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Travelog for: Oscar Jaguar

Heredia, Costa Rica - 17th January 2008

By: deleted_member

Hi! My name is Oscar and I'm a Jaguar. I'm just a baby but I'm very brave ROARR, you see?

I'm from Costa Rica and new to ToyVoyagers. I hope to start traveling in two months from now, because I want to see a little of my country first.

Today, I was exploring my new home. It has a very nice backyard where I can play!

Look all the exciting places I will be visiting soon! Message my mommy if you want to have me as a guest in your house :)

•    ormembar in LJ - Montreal Canada
•    Splicegraph in TV - Ontario, Canada
•    starbursidereus in LJ (and TV) - Ontario, Canada
•    bethesurrealist in LJ - Vancouver, Canada
•    violette28 in TV - California, U.S.A.
•    msmasucc in LJ (masucci in TV) - Michigan, U.S.A.
•    Michele_one_L in TV - New York, U.S.A
•    wmphimu in TV - Virginia, U.S.A.
•    Seymour in TV – Chile
•    Ocean_Soul13 in TV and LJ – Fife, Scotland
•    mubblegum_cake in LJ - London, UK
•    alytes in LJ - Madrid, Spain
•    panienka in TV - The Hague, The Netherlands
•    fam-united in TV - Bruchsal, Germany
•    BlackCat in TV – Essen, Germany
•    kristl in TV - Moscow, Russia
•    Prowl_Worshipper at TV - New South Wales, Australia
•    yaussie in LJ - New South Wales, Australia

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Heredia, Costa Rica - 18th January 2008

By: deleted_member

Hi there! I'm so happy, today I went out for the first time ever. First, I went to the grocery store with mommy. It was a very colorful place, and I am now the King of the Peppers, Roarrrrr! The lady there said I was cute ^_^

Then we went to the Post Office in Bel้n, it's a small house and the ladies there pet me and said I was cute, it might be true, since everyone keeps saying it! They helped me find my weight, I'm 149 grams, how cool is that?




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Heredia, Costa Rica - 19th January 2008

By: deleted_member

:thinking: I'm just waiting in front of our computer, I hope many people will want to host me... I also hope someone will come visit soon, I have friends in here but they don't have much of an adventurous spirit like me.

ene19 001.jpg

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Heredia, Costa Rica - 20th January 2008

By: deleted_member

I made a new friend. His name is Felpudo and he has lived in this house since December. Let me tell you something else about him, he's the best one to cuddle with!  :p


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Heredia, Costa Rica - 21st January 2008

By: deleted_member

I was pretty relaxed today, mommy and I stayed at home and I watched her do her crafts... she said if I paid enough attention today then I could help with something simple tomorrow. ROAR!  :)

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La Uruca, Costa Rica - 22nd January 2008

By: deleted_member

I went to La Uruca in San Jos้ today!
First we went to Sur, where they make paintings (the kind you use to paint your house)... the bad thing was I didn't get to go inside (mommy said I could make a mess playing with the paintings).



The cool thing was they had a big banner giving me a welcome... in 6 languages!


There was also a nice view, because San Jos้ is surrounded by mountains.


And the building was nice, because I could see myself in the walls ^_^ I think all the ladies were right... I am cute! ROAR


Then I found a wall with pretty orange flowers, mommy told me these are called "triquitraque", I played with them for a while!


After that we went to a hardware store, and bought some wood painting... I liked it because it was almost the same color as me!


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Heredia, Costa Rica - 22nd January 2008

By: deleted_member

After buying a couple of things we left from the hardware store.

I had so much fun riding in the car.

But then noticed the sun was starting to set down... I ran to the window to see all the pretty colors!

It was amazing! I need to see more sunsets... I wonder if they look the same in every country :rolleyes:


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Heredia, Costa Rica - 30th January 2008

By: deleted_member

I was helping mommy fill some postcards to her friends, and I found my photo! I didn't know I was that famous they put my face on the postcards, but that made me really happy. I'm also excited because a friend ToyVoyager is coming to visit, I'll let you know when she's here!  :cyclops:

ene22 050.jpg

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Heredia, Costa Rica - 2nd February 2008

By: deleted_member

Our first guest is arrived today! Her name is Mimi and she's a little mouse. She came all the way from Germany!

I think she didn't like me much at first.

But after a little talk we really connected! :) I just had to promise I wouldn't eat her!  :p

Then I showed her my beloved backyard, my favorite place of this house! Because it's just as a personal jungle... She's so light I carried her in my back, that was fun!  :D

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Esparza, Puntarenas, Costa Rica - 3rd February 2008

By: deleted_member

I had so much fun this Sunday! My mommy took Mimi and me to a party in Puntarenas province. It was really hot, but with some wind that made the weather nice. First we went to a plant nursery. And I felt like the King of the place ^__^

Then we went to our farm, it's the first time I go, but it was great! It has lots of tree and nature. I relaxed in a big hammock, enjoying the view.

But then some music woke me up, it was a marimba! They play some typical music, and we all had a great time.

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Esparza, Puntarenas, Costa Rica - 9th February 2008

By: deleted_member

Hi! I've missed writing in here... it's just I've been a little busy, making sure everything is in order before I leave to Canada.  :D

On Saturday, we received a new guess, Pipari from Scotland!

Minutes after that, the four of us (Mimi, Pipari, Mommy, and I) were in the car, driving to Puntarenas (Mommy did most of the driving... we were all looking at the view through the windows). It was an hour and a half, and then we arrived to Esparza, to our farm.



It was a beautiful day :-) Very sunny!
This was the first time I slept in our cabin.

We all were so happy to be there together, since we could play a lot together in such a big space!

Many adventures to come...  :D

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