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Travelog for: Tux

Jerusalem, Israel - 16th July 2007

By: alleycat

I'm very happy that alleycat and her Kitten have chosen me as their first toyvoyager. Today I met 2 toyvoyagers from different countries - Purple Bun from England, and Robinson from Germany. I'm looking forward to see the world, too!


This computer is a PC (Pentium-4) running Linux (Gentoo). I love computers, and will really apreciate it if you'll let me sit near your computer, and make a picture!

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Jerusalem, Israel - 29th July 2007

By: alleycat

At last - alleycat and her kitten found the time to prepare my parcel, and my journey has started! I'm off to Germany!

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Bruchsal, Germany - 9th August 2007

By: fam-united

I arrived!!! My hosts are nice and they send greetings to Robinson, who stays with my family in Jerusalem for a while.

I have to hurry, don't know, what happens, but it seems, that my hosts want to go on a short trip to another city. Let's see, where we will go. I'm really wondering whether they want to go outside. It had been raining cats and dogs, but it seems to be a little bit better now.

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Heidelberg, Germany - 9th August 2007

By: fam-united

Ok, I decided to go with them. I'm really tired from my journey, but of course I don't want to stay at home.

We were in Heidelberg today, but only visited the zoo for one hour. Then we had to go back to the car, because everyone was wet from the heavy rain. My hosts promissed us, that they would go back again next week.

;) I knew, that we wouldn't be there for a longer time, I knew it, when we started :)


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Bruchsal, Germany - 10th August 2007

By: fam-united

Today I had a lesson in how to bake Lorrainese Cheesecake for tomorrow evening, when we will have many guests.


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Bruchsal, Germany - 13th August 2007

By: fam-united

I also helped to prepare the meal for lunch: spinach, mashed potatoes and fried eggs.

Later we baked a Zebracake and Petra took many step by step photos, but then we saw, that no photo was on the camera. So you only can see the cake without  chocolate icing.


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Heidelberg, Germany - 13th August 2007

By: fam-united

Finally we are back at Heidelberg to visit the zoo and the castle. The weather is fine, sunny and warm and so I believe, that we will come home dry today :)


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somewhere on the way to Bavaria, Germany - 1st September 2007

By: fam-united

Finally we are on the trip to the Bavarian Forest. We will stay in a hotel for two nights and I hope to see as much as possible.
Right now I'm playing with Sabrina and the other toyvoyagers, which are going with us on this trip.


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Walhalla, Germany - 1st September 2007

By: fam-united

After a long long while we left the freeway to have lunch at the Walhalla.



This is a Hall of Fame and Honour, modelled after the Parthenon in Athens and located 10km west of Regensburg on the Donube River.


It was an idea of Crown Prince Ludwig I. of Bavaria in 1807. It was meant as a place for the commemoration of great figures and events in ethnic German history, at a time covering 1800 years, beginning with the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest (9AD).


Some of the most recent additions were: Albert Einstein, Sister Gerhardinger, Konrad Adenauer, Johannes Brahms, Sophie Scholl.

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Kollnburg, Germany - 1st September 2007

By: fam-united

Wow, we were so tired and happy to see these beds in our room. We jumped out of the bag and on the beds. I'm sure you see me.


Unhappily our hosts meant, that they would sleep in the beds and we should sit and sleep on the windowsills :(


While Petra and Sabrina went swimming, we cuddled together, because it wasn't that warm so close to the window

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Arnbruck, Germany - 2nd September 2007

By: fam-united

After a very tasty breakfast we started off to visit the "Weinfurtner Glasdorf".







In the park was a water wheel. I really liked it. I would have loved to jump into the water, but my hosts didn't allow me to do so. They said, I would be too wet to climb into the car with them later. :(


Then we went into the shop. I liked this place between all the white and black glasses. I would have loved to play hide and seek there.


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Arbersee, Germany - 2nd September 2007

By: fam-united

In the afternoon we visited the Great Arbersee (lake). This lake is one of three lakes in the Bavarian Forest. On the Czech site of this big forest is the Bohemian Forest with five more lakes. The Great Arber is the highest peak of the Bavarian-Bohemian-mountain rigde, with an elevation of 1456 metres, while we were on 935 metres. We unhappily couldn't see the Arber, because the weather was too foggy.





Since 1939 the area around the Arbersee is nature reserve area. Each year 1/2 million of visitors come to see the lake.

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Bad Kötzting, Germany - 2nd September 2007

By: fam-united

On the way back to the hotel, my hosts and other members of their family visited a house, while we had to stay in the car. We didn't know, why we weren't allowed to go with them, but when they came back, they carried "big" boxes and seemed to have a lot of fun. We had to realize, that they were in a distillary shop and tried some of the bottles, before they bought some. (of course they only sipped, because they didn't want to have problems with their heads - whatever they wanted to tell us by saying this).


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Regensburg, Germany - 3rd September 2007

By: fam-united

We all are a little sad, that it is time to say good-bye and drive home again.
At last we want to visit Regensburg.
Regensburg is located at the confluence of the Danube and Regen rivers. To the east lies the Bavarian Forest. The old town of Regensburg is Unesco World Heritage.

The first settlements in Regensburg date to the Stone Age.






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Bruchsal, Germany - 21st September 2007

By: fam-united

Finally my host Petra showed me the palace and the Belvedere.

Here you see a part of the rosegarden, which belongs to the palace.

Here you see the backfront of the palace. It was destroyed during the second world war and rebuilt during the 70th. In the palace garden are four statues showing the four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. And four other statues show the four elements: water, fire, air and earth.

Here is a pond with many ducks. Especially kids love this place.

Here is the beginning point for a guided tour through Bruchsal.
This building is called "Belvedere". It was a former hunting lodge and now it is a place for open air theatre.

In the park called " Stadtgarten" next to the Belvedere you find this fountain.

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