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Travelog for: Super Grover

Haynes Motor Museum, England - 15th June 2008

By: Steve & Helly

Look at this . . .


It's me in a £170,000 1930's four and a half litre Bentley and I'm about to go around the race track. I'm going to be driven by a driver and go with Helly's Dad.

Mabel1 053.jpg
Mabel1 051.jpg

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Sparkford, England - 15th June 2008

By: Steve & Helly


Lots of speed and lots of fun!

My cape blew in the wind behind me we went SO fast.

Mabel1 061.jpg

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Avebury, England - 16th June 2008

By: Steve & Helly

Back to Avebury.

The first stop was to see the Adam and Eve stones. Only two stones remain of another procesional avenue of stones which lead to Avebury.

Then I stopped briefly in Avebury itself.

I'm off now, to the post office and on into the world.

I've enjoyed my stay. I hope to return in the future and visit Stonehenge for real.

SG x

Mabel1 082.jpg
Mabel1 084.jpg
Mabel1 086.jpg

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Guargacho, Tenerife, Spain - 26th June 2008

By: katjaintenerife

Hello mummy!

I'm in Tenerife now! My new host Katja came back from holiday on Monday evening and found me in an envelope. There was also another ToyVoyager welcoming me, Dirkie and then we found another ToyVoyager too in another envelope; Chip. He was actually supposed to go travel with Dirkie a couple of weeks ago but unfortunately he didn't arrive in time :( Well I hope that we both get to see a lot of Tenerife while we're here! You're probably wondering why I haven't updated earlier..Katja's had so much to do since she came back that we haven't really been able to go anywhere and yesterday she was working for 24 hours too. This morning we went to the estate agents and got some photos on our way there. Dirkie was also very kind in showing us the house and also introducing us to Felix, Katja's cat.

Here's me with a nice red flowered tree on the background

Here's us three in Katja's car.

I was a bit scared when I noticed Felix's teeth..I thought he was going to eat me!

..but no, I think he was only jawning as we woke him up..

This is us again with the sauna elf

..and again with a big aloe vera plant.

And that's me posing on a smaller aloe vera

Well that's it for today. Dirkie's leaving tomorrow so there will be just me and Chip here. I think we'll get on great with him, he's a great monkey! :)

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El Camison, Las Americas, Spain - 28th June 2008

By: katjaintenerife


Today we've been to Katja's work, well we are still here because she works 24 hour shifts. She works as an interpreter/receptionist in a small tourist surgery. She says that most summer days are very quiet, same as today has been, but winter time is really busy because that's when all the Scandinavians come over to Tenerife. Also Katja was bored while at work so she decided to look for some hotels and actually booked one in Puerto de la Cruz for next Saturday which is great because I've been told that the northern side of the island is very different from the southern side where I am at the moment so it'd be great to see that too and maybe we'll go over Teide when we come back *wink*wink* ;)

We had a look around Katja's work place. There's not really much to see put here are some photos anyway.

That's us on the desk

This photo was taken from the front door, unfortunately it was too bright on the back ground and me and Chip are not in our best colours there...

That's us again on the x-ray machine

We were a bit too small to have an ECG done with this..

And that's us with some medical material

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Tenerife, Spain - 29th June 2008

By: katjaintenerife


Today Spain won the football Euro Cup. My host is really not into football so you won't hear a big deal about it from me either. But we did take a photo outside her work with a Spanish flag decorating someone balcony upstairs, obviously to support the Spanish team. It must have worked :)


We went to a shop called Iceland today in Los Cristianos so we got some photos of Los Cristianos. We finally saw the sea too!






Well that's it for today. I'll write you soon,

Super Grover

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Puerto de la Cruz, Spain - 5th July 2008

By: katjaintenerife

Hola mummy!

Today (well the date of the update) we went to Puerto de la Cruz for a mini break. We stayed in a hotel called La Perla which was ok, but not one of the best ones you could find. But it was all inclusive so we could eat and drink as much as we wanted. Don't worry, I didn't drink too much :) Because it was all inclusive, we didn't have much time to explore Puerto de la Cruz because we had to go eat all the time and also on Sunday, when we left, it was raining. Here are some photos we took:

This was taken on our way to Puerto de la Cruz. You can see Teide, the vulcano in Tenerife, on the background. You will see my adventures on Teide in my next update.

