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Travelog for: Bonnie Voyage

Warwick QLD, Australia - 22nd August 2007

By: spanks

Mum finally got my tag number today, I'm so excited about going places that I just know I wont be able to sleep! my brothers and sisters are all excited too and can't wait to see wonderful pics of my travels!
*pout* mum just told me it's time to settle down and get ready for bed.

This is me hanging around mums sewing space, she loves the company and has even promised me a little travel quilt!

ETA: here is me helping make my travel quilt :D


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Melbourne, Australia - 3rd September 2007

By: spanks

It was so exciting, my trip to melbourne and adelaide with mum, we did loads of stuff!

we had to get up very early on the monday morning so we didn't miss our flight, so by the time we go to the airport we were already feeling a little travel worn  :D

the pics are of us on our way and then at the airport and on the plane :)


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Puffing Billy Steam Railway, Australia - 4th September 2007

By: spanks

On Tuesday we went on the steam train, it's called Puffing Billy, it was so much fun!! I got to dangle me feet over the side of the carriage, we heard the whistle blowing, i got to watch the Billy Puff his smoke out all along the way. We only went as far as Emerald, which took about an hour and while it was a lot of fun, it was sooooo cold!!

In Emerald we stopped and had some hot chocolate and some pies, then we had a gander at the shops and played in the park for a little bit then went back and waited for the train to pick us up again.

At Emerald station, I asked mum if i could sit on the big red thing, but we don't know what it is, do you know what it is??

When we got back to Belgrave station we saw an old fashioned mail box, i got mum to take a picture of me pretending to post myself  :p :D


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Sorrento, Australia - 6th September 2007

By: spanks

Mum went to the craft show all day yesterday, so i stayed behind to sleep and laze around  ;)

Today tho, we went on the big ferry that takes the car on board and went across the channel to Queenscliffe, which is near Geelong in Melbourne. It was so exciting, mum had to laugh when i tried to stow away in their life boat!  :cyclops:  :cyclops:

apparently sometimes you can see whales, but we didn't see any, and i'm not sure if that's a myth or not.


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Old Reynella, Australia - 7th September 2007

By: spanks

Today I'm in Adelaide, Sth Australia :D we flew in very late last night and let me tell you, mum and I were exhausted!! BUT, we managed to dredge up some energy for a full day of shopping  ;) :cyclops: Aunty A, mums mate, decided to get her belly button pierced, i helped to chose the ring and then mum took lots of pics while they did, but she said i'm not allowed to share them here :(

I had a very early night on saturday, mum felt i needed the sleep and she spend some time with her friend, then on the saturday we visited Christies beach and Glenelg, both are gorgeous, but Glenelg is where the tourist action is :) we pottered around looking at stuff and then wend for a walk out on the pier, and then we went to the airport.


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Melbourne, Australia - 9th September 2007

By: spanks

Today we went to the Queen Vic Markets, they're a bit of an icon here in melb, and it was awesome! mum and her friend spent most of the day wandering around them, we tried spanish donuts, which are basically a long crunchy pikelet mum said, she also said they were delish and she could have eaten loads more of them! We had a look in the deli section too, we'd never seen so many cheeses and deli meats, it was busy and noisey and exciting! the weirdest thing we saw at the markets were camels!
After that we got a train to DFO, which is a place for big name stores to have their factory outlets, i was so tired i feel asleep in mums bag while she bought some shoes.
After we left there, mum and her friend got lost on the trams but we all had such a good time finding our way home again :D
That night, mum said i had been such a good girl all week that she was taking me out for a girls dinner with her 2 girlfriends, we went to a pizza and pasta place, the food was DELISH!


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Melbourne, Australia - 10th September 2007

By: spanks

Well today was our last day away and mum was planning to jam pack it full!! we started out early, walking around near where we stayed and then we went back to the hotel to wait for our lift to take us to the station.
From the station we went on the City Circle Tram, it was so much fun! We did the full circle then used it to hop all over the city to do loads of other things.
We went and saw Flinders St Station, Fed Square, the giant Pixar lamp, the City Museum, Old Melb Goal (jail) - we went on a free tour there and mum got fake arrested, very funny stuff!
After the jail we got our stuff and headed out to the airport to kick back, have something to eat and head home.
It was a very exhausting week, but it was a lot of fun!


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On a plane, Australia to America - 19th September 2007

By: spanks

Today we sent Bonnie on her way to 3tmom, we can't wait to hear that she's arrived safe. She just missed the arrival of Leo but that's ok, Pamps and Berlin are here and have made him very welcome :)

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Yorktown, VA, USA - 24th September 2007

By: 3tmom

I'm, well, I'm here.  Brian, Ballet Cindy, and Mara-Joy welcomed me to my new home. 
I had a loooong flight and then lots of jostling but my quilt and book were comforting.  I'll share the book with my new friends.

BrianBonnieTV 003.jpg
BrianBonnieTV 004.jpg

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Yorktown, VA, USA - 24th September 2007

By: 3tmom

I'm very tired after my long journey.  I get to sleep with all my new friends.  Mara-Joy, Ballet Cindy, and I chat and get to know each other better.  Brian seems quite tired.

TVSeptember 060.jpg

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Yorktown, VA, USA - 25th September 2007

By: 3tmom

I met some more people today.  We all (Mara-Joy, Ballet Cindy, Brian, and I) played outside.  Mara-Joy was babysitting a little girl.  It got dicey for a bit there.

Extreme sports 006.jpg
Extreme sports 001.jpg
Extreme sports 014.jpg

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Fort Eustis, VA, USA - 26th September 2007

By: 3tmom

Today we began looking for Warwick.  We did not find it but we did find an interesting museum, The US Army Transportation Museum.  I saw wagons, mules, planes, helicopters, trains, watercraft, levitating platforms, and trucks.  Even deep-sea divers.
Brian, Mara-Joy, and Ballet Cindy came too.

TVSeptember 040.jpg
TVSeptember 005.jpg
TVSeptember 029.jpg
TVSeptember 033.jpg
TVSeptember 030.jpg

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Chesapeake, VA, USA - 29th September 2007

By: 3tmom

I went to Hickory High School in Chesapeake, VA tonight to a marching band competition with 3tdad. I didn't see much so 3tmom will take me to another competition next week and make sure I see the shows.

TVSeptember 125.jpg

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Grafton, VA, USA - 30th September 2007

By: 3tmom

We went to the train club this afternoon. The Chesapeake Bay and Western (CB&W) Train Club has an HO scale train layout on two floors with six levels and two helices!  It's the largest fixed train layout in Virginia.
We had a little excitement at the largest helix but managed to get the situation straightened out on our own. 

TVSeptember 163.jpg
TVSeptember 158.jpg
TVSeptember 141.jpg
TVSeptember 147.jpg
TVSeptember 148.jpg

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Grafton, VA, USA - 30th September 2007

By: 3tmom

Mara-Joy, Brian, and I worked in the dispatcher's office, moved scenery and laid track, worked the yard, and just had a great time!!

TVSeptember 139.jpg
TVSeptember 150.jpg
TVSeptember 137.jpg
TVSeptember 145.jpg
TVSeptember 154.jpg

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