveyor, so she knows a lot about it.

And in the evening we made a barbecue on the balcony:

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