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Travelog for: Babylonie

Moscow, Russia - 25th September 2007

By: kristl

Hurray! I'm finally here! I've finally become a ToyVoyager!! And now I can go to the Helloween Party to Holiday Harry and BunTraveler!!!

I just can't keep waiting!!!


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Moscow, Russia - 6th October 2007

By: kristl

It's Kristl here. I took Babyloonie to the postoffce today and she's on her way to the party.. Hope her trip won't be long!!

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California, USA - 9th November 2007

By: Violette28

Hello everyone! Babylonie arrived here in Santa Rosa, CA this afternoon.  Everyone here was excited at her arrival.  :)

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California, USA - 24th December 2007

By: Violette28

I have been so busy, I haven't even had time to write in my travelog!
When I arrived here in California, I met Camille who lives with my host Violette. Because of me, she decided to become a TV too. I helped her create a profile and after Christmas she is going to Argentina!


Purple Bun, Barclay and Alfonz have all come to visit Violette as well.  They arrived just in time for Christmas.


I helped decorate the Christmas tree. Doesn't it look pretty?


Barclay and I tried to eat some of the cookie dough that Violette made, but she wouldn't let us.


She did let us sample the fudge she made. It was really good!


Violette came up with the idea to have a Secret Santa gift exchange. Its where everyone picks a name and then you get that person a gift. I picked Purple Bun. What should I give her? :)


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California, USA - 24th January 2008

By: Violette28

Christmas was so much fun!


On Christmas eve, it was hard to fall asleep! We were so excited for Christmas.


When we woke up there were presents just for us under the tree! Santa even left presents, I can't believe he found me all
the way in California.



Barclay got me a present for the gift exchange! I got a really awesome tag with my name on it! 


Violette's brother got a boat, and its just our size! We wanted to test it out in her pool, but it was too cold. :(


On New Years Eve, we stayed up until midnight watching movies :)


Then we put streamers on Violette’s tree, which is a tradition her family has. Doesn’t it look good? :)


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rotterdam, the netherlands - 6th March 2008

By: goofychicken

i finaly arived at my new host goofychicken!
i do not have a TV code with me so if my host could get that to register me id be very happy :D

soon there will be some pictures :) but my host is a bit flue-ish so she is taking it very slow :D
more updates soon!!!

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rotterdam, the netherlands - 14th March 2008

By: goofychicken

hey hey!!
a little update on me :)
been so many places but even though i travel in my host's bag and she always wears her camera.. she doesnt make enough pictures hahaha
but the day after i arived i went to oirschot for a litttle postcross meeting :)
so much fun its a small village but me and other toyvoyager ossa went on a very cool trainride!
our host let us look trough the window one by one
look :) it looks like we are standing still but really are going very fast
in oirschot we went to the sightsee places :)
here we are with the lady and the basket
and this is the biggest chair of europe!! so scary so high!!

today ossa left!
i got a cute little kiss goodbye
ill miss her but im shure ill have alot of fun here without her aswell

thats the update for now :D
write more soon

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rotterdam/rekken, the netherlands - 19th March 2008

By: goofychicken

this weekend we went to the parents of my hosts boyfriend :)
they let me sit in front :) the weather was realy bad so i was a bit scared about the promised forest walks not going to happen

but when we arived i was really happy the sky was clear and THEY REALY LIVE ON A FARM!!!
so my host took me for a walk around the garden
me possing with some narcissus
becouse they have a fireplace in the home they keep logs of wood :D
me in the walnut tree :) see i stil can act like a monkey!!
chickens! crazy chickens!! making loads of noise and when i sat on that bush they started running toward me!
im so happy these sheep stayed inside its house!
but look!!! they got sheep!! how cool!!!

after the little tour trough the garden we went to the forest :D
they let me climb in al these trees and i had so much fun!

