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Travelog for: Minerva

Novosibirsk, Russia - 4th January 2008

By: Oksana

Today Oksana has taken me and Curly to the exhibition devoted to Christmas. We've seen there many very beautiful Christmas trees and other decorations.

Then we also saw Budha:

And here I'm with the ancient Russian town made of wood:

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Novosibirsk, Russia - 7th January 2008

By: Oksana

Merry Russian Christmas! Do you know that Russian have their Christmas not on Dec. 25, but on Jan.7? It's because Russian belong to Orthdox church.
Today Oksana  has taken me and Curly to the cafe. She has there a meeting with her friends. She and her friends make teddybears and other toys.
As you can see we met there many new friends. We were chatting and drinking capuchino with sweets :)

After that  Oksana took us to the Russian church.
We could hear the real bell there and church singing.

Then we went to the mall. We went shopping there and then had a lunch in a cafe.
And there was a skating rink!

By the way we found there a very interesting shop with teddybears and clothes for them- A Build A Bear Workshop.
I liked it very much!!

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Novosibirsk, Russia - 19th January 2008

By: Oksana

Today is a great Christian holiday in Russia-Epiphany- the day of the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River by John the Baptist.
We've decided to go for a walk today. At first Oksana took me and Curly to the central park- there was the festival of snow sculpture. People from many other Russian cities and former Soviet republics took part in that festival. Most of all I liked the sculpture of a camel and a dove with a town.

And here it is the monument of 2 storks- the symbol of a new family. Newly- weds often come here to make photos with these storks.

And here is the Chapel of Alexander Nevskij (May 30, 1220? November 14, 1263) - the national Russian hero. He was the Grand Prince of Novgorod and Vladimir during some of the most trying times in the country's history. Commonly regarded as the key figure of medieval Russia, Alexander was the grandson of Vsevolod the Big Nest and rose to legendary status on account of his military victories over the German invaders while employing shrewd conciliatory policies towards the powerful Golden Horde.

We also found some old Russian wooden houses- Oksana thinks that they were build in the begining of the 20th century... They look really very beautiful and unusual near modern buildings...

Then we went to the dolls exhibition, but Oksana mixed the dates, so it turned out that the exhibition was not opened yet. Luckily Oksana met there a friend of her who invited us to come in and see the dolls before the exhibition would be opened.  That was very nice! All the dolls were made by Novosibirsk  authors.

Then we went to the Voznesensky Cathedral. You know because the Epiphany all Russian churches were overcrowded. People came there to attent the church service and to take some holly water home.

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Novosibirsk, Russia - 20th January 2008

By: Oksana

Today Curly is leaving to Moscow to his next host Kristle.
We wake up very early and Oksana baked the apple pie. We had our breakfast- the apple pie turned to be very tasty!

Then we had some time with Curly- we were chatting and reading a magazine. We tried to be merry, but still we felt very sad because we had to part with our good friend.

We all wish you a nice trip, dear Curly!! We are already missing you!

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Novosibirsk, Russia - 20th January 2008

By: Oksana

When we parted with Curly, Oksana took me for a walk to another district of Novosibirsk. We could see there  many old buildings (build approximately in the 1950s years), many interesting sculptures made of metal and stone.
For example it's a sculpture of a poet- looks very lovely :)
And this is the monument to the Soviet soldier who was fighting with Nazi Germany in 1941-1945 years.

This is the sculpture of a clown.

Me and trees in snow... Looks very beautiful!

The Gorky Palace of Culture (named after the famouse Russian writer Maxim Gorky.


The drug-store:

This is the sculpture of a famouse Russian fairy-tale's character- Doctor Aibolit (like English Doctor Dolitle)

And here I'm with the sculpture of a crow from a Russian fable "Fox and crow" writen by Ivan Krylov (February 13, 1769 - November 21, 1844) - Russia's best known fabulist)  in 1807.

Look what a huge umbrella! It stands near the  shoes shop.

And here I'm near the Palace of Sport "Siberia". Frankly speaking it doesn't look like a palace at all. It's a big stadium for winter sports like ice hockey and figure skating.

