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Travelog for: Mister_Right

Fairfax, Virginia, United States - 22nd October 2008

By: wmphimu

Hello! I have been having lots of fun so far in Virginia! It is fall, and the weather is crisp and the leaves are changing. I have been playing outside on the pumpkins (everyone has pumpkins on their steps to decorate for fall and Halloween!) and in the leaves!

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Fairfax, Virginia, United States - 1st November 2008

By: wmphimu

Happy Halloween! I helped to celebrate Halloween with our neighbors - look at the cool jack-o-lanterns that the kids next door carved! :)

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Fairfax, Virginia, United States - 7th November 2008

By: wmphimu

What an exciting week here in the United States! Tuesday was election day! I've been following the race while I've been here in the U.S., so I was excited to get to go and vote! Mara and her husband went to vote in the morning - it was rainy, but there was great turnout (there was a line inside the school). We couldn't take pictures too close (or inside), but here we are before we went in!
After I voted, they gave me a sticker to show off!
Because this was such an important election, a lot of businesses had promotions if you came in with your "I voted" sticker. So after we voted, we went to Starbucks for our free cup of coffee!
This also made Mara happy, since Starbucks is her favorite, and Starbucks has switched to their red holiday cups! That night, we went to her parents' house to watch the election returns. Here I am listening to Brian Williams (one of the NBC anchors) tell us about some of the states:
And at 11 pm, they announced that Barack Obama had won the election! We were so excited! Mara let us stay up late with her to watch his speech! And the next morning we all read about the historic election in the paper!
I'm so glad that I was here to be a part of it!

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on a plane to Colorado, United States - 13th November 2008

By: wmphimu

I'm off on my next adventure! I'm off on a first class flight to Colorado - I can't wait! :)

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Grand Junction Colorado, USA - 20th November 2008

By: wourpet

I have arrived in Colorado and met Frogger and Ebba who are already visiting here.


Ebba told me we would try and have lots of fun together.  She said she just came back from Washington,  DC and maybe we were on the same plane together.


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Denver Colorado, USA - 4th December 2008

By: wourpet

Wow -- we are going on a trip.  Here I am at the Denver airport.  We flew here early this morning but we flew in the dark.  Now I can see the planes outside.  It is cold and snowy and windy on this side of the mountains.


The Denver International; Airport is huge and I am going to stay close to Ebba and my host so I do not get lost.




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Detroit, Michigan, USA - 4th December 2008

By: wourpet

Now we are landing in Detroit Michigan.  My host said we will drive from the airport to a campground and lodge at Grass Lake.  Maybe I will be able to go skating.


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St Mary's Ontario, Canada - 8th December 2008

By: wourpet

Wow! -- I woke up this morning in Canada!  It was very cold and snowing at Grass Lake so I curled up under my hosts pillow.  I am glad she remembered to bring me with her when she left.  Once we got back to Detroit she drove to Canada.  Wow, what a surprise!


St Mary's is a little town on the Thames River.  Many of the buildings are made out of stone.




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Sarnia, Ontario, USA - 11th December 2008

By: wourpet

We headed out back to the airport and this time we drove through Sarnia.  I still thought we were in England as we drove past towns named MiddleSex, Plympton and Watford.  It was very very flat.



At Sarnia there was a very big bridge.  Our host said this is the bridge to the USA but not the same one we came up here on.

Half way across the bridge we were left Canada and entered the USA again.  Then we had to go through the border patrol station.


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Detroit, Michigan, USA - 11th December 2008

By: wourpet

We were soon back in Detroit and headed for the airport.




At the Airport we ate at T.G.I.F., also called Fridays.

Wourpet got a platter with something for all of us. 


After we ate we watched and waited for our plane.


The one we would fly back to Denver on had a baby fawn on the tail but I foget her name.


The time Mister Right and I each got our own seat.


But it was more fun watching out the window.


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Denver Colorado, USA - 11th December 2008

By: wourpet

It was just getting dark as we landed in Denver so Ebba and me curled up for a nap all the way back to Grand Junction.


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Remscheid, Germany - 7th August 2009

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,
I arrived in Germany today after a really long journey. I'm so glad!

While my new host Katja was at her workplace the postman brought three envelopes with ToyVoyagers. We had to wait on the stairs until Katja came home.

When she opened my envelope I was welcomed by a lot of ToyVyoagers, there is a kangaroo, a frog, two horses and even more.


BellaKitten and Cutie also arrived today. BellaKitten found a twin here: Prance.

I'll write more tomorrow.


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Remscheid, Germany - 8th August 2009

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,
today two ToyVoyagers left for their next hosts. Katja went to town to take them to the post office. She took BellaKitten, Cutie and me also with her to show us the city centre.

The weather was not so good, it was drizzling, so we only took two photos.



I hope the weather will be better soon, although Katja told me that it is raining rather ofter here. That's why they have so much green in and around the city.

Bye for now

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at home, Germany - 9th August 2009

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,
we helped Katja to bake muffins today. They are not sweet muffins, but savoury muffins with chives. We want to eat them for dinner with a salad of green beans and something with tomatoes. I have never seen such tiny tomatoes!


Katja found a receipe in a cooking book.


We had to mix 250 g flour with 2 tsp. baking powder and 1 tsp. salt in a bowl. In another bowl we mixed 200 ml milk, 80 ml oil and one large egg. Then the flour had to mixed with the liquid ingredients. Finally we added the chopped chives and filled the dough into cups with those paper things you use for baking muffins.





After baking for about 25 - 30 minutes /200C they were ready.


They are really looking good.



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Remscheid, Germany - 11th August 2009

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,
we took a walk today in the outskirts of Remscheid. The city centre is situated on a hill. This hill is quite steep. The municipal area is  large and the several districts are surrounded by woodland or also farmland.

The first photos are taken a few hundreds meter apart from my current home.



This is the district Hasten, one of the oldest districts in the municipal area. You can see lots of those typical old houses here. They are often timer-framed houses or covered with slate. The usually have green shutters. A fun fair will take place here next weekend, that's why the street is decoreated.


We walked downhill for a while and reached the bottom of the valley. A creek is running through the valley. In ancient times industrialization began here. Remscheid is famous for its tool-producing industry. In the valley you can find many old factory buildings, in many of them work is still done.


On the following photo you can see the city centre in the distance. You can see the two towers of the city hall and the water tower. We are living only a few minutes by foot from there.


You can see that the weather is not good, it was even raining for a few minutes.

We walked through a rural district than.






Blackberries! Yummy!
In about two or three weeks they will be ripe. Katja told us that she usually makes a fantastic blackberry liqueur.


This is a special school, a "nature-school". You can learn a lot about plants and animals here, they have a school-garden for example with herbs and different flowers and trees, also fruit trees. Regular schools often go here for a week or two with the pupils. This nature-school is also offering lessons for adults.



We went back home than. Katja chose a path through the municipal park. Oh dear, it is steep again - have a look!


Here you can see it even better.


I was glad when we reached our home. My feet were aching. I'm afraid I am not used to take such long walks.


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