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Travelog for: Éireannach

Grand Junction, CO, USA - 31st January 2008

By: wourpet

Today I got to go sledding again.  Ronnie N Hammie arrived from New York so I got to show them around.

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Colorado Monument, USA - 5th February 2008

By: wourpet

Well this is the Monument.  It really is quite an awesome site.




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Grand Junction, CO, USA - 6th February 2008

By: wourpet

I am getting ready for my travels to Argentina so we made one last trip downtown.  I will be traveling USPS.  Grand Junction City Hall is in this picture.


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Grand Junction, CO, USA - 7th February 2008

By: wourpet

I am leaving today for Argentina and my host gave me a padded envelope for traveling so I will be comfortable.


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Buenos Aires, Argentina - 24th February 2008

By: guimartins

Here I am at Buenos Aires!
After a long trip, I finally got to know my new hoster. A few hours after I got here, my host received a package. I was so curious and couldn´t wait to open it! What was my surprise when Charlie came out of the package! I´m so happy I have another friend to go on this trail in Argentina with me!


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Buenos Aires, Argentina - 2nd March 2008

By: guimartins

Yesterday we went to Avenida de Mayo for a walk. This is the Congraso de la Nacion, a very historical building from 1906. We walked a lot this day and also went to Avenida Nueve de Julio, the most important avenue in Buenos Aires. You can see the Obelisco far away.


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Buenos Aires, Argentina - 14th March 2008

By: guimartins

A few pictures from the "Catedral Metropolitana de Buenos Aires", the main catholic church here in Buenos Aires. In the last picture you can see the place where they keep the body of San Martin, a very importante heroe in the history of Argentina.


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Buenos Aires, Argentina - 26th March 2008

By: guimartins

This week we went to visit one of the most turistic places in Buenos Aires, Casa Rosada (pink house), where the president works


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Madison, WI, USA - 14th June 2008

By: masucci

Hi there!  I arrived in Madison today, visiting Melissa!

A brief moment of sunshine outside :)

Here I am coming in the door to Melissa's apartment!

Today I met Lemony,  who arrived yesterday.  We are waiting for one more toyvoyager to arrive (any day now, says Melissa) before we do most of our touristy stuff. :)

Here we are relaxing on the leather furniture in the living room.  We spent the afternoon watching movies (it's been very rainy outside for days now, not very good traveling weather).

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Madison, WI, USA - 15th June 2008

By: masucci

Our last toyvoyager pal arrived today.  Meet Lillebi!


First group shot!

Melissa said today she can tell that the three of us are going to be trouble and will "climb all over everything" ;)

Later today we're going to the Botanical Gardens!  We hear it's beautiful!

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Madison, WI, USA - 15th June 2008

By: masucci

Today we went to the Olbrich Botanical Gardens with Melissa and two of her friends.  She says the layout of the flowers changes all the time - she went in early May and it was all tulips, and now it's a lot of roses and stuff. :)

The first place we went to was the Thai Pavilion, Melissa's favorite part of the whole Botanical Garden.  It's a very beautiful pavilion sent to the park from Thailand.  It's decorated with gold leaf and very intricate details.

She let me climb!

You can see some of the gold leaf detail in this photo.  It's on all of the pillars and the inside and outside of the roof.  Sooo pretty!

On our way away from the pavilion, we spotted a lost toy!  The three of us wanted to adopt her as a new toyvoyager, but Melissa said there was probably a little girl at the gardens somewhere with her parents that was missing it.  So we left it there to be claimed.

Here I am in the middle of the garden of medicinal herbs/plants/flowers. :)

Here we are resting in an area with waterfalls and rocks and lots of interesting landscaping.  We didn't get many good pictures in this area, unfortunately, because the birds were nesting there and they attacked everyone that got too close!  It was crazy!

Close up!

Miss you!  Next stop: the Capitol Building!

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Moscow, Russia - 30th November 2008

By: kristl

Eireannach has returned home!!

Many great thanks to all her wonderful hosts and all the people who made her journey so pleasant!!

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Dublin City, Ireland - 27th May 2010

By: Irish Wanderer

Hi Mum! I've arrived in IRELAND!!!!!!!!!!!
Yippeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! :D

I've been waiting so long to make my dream trip to Ireland and I'm just so excited!!!

Last night I arrived in Dublin, and this morning a very nice postman put me in his bag whilst he cycled to my  new hosts apartment.
He rang the bell and then a very nice lady appeared. She chatted to the postman before signing a document.

I was so excited  to get out of my travelling parcel  :D


I was welcomed by another TV called King Tut and also Rattie and Bridie who live with my host 


My host took some group photos.


and then they welcomed me with a bottle of Guinness!
I believe it's an Irish custom  :D


My host told me that King Tut is leaving for Italy today so we had our picture taken together. I was sad that I could not get to know him. He seems like an interesting chap. He is a very well known King. Wow Royalty!!!


I then helped  King Tut  into his evelope for his  trip to Italy.
I wish him good luck  :D


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Dublin City, Ireland - 28th May 2010

By: Irish Wanderer

Hi Mum. Meet my new best friend!  :D
His name is Winston. He is only 9 months old but is one big fluffy cat.  He has very long whiskers and  a very long fluffy tail!
He likes to play and has tried to pull my hat off  :thinking:

We posed for some pictures.




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Palma,, Mallorca - 1st July 2010

By: Irish Wanderer

Hi Mum!My host has had  a small problem with uploading our holiday photos so I'm only updating my blog now  :cyclops:

Here I am in Palma. It is the capital of Mallorca which is a Spanish island.  Palma has lots of  old narrow streets and many old buildings!
Here I am in front of the Museum of Mallorca.


One of the many old streets that I explored in the capital.


Palma has a famous Gothic Cathedral and a very famous fellow called Gaudi did some work on the building.


I loved all the beautiful courtyards which belonged to many of the rich people who lived in Palma many years ago.

We paid  a visit to The Arab Baths and Gardens. It was a lovely place to take a break from walking around the streets. The gardens were very pretty!


Great Postbox: Can you spot me!!!  :D


We went back to our apartment to have our lunch.
Here's me sitting at the kitchen window.


Me and Seamus the leprechaun  :D


The View from our kitchen window:


Look at the nice food I helped prepare.

Getting ready to eat!




In the evening we visited the Modern art Museum.

The Old City walls:

I think I should be a model  :D

A nice town square:


We took a walk along the seafront. It was really pretty as the sun was setting.

Here is another picture of the Gothic Cathedral from the seafront.


Here is me and Seamus at the beautiful marina in Palma at the end of  wonderful day  :D


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