This is another monument which consists of 3 statues of women:

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Novosibirsk, Russia - 23rd January 2008

By: Oksana

Today I'm going to Moscow to Kristl
I was told that Moscow is the capital of Russia. I feel so-o excited, because soon I will see that world famouse city myself.
But I feel a bit sad, because I have to part with my host Oksana and my new friends. Here I'm with my friends.
They wish me a nice journey.
Bye, dear friends! I really had a nice time in Novosibirsk. I will miss you!

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Moscow, Russia - 19th February 2008

By: kristl

Hey-hey! Finally I've arrived to Moscow!! I'm happy cause my trip was tooooooo long!! And not very pleasant actually, cause I supposed that the post sent me the wrong way.. And it was really so!!! They sent me somewhere, then back, and only then to Moscow!! Ush!!

But I'm happy that I'm finally here! There are many other TVs here, so I won't be alone) And I'm happy to meet Curly again :)

All the photos will come soon, cause now I need rest ;)

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Moscow, Russia - 19th February 2008

By: kristl

Here're some fotos from the post office where all the TVs came to meet me.

Here am I! Hello, I'm in Moscow!


Rangler came to help me get out of the box. That was very nice of him, but I was so tired from the road that I just couldn't get out.


Though I was very happy to arrive finally to Moscow.

Then other TVs came to say Hello to me :)

Elisabeth just jumped into my box!! :)


Then came Squiggles, Decker and Flora.


And then - Snowy and Curly. I was glad to meet Curly again! It's much fun to meet other TVs many times during your journeys :)


An here's out TV-company :)


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Moscow, Russia - 20th February 2008

By: kristl

Today we went for a visit to another flat where Kristl had some business to do. She said that we won't be bored cause there're many other toys there that we would be glad to meet.

She was absolutely right!!

She told us about a very old dog called S'ema that lives in a big armchair. She suggeste us to visit him cause he can tell us many interesting stories. And so did we. All the TV-bears decided to visit S'ema.


We took some sweets to give him.


We came to S'ema one by one introducing ourselves and asking him to tell us something interesting. He was very happy that we visited him, he said that it's quite boring to sit all days there on the armchair, though he has his best friend with him.

I decided to kiss him, cause I liked him very much.







Then we all sat around him and listened many wonderful stories and fairy-tales!! That was a perfect day! I hope to visit S'ema once more and tell him about my adventures as a ToyVoyager.


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Zheleznodorozhny, Russia - 10th March 2008

By: kristl

Hello-hello, today we went with Kristl to an Italian cafe! It was nice there :)



I even managed to aste some beer :)


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Zheleznodorozhny, Russia - 10th March 2008

By: kristl

While walking in Zheleznodorozhny we found a very nice graffity :) May be it's not a graffity at all but I like it)


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Moscow, Russia - 13th March 2008

By: kristl

Hey-hey, today we've made a great sightseeing tour in the Moscow centre!!

We walked in the small street right in the centre when we saw (just near us!!) a fire in a house (there were many fire engines and many people) - we went from this place as soon as possible. It was there - you can still see the smoke..


The photo is taken prom a small square near the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour



This way is Kremlin:


And in that direction is the Moscow-River:


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Moscow, Russia - 13th March 2008

By: kristl

Then we went to The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts:


All the pupils are use to visit this museum, there are alot of interesting things there, but almost all of them are copies of famous artworks, good for studying, I think


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Moscow, Russia - 13th March 2008

By: kristl

We wanted to visit Kremlin, but it was closed cause it was Thurthday :(

I studied the plan of Kremlin in details to be able to find there everything I want if I get there one day.


Then we went to the Red Square. Behind me you can see the Nikolskaya Tower and the State Historical Museum.


Here is GUM - the most famous shopping centre in Moscow:


In front of it there was a skating rink but now it's being removed.

The walls of Kremlin:


The Spasskaya Tower:


The Saint Basil's Cathedral:



Another wall of Kremlin and more towers:


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Moscow, Russia - 13th March 2008

By: kristl

After walking in the city centre we went to the post office, cause Curly, Snowy and Rangler had to leave Moscow. I wished them all a wonderful journey and many adventures!!


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