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Meet 5 different Earth animals.

Show Hank how to say "Hello" in five different languages.

Get my picture taken with gnomes.

Learn what your hometown is famous for.

See all the neat buildings, streets, people and landscapes all over!

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Travelog for: Auggie

Vienna, WV, USA - 21st January 2008

By: MissMelissa

Meet Auggie. Auggie (or Augustus when he's in trouble) is an alien from a distant planet. He began his journey many light years ago when he was launched out of his home planet's atmosphere into the universe. He was pointed in Earth's general direction and began to be pulled in to Earth's gravitational force just hours ago. While free-falling from space, he met up with Steve Perry and the other members of Journey and decided to sky-dive to Earth with them. He landed in my yard shortly after that. Armed only with a letter and a tag with some numbers on it, he informed me I was to send him out into the world so he could learn all about Earthly culture until he goes to live with his human sponsor, Hank. Hank will be two when Auggie goes to live with him, where they will no doubt be good pals.

Auggie is looking to visit all over the world and see the various monuments, people, festivals, architecture and weird "Earth-y" things your town has to offer. Auggie likes anything fun, odd or unique about where you live. An official WorldTrip book will be made after his journey closes with any souvenirs and photographs of all of the excellent places Auggie pops up.


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West Virginia, USA - 22nd January 2008

By: MissMelissa

Auggie is patiently waiting his departure. I think he's bored. It snowed a little bit, so he decided to build a snowman. Well, it was more of a slush man, it was getting pretty melty. But Auggie had a good time and enjoyed learning how to engineer a man made of precipitation.


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Vienna, WV, USA - 23rd January 2008

By: MissMelissa

Well, Auggie is on his way to visit Mizzery in Germany for a little while. I'll miss his little face and the rest of the little ones threw him a surprise party. They forgot to take into account that he is an alien and has no idea what a surprise party is. When they all yelled "Surprise!", Auggie ran and hid under the bed. The cake with candles also proved to be a struggle because he felt very threatened by the fire. It all turned out well, and in the end they got a lovely group picture before Auggie ate the banner.

His travel plans are as follows:

Steve & Helly-United Kingdom (HAD A GREAT TIME, THANKS!)
Jiles-The Netherlands(ARRIVED!)



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Greven, Germany - 5th February 2008

By: Mizzery


Today, Auggie arrived save in Germany! He was really really tired by his journey in the tiny envelop and he was glad to come out. Immediatey he showed us the letter which accompanies him to give us some information about himself and his trip. Auggie is the nicest Alien I've ever met!

And I'm sure we will have a lot of fun together!

The first thing Auggie wanted to do in Germany was to lern how to say hello in german as he wanted to send greetings to a special friend.


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Enschede, The Netherlands - 9th February 2008

By: Mizzery

Auggie needed a few days of rest after his journey and we decided to make the first special trip with him on Saturday.

We were very happy to welcome another toyvoyager, Alfred, the same day, and we were even more happy to see they became friends immediately!

Auggie showed Alfred the whole apartment and the places he likes most. 



Unfortunately, our cats weren't that happy with the choice Auggie and Alfred made for their place to rest.


So Auggie and Alfred continued their tour through the apartment. Both were a little scared by the decoration of the living room and wanted to hide but we explained that their's no reason to be frightened as the swords on the wall are just part of our equipment for our historial reenactment group.


And then it was already time to start our trip to the Netherlands. Auggi and Alfred were very excited to be in two different countries on one day!

The drive by car to Enschede was very long and the two boys needed a little break so we decided to make a little stop and go for a walk for a moment.



The first thing we saw in Enschede was a really really big red shoe. Auggie was scared, he thought they have giants in the Netherlands and he wanted to hide in my bag.


But he calmed down and he and Alfred tried to learn more about the Netherlands by reading the newspaper.


What they liked best was not the famous market in Enschede we visited but a pretty huge wallpainting.


When we returned to our apartment, the two little ones were soooo tired and they immediately fall asleep.

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Münster, Germany - 15th February 2008

By: Mizzery

After a few days chilling at home, we planned a trip to Münster, a pretty big town close to Greven.

So they had to say goodbye to their new friends (a little bunch of dragons) to accompanie me to the city.


As Auggie wanted to see more of the countryside of the region we decided to go by train instead of going by car.


One thing, thats very special about Münster is that we have many many churches here. The people always say in Münster either the church bells are ringing or its raining!



Next thing we visited the castle, next to the university of Münster.


We spend some minutes walking through the castle gardens and afterwards went to " das blaue Haus" (the blue house) a famous restaurant here in Münster.


Soon the little toyvoyagers were very tired by the long walk and we paused at a fountain.



But we weren't finished with our trip yet. After the break we made our way to the city hall. It's a very very old building in the center of Münster. It's kind of amazing that such old buildings are next to the modern ones and the shopping streets.


Auggie noticed even more churches than I showed him. In the back around of this picture again: a church.


Auggie also learnd a few more words German! A "Kirche" is a church, a city hall is called "Rathaus" here in Germany and Hello how are you is "Hello, wie geht es Dir?" in German.

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Greven, Germany - 17th February 2008

By: Mizzery

This week the weather is very bad so we had to stay at home.

But that shouldn't be a problem there are so many funny things to do at home.


At first we played a little hide and seek....


It really wasn't easy to find him!