This is me and Chip walking in Puerto de la Cruz, near the hotel.

On this one you can see some palm trees on the background.

This tree is called dragon tree. It's a very characteristical tree for Tenerife.

And here's me and lots of grass...

If you want to see more photos, you can go here and see all of them.

I'll write about our adventures on Teide soon!



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Teide National Park, Spain - 6th July 2008

By: katjaintenerife


Finally I've had a chance to tell you about our trip to Teide. We went there from Puerto de la Cruz where it was raining but when we got on Teide, there were no clouds about because we had gone through them. Teide National Park is one of the UNESCO world heritages and the vulcano, Teide, is 3718m high. We didn't go all the way to the peak because first you have to take a cable car and then you'd have to have a permission from the National Park council to climb up to the peak. Even my hosts haven't done that. They've gone up on the cable car that takes you to 3555m. The cable car leaves from 2356m so that's about the height where we were. We took loads of pictures but I won't put all of them here because that'd make this update really long. But you can see them all on the site I gave you in my last update.

This is us, me and Chip on our way to Teide, travelling through the clouds :)

Here we are travelling through clouds and ROAD WORKS...they are everywhere..

This is me and as you can see, we are above the clouds!

We're getting closer to Teide...

This is us with Teide on our background.

I was told that the Planet of the Monkeys and some Star Wars films were filmed here because it's very moonlike here. They covered the road with sand and chose places where there weren't that many bushes.

This is us again with Teide on the background and also the famous rock which is on many postcards. Katja doesn't know what it's called though.

And here's a bit clearer photo of Teide and the rock.

This is us with a tall plant behind us. Winter time they have red flowers on them and Katja says that they look really nice.

This is me flying!!!!

This photo was taken a lot lower down the mountain.

And on this one you can already see villages and towns and even the coast line.

Well I hope you liked the photos and I hope to update again soon!

Take care,

Super Grover

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Troya Beach, Las Americas, Tenerife, Spain - 26th July 2008

By: katjaintenerife


Today we've finally been on the beach! :) It was really warm and the sand was nice and hot too. I think I even got a bit of a tan :)

Here are some photos of me on the beach





Well on Tuesday I'll be leaving Tenerife to go to Norway so this is one of my last posts from Tenerife...

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Tenerife, Spain - 29th July 2008

By: katjaintenerife

I'm now on my way to Norway :)

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Levanger, Norway - 10th September 2008

By: Altaira

Super Grover is in the building!

I arrived late to beautiful, scenic Levanger, but was in good shape upon my arrival despite the delay. When I arrived, I was sleepy and wanted to unpack my stuff, so we waited until the next day to go on an excursion. We went to see one of the beautiful sunsets of the county Nord-Trøndelag, Norway. I am packed with ideas of places to visit, as I have already had plenty of time on my flight here to read about ancient Norwegian history and worthwhile sites of this particular region. I can't wait to see some ancient historical viking sites! I am so happy to finally be here :) :) :)

Stay tuned! :D

20080908 Super Grover excursion 01-01b.jpg

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Skogn, Norway - 13th September 2008

By: Altaira

The Amazing Super Grover Nature Excursion!

Today I went to a village called Skogn, looking for interesting natural phenomena - and boy! did I find some! Look at this lovely ladybird that I am beholding on this one picture, and in the other one I am cuddling a dog rose - how idyllic! :) :) :)

20080913 Super Grover excursion 01-02c.jpg
20080913 Super Grover excursion 01-01c.jpg

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Trondheim, Norway - 13th October 2008

By: Altaira

I was bathing - in October! *brrrr* Really refreshing!  :stare:

200809xx Super Grover bathing 01b.jpg

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Stjørdal, Norway - 31st October 2008

By: Altaira

My host took me to a farm to see some cows - but this was the closest I dared to come near them... I was impressed by their calm way of handling the absurdity of their existence. Very wise and majestic animals.

200809xx Super Grover rawhide 01.jpg

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Stjørdal, Norway - 1st November 2008

By: Altaira

The next day we saw a billy goat! (Or whatever it's called...)

200809xx Super Grover buck 01b.jpg

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