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Travelog for: Vroni

München, Germany - 11th August 2007

By: Pandamao

Hi, I'm Vroni, a cow.
Soon I'll be a wild release but my guardian thinks it is good to get some training first. There are some experienced toyvoyagers here and I could get some advice what to do when traveling.

mix 007.jpg

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München, Germany - 12th August 2007

By: Pandamao

This morning the training workshop started. We got up early. First we discussed with the other experienced toyvoyagers and listened to their adventures. Then Elisabeth gave a lecture on how to become a toyvoyager, what mission we have (travel, of course), which strategy we should use and so on. Then we learned about geography and different means of transport. In the afternoon we'll get more hands on training. I think I'll soon be ready for the wild release.

nymphenb 035.jpg
nymphenb 036.jpg
nymphenb 037.jpg
nymphenb 038.jpg

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Schloss Nymphenburg, München, Germany - 12th August 2007

By: Pandamao

For our first practical training we went out to see Nymphenburg Castle, a summer residence with a large park. Today lots of people use it for a walk or jogging, and there are always a lot of tourists.

nymphenb 008.jpg
nymphenb 014.jpg
nymphenb 015.jpg
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nymphenb 022.jpg

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Amalienburg, München, Germany - 12th August 2007

By: Pandamao

I also visited Amalienburg, a beautiful rococo building in the park of Nymphenburg castle.

nymphenb 031.jpg

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München, Germany - 22nd March 2008

By: Pandamao

It's been a long time since the last training. Today I went for a little walk and saw the German museum (Science and Technic museum). It is built on a little island in the Isar river.

1a 004.jpg
1a 020.jpg
1a 021.jpg

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Sulzbach-Rosenberg, Germany - 24th March 2008

By: Pandamao

Today it's Easter Monday and Pandamao went to this little town in the Oberpfalz to see her dad and she took me along.
We walked along the street and wondered what was going on in that little park opposite. When we came closer we saw that it was an "Easter fountain". In this part of Bavaria it's the custom to decorate the fountains with Easter eggs. There must be hundreds or thousands of eggs here. They really look beautiful.

1a 024.jpg
1a 027.jpg
1a 002.jpg
1a 003.jpg
1a 004.jpg
1a 005.jpg
1a 006.jpg
1a 007.jpg
1a 008.jpg
1a 009.jpg

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München, Germany - 28th March 2008

By: Pandamao

I did some more sight-seeing today and went to the area where the Hofbräuhaus is located. The first photo shows the Orlando House and then I pose in the front of the nearby Hofbräuhaus. It is a huuuuuuuge beerhall.
I also met some local bears. We had a nice conversation about TVs and traveling the world but the Bavarian bears did not want to join. Seems, that they would miss their Sunday morning beer Stammtisch (regulars' table) at the Hofbräuhaus too much.

1 023.jpg
1 012.jpg
1 022.jpg
1 024.jpg

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München, Germany - 28th March 2008

By: Pandamao

Then I took a look at the "Alter Hof", which was the first residence of the Wittelsbach dynasty, built in the 13th century.

1 025.jpg
1 030.jpg

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München, Germany - 14th April 2008

By: Pandamao

Hurray - finally some action! Skylerdragon and his students are going to take us to some places - perhapy even some wild releases ...... there was a big fight of who would get into the envelope first ..... we're looking forward to traveling the world.


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Festus, Missouri 63028, United States - 22nd April 2008

By: skylerdragon

Vroni made it here with four of her adorable friends!  Vroni will soon become a St. Louis tourist as I will take her to see the arch this weekend.  Thanks again for sending her.  My students will also appreciate traveling with her.  I will pass her on to another toy voyager on May 19, so I can take some area pictures with her first.

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St. Louis, Missouri, 63129, USA - 30th April 2008

By: skylerdragon


Kansas City Missouri is known as "cow town" here in the midwest.  It is on the other side of the state though, and I have not had the opportunity to take Vroni there to meet her friends.  She did have fun in St. Louis though!


We visited Laclede's Landing in St. Louis.  We were going to visit the arch, but flood waters there kept us from getting very close to the arch grounds.  While we were on the landing, we visited a geocache, which Vroni thought was a bit wierd with all the fishy heads and everything. 


She did enjoy visiting Hannegan's though.  It ws a really nice restaurant.  The waiters were nice, and the food smelled so good.  Then the waiter brought a steak sandwich for the host.  Vroni was horrified.  How could such a loving host do such a thing?! 

After that, all Vroni could do to keep from going insane was climb a tree outside the restaurant.  Her TV Companions (Cuddlebunny, Ferdl, Eckhard, Ludwig, and Theda) had to climb after her and get her down.  From there, they could see the arch and once all was calm, they gathered for a group picture with the arch in the background.  Vroni was really stressed by the whole ordeal.  Hopefully Matthew can take them someplace less stressful very soon.


Overall, St. Louis has been an eye opening trip for Vroni.

Vroni slrvf.jpg

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Six Flags over St. Louis, United States of America - 17th May 2008

By: skylerdragon

Six Flags over St. Louis is a theme park with adventure rides, thrill rides, games, carnival stands and attractions. 

Vroni accompanied Theda, Eckhardt, Ferdl, and Matthew (host) as well as 140 students.  It was a blast!  Vroni really had a good time! 


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Herculaneum, Missouri, USA - 22nd June 2008

By: skylerdragon

This was passed n to a student this past week.  I know it will have fun.

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