:) well thats my update for now!
as you can see im having alot of fun :)
will update more later

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rotterdam, the netherlands - 27th March 2008

By: goofychicken

hey mum!
sorry for not updating alot :)
we been a bit busy :)
we had a big eastern dinner and we all eat soooooooo much!!!
(not my beer i promise!!)
but also there was alot of snow the past few days! thats not realy normal for holland :)
there was an enormouse travic jam in the street!!!

today a new toyvoyager arived squiggles!
this weekend me and squiggles will join our host on the postcross meeting :) there will be loads of pictures so dont worry more updates very soon!!

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rotterdam, the netherlands - 2nd April 2008

By: goofychicken

today we went to the zoo
but it rained so much my host told us we would go again next week to make pictures

but a new TV arived while we where in the zoo so we took a picture with all stuffed toys on the chair :D

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rotterdam, the netherlands - 22nd April 2008

By: goofychicken

sorry for not checking in so often! but ive been helping my host alot lately
will show pictures and tell what ive been up to soon!!!
dont worry im still doing fine and having fun!!

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rotterdam, the netherlands - 29th April 2008

By: goofychicken

hey mum!
desided to go with goofychicken to france
well basicly i wanted to go but then she told me the post offices are on strike this week.. so she gave me the choice.. be packed and lay in a dark scary post office for a few days or go on a vacation to france... yup not that hard choice! so...
hihi but before let me show you the hard work ive been doing at goofychickens mums house
together with the others we painted all walls
godnatt had painted the windows but could not close the paint pot.. so i helped closing it :) sometimes its good being a big cool bouncy monkey!!
me doing some up in the air inspection :D
the birds didnt like us moving them around the room!
well in stead of making enormous amounds of load noice they could have given a hand.. uhm wing?? :rolleyes:
end result did look good :)
even the birds came to there normal spot

last week we had to say bye to Gus
he was realy nervouse for his first trip.. all the way to australia
he is goofychickens toyvoyager

we helped goofy make fudge :)
its to eat on the way to france tomorow
she let us eat the rest of the fudge out of the pan with a spoon!
its so sweet!

well ill be back on sunday
we will be camping  :cyclops: hope its not to cold!!!
then monday ill make a fast update and travel to the UK
poor squiggles he will be all alone then

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rotterdam, the netherlands - 11th May 2008

By: goofychicken

as lonnie is on his way to the next host ill update the logg for her now :)

we went to france and spend some wonderfull days there
we all had a great time and only a little rain the 1st day
here are all toyvoyagers possing in our van :) we all slept in here aswell :)
it was a 1st world war trip and we visited bunkers
here are the TV posing on a altar in a bunker to remember the lifes lost in this war
while we where picknicking we enjoyed the view ALOT!!
when we where traveling interesting places we traveled very nice in the backpack of goofychickens bf!
that way we saw everything 1st row!! without getting tired

ok no tv on here but this is the ossuarium holding 150.000 skelitons of soldiers unknown
very impresive to visit
infront is a huge cemitairy with soldiers who where identified
this is personaly my favorite picture

the view from the top of the ossuarium... so you can see the graves

in romange we visited one of the biggest american graveyards

but not only graves.. they also had cute cows

and we visited fort doumont :)

so when we got home it was time to say goodbye
squiggles checked to box
a big group hugg
getting into the box
packed and ready to go!!

bye bye hope you will arive safe and soon at your new host

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Plymouth, UK - 12th May 2008

By: IttyBittyKitty

Hi mum,  I arrived safe and sound even though the postman ripped the lovely paper my box was wrapped in.  :thinking:  It's been really sunny here and Kitty has promised we can have lots of fun sunbathing while it's sunny and then who knows!!!    B)  I can't wait.  (pics will follow soon)

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Plymouth, UK - 25th May 2008

By: IttyBittyKitty

Hello mum, I had a lovely time at the beach with Kitty and her family but there was no sand only pebbles!!  We had a lovely picnic and played games on the beach.  I even saw a tiny crab in a rock pool  B)    Before we came home we all had icecream mmmmm it was really cold and tasty,but mine kept melting hahaha Sadly there are no pics as Kitty forgot the camera  :(

(sorry i took it out of my bag to put new batteries in and forgot to put it back lol  :cyclops:)

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