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Travelog for: Maybe

Vienna, WV, USA - 30th January 2008

By: MissMelissa

Yet another other-worldly being has showed up at my house. This one says her name is Maybe. She told me, before I could even say anything, that her parents just found the first Earthy word that they could. It has caused her much confusion so far.


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Vienna, WV, USA - 31st January 2008

By: MissMelissa

Maybe is settling in nicely, but she's very eager to get going on her trip. She's hanging out near a kusudama because it reminds her of home. She's also taken a shining to Hello Kitty.


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Vienna, WV, USA - 8th February 2008

By: MissMelissa

Maybe is has begun her journey. She was packed up yesterday. Here are her travel plans so far:

panienka-The Netherlands(THANK YOU, HAD A GREAT TIME!)
Fleurdunord-France (THANK YOU, FLEUR! HAD A GREAT TIME!)
hsuan1223-Taiwan (ARRIVED!)
Anni Sugar-Australia
shana10214-Florida USA

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Den Haag, The Netherlands - 13th February 2008

By: panienka

Whello whello!
Maybe calling Earth! Anybody there?

I've arrived safely yesterday, I only travelled for 6 day's! I was impressed! My host let me out of the envelope yesterday and at first I was a little shy..

but, she promised me a really nice and long shower, so I got out! And enjoyed it! No men around and I showered as long as I wanted!

After the shower I went around in the house, to meet some new friends! They were all nice, but they're all from Holland! But, you know what?! I've heard that I might gonna  meet Appollo soon! He's going to one of the friends of my host!


Today we had a stay-at-home-day because my host had to study. I've been with her on MSN messenger and the internet too. And I took a look into her calender. She's way to busy but she promised me to take me out this weekend!

When i looked around in her house, I saw a nice picture of a beautifull lady! Can you see the resemblence? :)

Tomorrow I will go with my host to the university and she'll take me in the Dutch train too! I'm soooo excited!

Take care and don't miss me too much!

big kiss,

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The Hague, Holland! - 19th February 2008

By: panienka

Hi there!

Well, i've been with my host to her University by train! That was really cool! I have never been in a Dutch train!
First we had to wait at the station and I saw a big yellow train, just standing there. My host told me that it was actually a small train and that the train we were going to travel with, would be a big double decker. It's a pity we didn't get a picture of that one, but we had to rush to get in!

Our trip went from The Hague via Leiden and Schiphol to Amsterdam. There we got off and we walked to the Uni. During lectures I had to stay in the bag, no problem because I wouldn't have understood anything! On our way back, I got on the photo with those maaaaaany bikes they have in Holland! Oh, AND I've got proof I was at Schiphol station :)

Here we were waiting for the train...but it didn't come yet

So, I got on the photo with the stationed train :)

This was IN the train, waiting to leave Leiden Central Station

The many bikes at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam...

AND: the proof I have been at Schiphol too!

Hope you like my photo's! I really enjoyed it!
Wait untill you see the other photo's!!!

bye bye from a windy Holland,


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Den Haag, The Netherlands - 25th February 2008

By: panienka

Hello, hello!

I'm sooo very sorry I haven't been able to reach you before! My host has been very, very busy and she's travelled a lot between Uni and her home. Therefore she didn't have had time yet, to take me into town, but she promised me she'll do that Thursday. So if you let me, i'll stay here for a few days longer?!

Photo's will come with my story about Thursday. My host got a reaaaaally cool, new PC but she lost the CD of her phone...sometimes my host is pretty stupid and chaotic :P I'm not :D

take care and biiiiiig kiss!

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Den Haag, The Netherlands - 29th February 2008

By: MissMelissa

Well, Hello Maybe! Glad you made it!

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The Hague, Holland! - 1st March 2008

By: panienka

Hi there again!

Have you heard about the wind we've had in Holland? It wasn't that horrible as sometimes in the US, but for Dutch standards it was pretyy horrible! But, I've had so much fun! We even went to the beach!!!

First, my host and her friend took me to the centre of the Hague. Whilst walking to a nice cosy pub to have some lunch, we passed the Palace Noordeinde, where the Queen lives. But she wasn't at home today!


On the opposite side of the Palace, there was a big statue of a man on a horse. My host only couldn't tell me who it was, nor could her friend. But I didn't care, I just wanted them to take my picture!

