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To make people happy

To explore Wiltshire

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Travelog for: Randolf Rabbit

Wootton Bassett, England - 14th November 2007

By: Steve & Helly

I was bought to support my local Hospice Charity shop.

I was sat on a shelf, all lonely, so I decided to do something about it. I hopped to the front of all the toys and tried to look cute, clasping my hands in front of me. It worked!!

I'm ever so excited as I'm going to be released into the wild tonight. I can't wait. I'm on my way out the door now!

My only mission at the moment is 'to make people happy'. If you are my finder please set other missions for me and help me to have exciting times.

Thank you



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Churchil house, wootton bassett, UK - 15th November 2007

By: sarah

i was found on a table in the resturant and was put to work!!!

I tryed pulling pints, chopping carrots, although i think i ate more than what i was supposed too!!!

I learnt how to microwave and bake food. i was given gloves to wear i dont think i put it on quite right though!!! lol

i then became the Salad Bar Kid but quickly learnt that i shouldnt play with knives, although i got a smart blue plaster to cover it up!!!!

All this hard work made me very sleepy, but i managed to find a place to stay for the night so i will be ready for more adventures tomorrow  :D


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St John Ambulance, Rodbourne, Swind, UK - 20th November 2007

By: Jaycee Bubbles

Because of the plaster on my eye, I thought I better get it checked out so i hopped into my local St John to see if they could help.
They were very friendly and gave me a big bowl of carrotts because they said it would help me see better in the dark.
Everything was OK so I joined in with their training course.
They taught me how to do CPR and I offered to do it on the Guy next to me. BUT....the Trainer said he was a bit past help at this stage.
So I got in their ambulance and drove off to my next destination.


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Emanuel Church Haydon Wick, UK - 20th November 2007

By: Jaycee Bubbles

I have been to visit a Girl Guide group this evening and thy were not in uniform !!! They had all turned up in their PJ's with curling tongs, nail varnish, massage lotion and lots of other things that smell.

Firstly I spent some time with the Guides who gave me my own back pack for my Travels and a badge to go on the outside.  - I can collect things on my travells now!!

The Guides were having a 'Girls night in' Party and offered to curl my ears and paint my toenails but i politely declined !!

Next I spent time with the Rangers who offered me lots of chocolate.......Yum Yum...I must remember where this is so i can come back.
Tomorrow I go to college....(Get me sum ed ma cation!)


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Swindon College North Star, UK - 21st November 2007

By: Jaycee Bubbles

Well, here I am on my first day at College.....Although I am a very intellegent Rabbit I felt the need to check if there was a course I could take. I found everything a little bit BIG !!! Wow, look at this fantastic picture on the wall......
I hopped up onto a post to get a better look and check out the new building.......................Better take a look inside and see who I can find there.
Now lets see....Hmmmmm.......check the computer for places to go. (already found the street map on a desk, so will have a look at this later.)
Was just checking out the staffroom when I heard a familiar sound and looked around to see Roddy.....he lives in the staff room with a lot of good looking and highly intellegent ladies and gents. Roddy and I had a great time together and he invited me to stay and check the place out.


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Swindon college, UK - 22nd November 2007

By: Petit Chou

Spent the day working hard at college!
Randolph helped out in a tutorial session and experienced the delights of working with the Interactive whiteboard.
He wrote his name on the whiteboard and thought it was really cool!

Had a great big luxury hot choc in the refectory, the cup was soooo big that someone had to help me out!

Randolph W.JPG
Randolph W1.JPG
Randolph W2.JPG

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