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Travelog for: Kennedy

At home, England - 29th October 2007

By: teddychoc

Kennedy is awaiting a host to take her on her voyage out into the wild.
Please do not make her wait too long
Teddychoc (Kennedy's owner) :

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Duffield, England - 31st October 2007

By: teddychoc

Kennedy Moose is on her way to Russia. She has been looking forward to this ever since Kristl offered to be her host. Here she is looking at where she is going and preparing for her voyage.

map letter small 000_0262.JPG

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Moscow, Russia - 23rd November 2007

By: kristl

Hello, I've arrived to Moscow!! It's very cold here, so I came in Kristl's rucksack to her University.

At the post office I met one more TV who came here - BearyLuv :) And Kristl says that four more are waiting for us in her flat!! I don't think it'll be boring here :)

I just forgot to post a photo that we made with BearyLuv at Kristl's University :)


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Zheleznodorozhny, Russia - 2nd December 2007

By: kristl

Hello-hello!! Today we went for a walk to a park!! There was much snow there and many firs and pines stood covered with it! It was very beautiful causethe day was sunny and nice :)



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Zheleznodorozhny, Russia - 3rd December 2007

By: kristl

Today we stayed at home cause the weather was awful :( On the weekends it was quite cold, but sunny, now it is +2 and it's almost raining..

When we were taking breakfast, Kristl told us a bit about some food she is used to eat in the morning :)


Here are:
glacÚ curd cake with chocolad and nuts, very tasty :))
condensed milk with kakao ;) Can be eaten with bread, but is very tasty without bread too :))


Then Kristl decided to write some New Year cards and we could see how the Russian New Year cards look like. Kristl explained us that they do not celebrate Christmas as we do. They celebrate the New Year on 31th Dec - 1st Jan. Christmas is on 7th Jan, but this is only a religious holiday. So our Christmas is their New Year :) Can you see Santa here? It's not Santa!!)) It's "Grandfather Frost", the one who gives the New Year presents ;)


Then Bumba found a greeting card with a very nice girl. She is called Snow Maiden ("Snegurochka"), she is granddaughter of Grandfather Frost and she allways comes with him :)


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Moscow, Russia - 5th December 2007

By: kristl

Today we went for a walk to the Moscow Centre and I could see myself many famous buildings!

Here you can see State Historical Museum. And behind me you can see the Nikolskaya Tower of Kremlin.



And here's the Red Square! You can also see the Spasskaya Tower (with chiming clock), the Senate Tower, Lenin's Mausoleum near it, skating-rink and New Year Tree.


Here are Iberian Gate and Chapel, the entrance to the Red Square:


And here's the most famous shopping centre in Moscow - GUM (Main Universal Store)!


This is the skating-rink organized by GUM on the Red Square ;)



The New Year Tree on the Red Square!


Saint Basil's Cathedral - one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Moscow!



The Spasskaya Tower once more:


The small one is the Tsar Tower:


Then we went to the main library in Russia - Russian State Library! And here's Dostoevsky Monumet in front of it:


There was a New Year Tree near the library and I saw a picture of a cat near it. Kristl told that it is a very famous cat from Russian cartoons, he's called Leopold and his motto is "Let's live in peace and friendship!". I liked him!


On the other side there was a dog and a cat playing guitar. They appeared to be Matroskin the Cat and Sharik the dog from another famous cartoon - Three from Prostokvashino.


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Moscow, Russia - 15th December 2007

By: kristl

Today Kennedy was sent back to Teddyhoc. Good bye, dear Kennedy, have a nice trip, we'll miss you!!!

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At home,Duffield, England - 21st December 2007

By: teddychoc

Kennedy has arrived home safely she is already missing Kristl

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At home,Duffield, England - 22nd December 2007

By: teddychoc

Kennedy has had another offer to go somewhere this time it's the USA soon she will be off!!!!!

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hazelwood, england - 30th May 2008

By: teddychoc

:rolleyes: kennedy is of to florida then to california
;) :p

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