After lunch, we walked back to the centre of the city. We passed the Binnenhof, also know as the place where the Dutch Government holds meetings and everything. If you take a good look, you can see a little tower just to the right of my right ear. That the so called "Torentje van Balkenende", it's the office of the Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende.

When we walked to the Binnenhof (you can take a look from the inside too!), we passed a little plaza called Buitenhof and we saw a fire department car! The wind was really blowing and the flag mast was probably too old and cracky. So they had to take it away. It looked cool!

At the Binnenhof, my host and her friend took another two photo's!

you see the cool fountain behind me? that one is situated at the Binnenhof!!!

When we got out, we saw a authentical Vis-kar, a small car where you can buy fish! We didn't eat any, because we already had lunch!

So, we went to the beach! Whoosh, what a wind! I think it was about 9 beaufort!
Behind me you see "De Pier". At the end of de Pier is a restaurant and a Casino. And we could even walk on top of the Pier!

You see the waves? :D Cool!

And finally I got a photo with Het Kurhaus. It's a big hotel/conference building and it is something typical in Scheveningen!


Well, I think I'll go to my next host at the end of this week. I don't know if I'll be able to meet with Apollo, I think I've heard something that both hosts are way  too busy!
I'll let you know!

Take Care & very Big Kiss,


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Arras, France - 12th March 2008

By: Fleurdunord

Bonjour & Salut Isabelle ! (hello Isabel in french)
I'm safe after my trip from the netherlands and proud to have a mission completed! Here the weather is as windy as where i just come from . So i couldn't visit Arras but i hope the sun will be back soon ... Wow, there was many people at Fleur's home! I met some stay at home toys (some are french, some other are american souvenirs) and i'm happy to talk with the other tvs : in dutch (just a few words) with Malcom, and with Tony (the english teddy bear), or supergrover from Australia.
Fleur thought it could be great to bake some cookies togather (i was watching the weight of the brown sugar), with a "café viennois", it was very yummy!
I could relax and tonight, for dinner, i got some french fries, especially loved by people from north of France.
Bisous (especially to Isabel!)


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Wardrecques, France - 16th March 2008

By: Fleurdunord

I had a good week-end in the countryside, at Fleur's parent's home. We travelled by train , not the high speed train but it was ok. I loved to see the spring flowers in the garden, especially the daffodils! I played with some animals : 2 cats, a dog and a pony. I also had a little drawing by Aude, who's Fleur's youngest sister. She has never seen an alien like me before.


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Arras, France - 21st March 2008

By: Fleurdunord

[size=3]Bonjour !
I can't believe it's the spring here, the weather bis so bad !! I walked in town and looked for the best chocolates shop window ! Easter is coming soon ... it's great to have 2 new friends : another american toy : Pimboli the monkey and Coop the shy dutch teddy bear.
Fanette, the stay at home teddy bear read for us the "1001 nights". I'll try to remember the story so i'll tell it to Isabel ...


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Wardrecques, France - 25th March 2008

By: Fleurdunord

Joyeuses Pâques (happy easter)
I enjoyed going back to the countyside and travelled by train once again. We were all welcomed by a good tea with big cookies. On Easter morning we had lot of chocolates. Then we had to jump on the car of Fleur's father. It was very comfortable inside.


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St Pol sur Ternoise, France - 25th March 2008

By: Fleurdunord

Fleur's grand-father lives an hour drive from her parent's in a small town called St Pol. We celebrated Easter by a family lunch, a good Easter cake and more chocolates!


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Wardrecques, France - 25th March 2008

By: Fleurdunord

We had lot of snow at Easter day, couldn't believe it !!
Today i played with big stay at home toys : a bird from Ireland and a singing  dog. There was also a real dog called Alhea who wanted to have fun with us (he's cute) and Austerlitz the cat.


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Arras, France - 1st April 2008

By: Fleurdunord

We're back at Arras and there was many events last week-end. poor Fleur got a bad cold and couldn't go to the market with us. We hope she will be better next saturday. We have some new tvs : first came a dutch monkey called Youp. Then we had to say good bye to Malcom & Supergrover who both travel to Scotland (not togather) and to Tony who will discover the Netherlands. We didn't have the time to get bored : we watched the final of a soccer cup. Unfortunately, Fleur's favorite team (Lens) lost. On sunday, we had a good tea with a "chausson aux pommes" (apple pastry). Very yummy ! Today we welcomed a new tv : Muuimipeikko from Finland. She was in the USA and gave us some milk chocolate.


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