And Auggie was really surprised that we have sooo  many dragons here in Germany...


Afterwards I had to do some housework... but fortunately, all toyvoyagers helped me... they are really good in finding the pairs of the single socks...


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Greven, Germany - 20th February 2008

By: Mizzery

Today it kept on raining and we thought about what to do...

We decided to draw a few paintings. I can say some of the Toyvoyagers are really talented! As took them a few hours to finish the paintings but with a little teamwork they achieved it. I think they can be really proud!


Then I decided to teach Auggie and the others a little German.
And with the help of the dictionarys they learn a few sentences.


I'm on holidays in Germany - Ich mache Urlaub in Deutschland
I'm a Toyvoyager - Ich bin ein Toyvoyager
I travel around the whole world - Ich reise um die ganze Welt

But to study the whole day is to boring and Auggie wanted to listen to some German music to see how much he can understand.


In the evening we wanted to watch a DVD but it was really hard to get them to decide on ONE movie. Unfortunately I don't have a movie with aliens, dogs, marmots and bears all in one...


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Greven, Germany - 22nd February 2008

By: Mizzery

Now, Auggie and the others are well acquainted with our cats and they are even allowed to share the bed with them!


They are good friends now!


But you can't stay in bed all day. So we made a toyvoyagers battle on playstation.


To sad, Auggie isn't good in playing such games... his armes are toooo short.


That's why we decided to do something everyone can do: we started to read for a little while.


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Greven, Germany - 24th February 2008

By: Mizzery

As it's the last day Auggie and Alred are spending with us, we wanted to show them part of our postcrossing collection because they wanted to know where they are going next. They were so fascinated by the cards that they started to build a card house. They started with a small one...


and then they made it higher and higher...


but it's not easy to build a card house when a little cat is around...


So, unfortunately all broke down before they had achieved to build a house of all cards..


But then it was time to say goodbye for Auggie and Alfred, so we made one last visit to Siggi who's a huge Viking worrior living in our apartment.



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St Orens, France - 10th March 2008

By: Mood

Auggie arrived safely today in his strange german flying saucer :

He was welcomed by Blue Rat

Oooh my god ??? I'm looking twice ???

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Toulouse, France - 17th March 2008

By: Mood

Ground control to Major Hank ....


héhéhh, Here I am in the City of the Space of Toulouse

Mood told me I might meet some aliens there, but none of them ...
Here I am in front of the ERS on the left (Earth Observation Satellite) and the Soyouz spacecraft (on the right)

And behind me you can see the Russian Mir space station, near the TerraDoma

Hey! Look!!! I found my next means of transport:
the Ariane 5 launch vehicle!! Just perfect!!!!

Oh oh ?? What's this ???

Looks like Saturn??

Well in fact, it's the CNES entrance (the Spatial Center of Toulouse)

Hello Hank, it's me, reflected in Saturn !!!

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Toulouse, France - 22nd March 2008

By: Mood

You remember that one of my missions is to meet 5 different earth animals ... so today, I have decided to go and explore the countryside, looking for some specimens...
I thought I had found one, but when I tried to be in contact with it ... nothing ...only a very good fragrance.

Just after it, I felt so strange ?? as if I had traveled miles away, anf found myself in a cool and warm place ...

You say cool I think ??

In fact, Mood told me it was Californian poppy...

Then after an hour walking : my very first close encounter with an earth animal !!! Look !! just behind me...!
Well ... once again, I try to talk to him, but nothing ... I even tried to call him "Médor" as I've heard people call their pets this way, but still no answer ... I suppose I'll never know  what kind of animal it was... anyway ...  when I left, I just heard some kind of growl ...

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St Orens, France - 25th March 2008

By: Mood

We had a new guest today :

coming from Switzerland, his name is Robinson


He's a parrot, that is to say, he repeats everything all the time. It's his job ...!
As we are going to spend time together, we have decided to try to know each other better. Blue Rat had the idea, so he took a white board, and we began to draw about us... Here is my family (mum and dad):

As I wanted to learn more about the animal I met the other day, I draw this picture :

They just laughed ... and I still don't know about it ...
Anyway, I could learn how to say hello in 3 different languages, look !

1/ German:

2/ Russian:

3 / French:

I hope you take notes Hank !!!

Then it was time to say good bye to Blue Rat who was going away the next day ... So we drank some Ti Punch (white rhum with lemon), and ate some guadeloupean chocolate ... very tasty I must say!!!

then he took his flying cube and waved good byyyyye my friends !!!!

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Toulouse, France - 30th March 2008

By: Mood

Sightseeing tour today !!!
I climbed up an earth machine (they call it bus):

that took me to the center of the city of Toulouse : Place du Capitole

The Capitole is the building behind me (this is the townhall in fact) (you can see the french flag)

and near this fountain


here is the first thing I met :

Have you seen these bric-à-brac windows :
earth people are really untidy!!

It reminds me Mum when she asks me tidy your capsule!!!!

By the way, let me introduce you to my new friend "Horodateur" the pay and display machine

Then here I am in front of and old gothic convent whose name is the AUGUStins ...
It's a sculpture museum ...

and here is the St Sernin basilic

now the Pont Neuf upon the river Garonne

and the Donjon

but its started to rain, so I stopped my visit, and found a shelter under this beautiful french phone box

Allo Hank??? Auggie's speaking

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