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Travelog for: Gerald McB

Crown Point, Indiana, USA - 8th September 2007

By: kjnohr

I arrived at kjnohr's today!  I was very happy to meet kjnohr and Blanche.


kjnohr showed me her wall of autographs.  Hey look, it's a starship captain!  ;)


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Crown Point, Indiana, USA - 11th September 2007

By: kjnohr

Henry the Adventure Hound arrived today! :D


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Deep River County Park, Indiana, USA - 23rd September 2007

By: kjnohr

kjnohr has been so busy that she hasn't been able to take us anywhere.  But today she decided to take us to the park.  Here we are at one of the entrances.  Can you spot us?


We went to see the old grist mill which is still used to grind cornmeal. 


This is the water wheel from the back.


This gazebo is very popular for weddings.  There was a lot of flower petals all over the ground around it.


Here we are on a bench outside the Sugar Shack.


On the steps of the sawmill.



Checking out the workings of the sawmill.


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Crown Point, Indiana, USA - 2nd October 2007

By: kjnohr

Oh no!  My two new friends are leaving me.  :o


I hugged them both and wished them well.


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Rosemont, Illinois, USA - 6th October 2007

By: kjnohr

kjnohr went to a sci-fi convention and took me along.  Unfortunately, she wasn't feeling very well, so we didn't do much, but it was still fun.  Here I am looking out her hotel room window.


Here I am in the convention room.  We had a 2nd row seat!


The two guest I got to see were both from Star Trek: The Next Generation.  Here is Marina Sirtis, who played Counselor Deanna Troi.


And Jonathan Frakes, who played Commander William Riker.


They were hilarious on stage together!


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