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hide my head in the sand

have my photo taken next to an ostrich egg

visit an ostrich farm

meet someone called Alphonse (can also be Alphonsine)

eat as much local food as I can

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Travelog for: Alfonz

Kamnik, Slovenia - 21st September 2007

By: Athena125


I'm Alfonz (Alphonse) the ostrich, currently looking for hosts.

I'd like to travel anywhere, are you my future host?


Shana10212, USA (PC, Shana10214 on TV) arrived!
eclectic_artist, USA (TV)
Violette28, USA (TV)
lepmel, Canada (PC)
TheCrazyTurk, Turkey (PC)
Areir, Greece (TV)
Bleikfis, Norway (PC)
Steve&Helly, UK (TV)
Serafine, UK (PC)
Kaylihi, the Netherlands (TV)
Hopeless, Poland (PC)
Swiss_sunshine, Switzerland (TV)
ChristinaB, Austria (PC, TV)

TV - ToyVoyagers
PC - Postcrossing

Alfonz 3.jpg

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Kamnik, Slovenia - 30th October 2007

By: Athena125

Alfonz started his journey yesterday, he is visiting the USA first.

The travelling order is written in the first post and can still change. Please, CONTACT HIS NEXT HOST before sending him on, if you don't have a Postcrossing or a ToyVoyagers account, I'll be happy to do it for you.

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Tampa, Florida, USA - 10th November 2007

By: shana10214

Today we went to Andrea's friends house for a sleepover! Also there was the flat traveler Elsa Hunaja. We had a great time and ate dinner at a wondeful resteraunt. I ordered pasta but then had icecream for desert. Well, thats all for now but will write soon.

Picture 006.jpg

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Florida, USA - 21st November 2007

By: shana10214

Its Alfonz. I am having an awesome time. Here are some pics of my journey.
Here is me with Andrea's dog Chloe, looking for Thanksgiving cards, reading a fashion magazine, arriving at the grocery store, and hanging out with my best friend Watson.

picvideos 058.jpg
picvideos 057.jpg
picvideos 054.jpg
picvideos 052.jpg
picvideos 038.jpg

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Buggy4526's House, USA - 22nd November 2007

By: shana10214

It is Thanksgiving today!!!
I am at buggy4526's house with a feast! We havent ate yet but we have had appitizers.

1st pic: Egg nog!
2nd Pic: Eating shrimb dip with crackers, yum!
3rd pic: Group picture!
4th Pic: With Andrea!

Yay! Mission completed today, with eating alot of local food!

Glory pic 007.jpg
Glory pic 008.jpg
Glory pic 006.jpg

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In the car, USA - 25th November 2007

By: shana10214

we went to the international plaza mall. I love all the stores there and it is very big. For lunch we had Capital Grill(Steak!) and for dinner, California Pizza Kitchen.
Very yummy!!!

Here is a picture of me and watson being silly.

Today, I sent you a postcard that I picked out.

Sorry for the bad quality picture, the car was moving. Andrea is still learning not to shake the camera :D

picvideos 066.jpg

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Florida, USA - 25th November 2007

By: shana10214

Today guess who I stumbled across! An ostrich! His name is Strechy though, not Aplhonse :(

He is my new friend. I told him all about toyvoyagers, he may want to travel too :)

Here is a picture of him and I.

picvideos 052.jpg

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Orlando, USA - 1st December 2007

By: shana10214

I just fininshed my vacation in Orlando, Florida. Andrea couldnt come so her mom took me. We had a blast but we didnt even go to Disney! We stayed at a really nice hotel called the Swan hotel. We went shopping all weekend. her are some pics from the hotel we stayed in. I am leaving soon from Andrea.

picvideos 065.jpg
picvideos 062.jpg
picvideos 061.jpg

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Florida, USA - 11th December 2007

By: shana10214

Today look who arrived in the mailbox!
It is the little piggy who arrived from Hungary!
I wish we could spend some more time but I am leaving soon.

picvideos 073.jpg

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Florida, USA - 11th December 2007

By: shana10214

I was packed into my bubble enevlope-quite comfy actually-today. I am sad but excited to see more of the USA.
Here I am all packed up.


picvideos 075.jpg

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California, USA - 24th December 2007

By: Violette28

I arrived in sunny California on the same day as Barclay and Purple Bun! Babylonie and Violette's TV, Camille were already here.


I helped decorate the tree and we all got to sample some of the fudge Violette made.



Camille and I helped set up the Nativity scene! :)


Violette came up with the idea to have a Secret Santa gift exchange. Its where everyone picks a name and then you get that person a gift. I picked Barclay! Don't tell anyone, its a secret!


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California, USA - 15th January 2008

By: Violette28

Christmas was so much fun!

On Christmas eve, it was hard to fall asleep! We were so excited for Christmas.


When we woke up there were presents just for us under the tree! Santa even left presents,
I can't believe he found me all the way in California.


Camille got me a present for the gift exchange! She made me a scarf!


Violette's brother got a boat, and its just our size! We wanted to test it out in her pool, but it was too cold. :(


On New Years Eve, we stayed up until midnight watching movies :)


Then we put streamers on Violette’s tree, which is a tradition her family has. Doesn’t it look good? :)


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Porvoo, Finland - 28th October 2009

By: FosterCareHome

Hello everyone!

I arrived safely to Foster Care Home in Finland! I met many kind toyvoyagers allready; Gary Boldie, Banyo, Leonard, Twix and BellaKitten. I'm the first Foster Toy here  B) I feel quite special... My Foster Mom promised I could stay as long as necessary. Maybe one day I can return home but in the meanwhile she'll take care of me. I think I'll like it here :)

Now I will rest from my long journey  :)


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Christmas in Porvoo, Finland - 24th December 2009

By: FosterCareHome

Merry Christmas from snowy Finland!

It's Christmas Eve! The day Finns celebrate Christmas. In the morning we had rice porridge (a tradition), for lunch/dinner we had traditional ham and casseroles (gratins) etc. I spent this Christmas with Gary Boldie, Leonard, Hueso, Banyo and FoxForce.

In this link, you'll find some traditional Finnish Christmas recipes :)

Later in the evening Santa came for a visit! He brought us some gifts as well. We all got "stamp magnets"! Mine has a  Finnish flag stamp on it  :)

The rest of the night we ate some more - also and especially candy  :rolleyes: My host had got us a box of Finnish chocolate. We didn't leave much for the next day...  :)

Merry Christmas everyone! Iloista joulua!

FosterToys (2).JPG
FosterToys (3).JPG
tv_xmas2009 (18).JPG
tv_xmas2009 (7).JPG
tv_xmas2009 (9).JPG
tv_xmas2009 (14).JPG
tv_xmas2009 (15).JPG
tv_xmas2009 (16).JPG

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Porvoo, Finland - 31st December 2009

By: FosterCareHome

Happy New Year to hosts, mentors, toyvoyagers, foster toys - everyone! May the new year 2010 bring you all sorts of fluffy & cute things  :D


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